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Is the Imam concerned about the website?

Mr Sachedina states that there is a general concern about the contents of ismaili websites, and a review is pending, however, Mr Sachedina also says that Mr. Nagib himself has been part of the solution.

[Note: Extracts of Federal Court Transcripts of Cross-Examinations held August 2010 for Summary Judgement Motions in the Aga Khan Copyright Lawsuit
Sections starting with N. Tajdin #... Means Nagib Tajdin is the one answering questions in the next section
Sections starting with Jiwa #... Means Alnaz Jiwa is the one answering questions in the next section
Sections starting with Sachedina #... Means Shafik Sachedina is the one answering questions in the next section
Sections starting with Bhaloo #... Means Aziz Bhaloo is the one answering questions in the next section

Sachedina #477 - #493:
Cross-Examination by Mr Jiwa.
Q. Now, again, if you go to the second page, it says 'I'm aware' -- the last paragraph: 'I'm aware that you perceive your efforts including the website that you have established and operate.' [as read] Now, I'm not so clear. Are you saying or His Highness saying that the website is also inappropriate?
A. Well, he is aware also of the website.
Q. No, that's not my question.
A. Yes. Inappropriate.
Q. My question is: In your discussions with His Highness --
A. Yes?
Q. -- did he tell you that website is also a problem?
A. Well, he says that there are a number of websites which cause him concern.
Q. So he's concerned about the websites as well?
A. Yes, but this is publication which is his works. The websites do not publish farmans on the thing. The issue I'm talking to you is very simple. This is talking about his works.
Q. My question is --
A. Websites are not his work.
Q. I understand. I understand. I just want to be clear with this. His Highness is concerned with the websites as well, and there are a number of websites, not only Mr. Tajdin?
A. Yes.
Q. And he's expressed that concern to you?
A. Yes, and we are looking into this matter. We have started working through the process with the website people to see how we can work with some of these. And, in fact, Nagib himself was part of the solution in some cases, and his advice was sought on some of the matters, to see how we can solve this problem.
Q. Right. But right now my question is that he disapproves of the various websites as well; correct?
A. Yes. From this letter to you.
Q. Not from the letter. You said earlier he has told you about that as well?
A. Yes.
Q. Yes?
A. I've said to you the websites are also a concern to him.
Q. To him?
A. Yes.
Q. And he has told that to you; right?
A. Yes. But here we're talking about how this particular issue relates to the publication of the farmans that we have got, which you have just -- the matters which are ahead of us in the litigation. We're not talking about the website in the litigation. We're talking about copyright issues of the publications and not the websites.
Q. Now, there are a number of individuals with websites; correct?
MR. GRAY: Are you telling us?
MR. JIWA: I'm asking him.
THE DEPONENT: There are people who have websites, yes, a number of websites.
Q. Other than Mr. Tajdin?
A. Absolutely.
Q. And His Highness is concerned about all of them?
A. Well, no. It's a question of what is -- the review of these websites he wants to be carried out so that we know what is in each of these websites. He's concerned about the websites --
Q. So he's asking a review?
A. Of course. Of all of these websites.

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