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Translation of Jaag jaag re tun jaag mora bhaai

Jaag jaagre tun jaag

Jaag jaagre tun jaag moraa bhaaire
noor zahuraaki ghaddiaa aaire (varanni)
tun jaag jaag re moraa bhaai re 1

O my brother! Wake up, wake up, the time for the manifestation of the Light (Noor) has arrived. Wake up....

Chaar pahor raheni khoi parbhaa noor ki aaire,
tuj kaaran huraoon suhaagan aaire - tun jaag 2

The four pohors of the night have been wasted. Now is the dawn of enlightenment. For the sake of your spiritual enlightenment, the houries have arrived. Wake up....

Khatt ghaddi raat rahi tame cheto moraa bhaaire,
noor-naa piyaalaa huraaoon chhantt ti aaire - tun jaag 3

O my brother! The six ghaddis of the night have remained, now be vigilant about it. The houries have come sprinkling from the vessels of Noor. Wake up....

Shuraa hoye to raheni jaago,
gaafal sutaa moraa bhaai re;
aaras nindraa tune huraa sun gamaai re - tun jaag 4

O my brother! If you are courageous, then remain awake at night, while the oblivious are asleep. Laziness and obliviousness has kept you deprived of the houries. Wake up....

Em kahe chhe Indra Imaam Shaah balo,
tame suno moraa bhaai re;
ghad amraapuri maanhe hui chhe
vadhaai re - tun jaag 5

In this manner the beloved Indra Imam Shah says: Listen, O brother! in the abode of paradise there is abundance of glory and praise (for those who are awake).

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