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Defenses Glorifying the Aga Khan filed in federal Court - 2010-04-29

Thursday, 2010, April 29
Heritage News

In a surprisingly rapid twist of events, both Mr Tajdin and Mr Jiwa have filed their respective statements of Defense this 29th of April 2010. They affirm to being devoted followers who will unconditionally abide by the wishes of the Aga Khan, whom they glorify in their defense.

Mr Tajdin declares that:

He has not been served yet but the ethics imposed upon him by his faith demands that he should not keep in ignorance the public by being silent on the issue and should clarify all of the facts, pertaining to this lawsuit, of which he is aware.

He reaffirms his allegiance to the Aga Khan, is willing to submit to any of his wishes, and is ready to surrender himself and all his possessions to the Imam.

He has been printing Farman books since 1992 with approval and instructions from the Imam received on August 15, 1992 in Montreal.

He has not received any communication from the Imam from 1992 to 2009 instructing him to stop publication.

He cannot stop publication without instruction from the Imam as this would be a breach of his oath of allegiance to the Imam.

All Farman publications were financial deficit projects done as a volunteer service and large numbers of books were distributed free of charge.

Farman sharing is a historic Ismaili tradition which still continues today.

The current Ismaili Constitution does not restrict the right to publish Farmans

Mr Tajdin concludes that:

He has no choice but to await further direct instructions from the Imam.

He reaffirms his allegiance to the Aga Khan, is willing to submit to any of His wishes, and is ready to surrender himself and all his possessions to the Imam.

Mr Jiwa states that:

"This action does not appear to have been authorized personally by the Aga Khan .."

"In distributing Farman books obtained from Tajdin to other Ismailis, he has not violated either the Ismaili Constitution or any Farmans"

He has not violated the copyright act as "Tajdin was given express authority by the Imam" and regardless of the fact that "the limitations period provided for by the Copyright Act also bars this action as the books containing the Farmans were commenced publication in the year 1992", he will still do whatever the Imam tells him to do.

Mr Jiwa clarifies finances:

He "obtains these books for C$50.00 from Tajdin and sells it for C$50.00, without any profit.

"All monies received by him from the sale of (other) books after 2005 were delivered to the Jamatkhanas"

Mr Jiwa further states that:

"If the Imam edited the Farman before releasing to the Jamats, in effect he is superceding the Farman he made orally previously."

He "unconditionally reconfirms his oath of allegiance to his Imam" and "if the Imam does not desire his Farman books to be distributed to the Jamats (...) this defendant will submit to the instructions of His Imam without reservation whatsoever"

Replies From the Plaintiff are due within 10 days, and Affidavits of Documents are due 30 days later.

[Update from May 6: Ogilvy Renault, the law firm which launched the case has asked for an extension of 15 days to reply to the Defense. They claim delays due to breakdown of email servers, blackberry communication, travel of senior lawyer, time difference with Paris etc...The more delays in this file, the more damage it creates to the reputation of the Ismaili community, the Imam and the defendants. It is to the advantage of all parties that this case be withdrawn from the courts.]

[Update from June 22: Defendants have filed a Motion for summary Judgement to have the case dismissed.]

[Update from September 5:
Online Book that gathers court materials as well as articles that are currently available for the ongoing 2010 Lawsuit:

Copyright Lawsuit 2010: Online Book of All available Materials
News on cross-examinations:
Copyright Lawsuit: CROSS_EXAMINATIONS Table of Contents - 2010-09-04
Latest Development
Copyright Lawsuit: Imam Appears for Discovery and Ends the Case - 2010-10-15
As users are asking to read the letters from Nagib and Alnaz on the court docket, the latest have been attached on the following link:
A. Various Court Filings

Revised Factums have been posted Here:
2010-11-29 Summary Judgment : Plaintiffs Revised Combined Factums of Reply and of Motion
2010-11-29 Summary Judgment: Defendants' Revised Factums of Motion and of Reply

There has been proven fraud in the recent past in the Aga Khan's domain by the Aga Khan's agents:
Aga Khan Lawsuit: Fraud at Aga Khan Studs - 2000-02-22

2011-05-25: A Jamati Member who has never met the Defendants volunteered as his brotherly duty to pay the $30,000 that was demanded in the Plaintiff''s submissions and that was accordingly ordered by the judge.
Read the full details of the $30,000 payment directly to H.H. The Aga Khan.

2011-06-16: The Appeal Memorandum of Fact and Law against the Summary Judgment has been filed in court by the defendants on June 16th, 2011.
Read the Full Appeal Memorandum of Fact and Law

Link to Court Docket Case T-514-10
Link to Court Docket Appeal A-60-11
Link to Court Docket Appeal A-59-11
Link to Court Docket Appeal A-156-13

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A copy of my Letter to our

A copy of my Letter to our Leaders at the Top.

