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Translation of Til bhaar tulannaa

Til bhaar tulannaa

Eji Til bhaar toolña khaneki dhaar chalña
Yaasha til tilka lekha deeñaa(n) mere jivku(n)..

To me(n) kiya karu(n) jiv aapña
Aap savaarath bhai raatka sapna
Peend savaarath bhai raiyañka sapna.. ..To me(n)..1

O momins! Matters even as insignificant in weight as a sesame seed will have to be accounted for, rendering this path sharp as the edge of a sword to tread upon. O my Imam! My soul will indeed have to account for even a sesame's weight (of deeds).

So what can I do for the salvation of my soul? O brother! Selfishness is (as illusory) as night's dream. Body's pride is (as illusory) as night’s dream.

Eji Aagal haat na paat na vora
Tiyaa(n) satka samar saathe liyaña..To me(n).. 2

O momins! Ahead there will be no markets, shops nor traders to deal with. There you will have to take along with you provisions of truth. So what can I do?...

Eji Tiyaa(n) so so karañi sooraj tapshe
Tiyaa(n) kiyaa(n) chhipnaa kiyaa(n)
Dhoondhaña mere jivku(n).. ..To me(n).. 3

O momins! There, there will be hundredfold intensity of solar illumination and heat. How will you hide and seek there? O my soul! So what can I do?...

Eji Eso ginan Pir bhañaave Sadardin
Ya Shah fajal karo to jiv chhootaña mere jivku(n).. ..To me(n)..4

O momins! Such wisdom is being taught by Pir Sadardin. O my Imam! Shower Your mercy so that my soul gets release, indeed my soul. So what can I do?...

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