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Pir Shams

Our 23rd Holy Pir Shams Sabzwari was born in A.H 642 (A.D. 1244) in Sabzwar, Iran and he passed in Hindustan in A.H. 757 (A.D. 1356) . His mother's name was Fatimah binte Sayyed Abdul Hadi . Pir Shams married his maternal uncle Sayyed Jalaudin's daughter Bibi Hafiza Jamal. They had two sons Sayyed Nasirudin and Sayyed Ahmed Jamal. Pir Shams' ancestors had migrated from Iraq to Iran where they entered to the Holy Imam's service.

Pir Shams travelled from Iran to Badakshan and then Tibet to spread the Dawa of the Ismailis. Then he also travelled to Ghazni and Kashmir and other places. In Ghazni the son of the King converted to the Ismaili faith and was call 'Sabhaga'. Pir Shams and his disciples later travelled to China, Punjab and many other places where Jamat Khanas were established

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