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Our 44th Holy Imam Abul Hassan Ali

Our 44th Holy Imam Abul Hassan Ali reigned on the Masnad of Imamat from A.H. 1143 to 1194. Imam Abul Hassan Ali took an active part in the governance of Iran at a time when the Safavi dynasty had come to an end and the new ruler Nadir Shah had taken over control. According to "Gulzar-e-Shamsh" Imam Abul Hassan Ali was born in Babak in Iran and was also known as Sayyed Shah Muhammad Hassanshah Hassanbeg. He lived in Kiyab, Iran and from there he arrived in Hindustan with Nadir Shah who also made Imam the ruler of Kerman district in Iran. During this time "Hasan Pir" or Pir Hasanshah attained Piratan

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