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Translation of Ho jire bhaaire dhiro dhiro moman no

Ho Jire bhaai re dhiro dhiro moman no tame thar-j rahejo

Ho Jire bhaai re dhiro dhiro moman no tame thar-j rahejo
jo thar rahesho to aagal amraapuri paamsho 1

O my momin brother! Have patience and remain steadfast. If you remain firm then later on you will reach the abode of paradise.

Ho Jire bhaai re maan sarovar maa moti ratan chhe apaar
te maanhe hanslaa moti chunne 2

O my brother! In the lake of Man (universe or Jamat), there are countless diamonds and jewels. From these the swans (momins) select pearls.

Ho Jire bhaai re aal par naari sun man raakho upwaas
to tamne Shaaha jino vaaso vase 3

O my brother! Control your heart from being delighted with someone else's woman. Then you will go and habitate with the Imam.

Ho Jire bhaai re sonaa no kancholo tenu ajab chhe rup
te to hauze kausar Shaaha jinaa ami bhariyaa 4

O my brother! The bowl of gold has a strange beauty. It is full of the fountain of Kausar i.e. nector of the Imam.

Ho Jire bhaai re bhanne Pir Sadardin bhaai e to saachun
purav naa likhiyaa hoi to viraa bhaai ami piyo 5

O my brother! Pir Sadardeen says that all this is true. If you have virtuous deeds of the past, then you will drink the holy nector.

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