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Translation of Aaye rahem rahemaan

Aae rahem rahemaan

aae rahem rahemaan, ab to rahem karoge
ejee tan man dhan guruku(n) arapann kije
to ginaane ginaane ginaan…ab to…..1

As Mercy is from you, O the Merciful, bestow your Mercy now.

O momins! Submit your body, mind and wealth to the Guide, then through this wisdom, wisdom will grow.

ejee daan sakhaavat har-dam kije,
to daane daane daan…ab to…..2

O momins! Giver freely and constantly, as a result His gifts will overflow.

ejee sab ghatt ekaj rahemaan dise,
to shaane shaane shaan…ab to…..3

O momins! In every heart, One Merciful appears, through this glorious awareness, glory increases.

ejee kahet imaam begam meraa pir hasan shaaha
imaane imaane imaan…ab to…..4

O momins! Sayyeda Imam Begum says: My Pir is Hasan Shah. Through this faith my faith will grow.

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