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Taare putthaddiyen chhe paanch

Pir Shamash
bhg1-082 - 600 Ginans published by: Recreation Club Institute, Bombay, Khoja Sindhi Printing Press, 1934

Taare putthi-adde chhe paanch
saachalo samar lejo saath, jire vannajaaraaji
jug maanhe lejo ghannero laabh
aagall saami raajo lekhaa maangashe, jire vannajaaraa ji 1

Eji Khokhari bhari chhe tol aag
paanch potthi-addaa bhare chhe laakaddaa,
jire vannajaaraa ji 2

Eji Taare paanni no pottaddiyo lejo saath
aagal koi kene paanni nahi aalshe,
jire vannajaaraa ji 3

Eji Taare khaavaanun samar lejo saath
aagal haatt nahi vaanniyaa,
jire vannajaaraa 4

Eji Taare khaavaa malyo kuttumb parivaar
aagal koi kenu nahi thaayshe,
jire vannajaaraa 5

Eji E taare khotti chhe gharaddaa ni naar
je tune vollaavine paachhi valle,
jire vannajaaraa. 6

Eji E ginaan boliyaa Pir Shamsh chott
saachalo samar lejo saath,
jire vannajaaraa 7

Translation & Transcription

Taare Putthee-adde Chhe Paa(n)ch - Translation

Taare putthaddiyen chhe paanch


taare putthee-adde chhe paa(n)ch
saachalo samar lejo saath, jeere vannajaaraajee
jug maa(n)he lejo ghannero laabh
aagall saamee raajo lekhaa maa(n)gashe, jeere vannajaaraa jee.....1

Behind at your back, you have a (load of) five vices.
Take the rightful provision with you (for the hereafter),
o dear traveller. In this world, take along with you many profits
(good deeds), as ahead the Kingly Lord will take account
of all your deeds, O dear brother.

ejee khokharee bharee chhe tol aag

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