"Subject: WHY & The solutions Ismaili families still suffering - shortage of food and warm clothing - Helpless Ismailies asking for HELP since 22 december 2012 REMINDER

Why are so many Ismailies extremely poor and helpless ? Despite a heavy presence of the Jamats institutions and resources ? Despite GJ goals, funds & Farmans given 6 years ago.

Hazar Imam says, Leaders at the top with governing authority, need to foster an “enabling environment” which encourages the Jamat and leaders at lower levels. If Leaders don’t, then progress in the community will be severely restricted. Leaders at the top are not. Read what Hazar Imam says on enabling and assisting ; https://www.facebook.com/notes/nanowisdoms-archive-of-imamat-speeches-in...

After creating an “enabling environment” which encourages creative endeavour. IF Top Leaders do not work together with the Jamat (Lower level), progress of the Jamat as a whole will be severely restricted. Top Leaders are not at present). Read what Hazar Imam says; https://www.facebook.com/notes/nanowisdoms-archive-of-imamat-speeches-in...

The sooner you do what Hazar Imam says, the sooner the Jamats “entire”, intellects and resources can be used for the benefit of the Jamats. The sooner we do so , the sooner we can eradicate extreme poverty & replace walls “created” to divide, with bridges which “enable” and unite.

Please correct me if I am wrong. The Jamat is waiting for the Jamats resources you say you have to help your brothers and sisters.

Response from a leader who

Response from a leader who loves Imam and the Jamat.

" Social exclusion is systemic... The problem seems to lie in what some have called ‘class consciousness.’ When one is doing fine, and is dealing with middle or upper class people like oneself all the time, it is difficult to comprehend and care that there exist Ismailis who are very poor, living from hand to mouth. (Recall Marie Antoinette’s famous statement when told that people did not have bread to eat: she exclaimed merrily, “then let them eat cake!”).

The poor generally do not want to show their poverty, and when they come to Jamatkhana they wear their finest clothes to veil their true situation. Most of the institutional programs giving advice on matters such as finance or education are completely irrelevant to the poor because they are devised with the middle class Ismailis in mind.

When Hazar Imam initially asked institutions to look into this matter, there was complete denial that that there was poverty among Ismailis. It was only after repeated insistence on his part was there even the acknowledgement of the problem.”

Letter sent to Mohammed

Letter sent to Mohammed Keshavjee

"..Do you agree you are disrespecting Farmans of Hazar Imam and not doing even what you say you should be doing?

Farman to Jamat "... I would like you always to think of YOUR institutions as being YOUR OWN organizations “, and if they are not fulfilling your wishes it is up to you to see that you explain YOUR needs in such a manner that these organizations do fulfill YOUR wishes.” (6 December 1964)

I hope you will reconsider to meet to resolve internally, and work together as Imam wishes in Farmans.

M Keshavjee said as Head of ITREBS Globally and Head of Training and NCABS-ICABS “..The ethic of fair mediation is frequently expounded in the Quran which says: “He who shall mediate between people for a good purpose shall be the gainer by it. But he who shall mediate with an evil mediation shall reap the fruit of it. And Allah keepeth watch over everything.” … Seek reconciliation with your brother, even if he throws dust at you.” ..According to a Shia tradition, .. Jafar as-Sadiq who, for instance, is reported to have said: “The charity which Allah loves the most is the peace re-established between quarrelling parties...”

M Keshavjee was controlling

M Keshavjee was controlling the ITREB Chairs meeting in London recently with Zauhar Meghji and Shiraz Kabani ? - Were they doing what Imam says ? read comment http://ismaili.net/heritage/node/29740#comment-17003

ITREB Chair UK Salima G

ITREB Chair UK Salima G Bhatia, said the following at an open meeting with the Jamat in London

Question by the Jamat.
Why are Farmans only allowed to be read in JK, and not published like they were some time ago and for the Jamat to buy them to read at home.

Answer to the Jamat
a. There is a book with Mawla Bapa which we are waiting for and this will be published by ITREB, when Mawla Bapa gives the go ahead.
b. Meanwhile reading Farmans in Jamat Khanna is the right environment to read Farmans.
c. For those who cannot get Farmans in JK or it is inconvenient they can make arrangements to go to ITREB and ITREB will arrange the Farmans you need to read at times convenient for the Jamat.
d. Alwaez’s and Teachers are given access to read Farman’s for their work. Mukhi Sahebs have and can get any Farmans they need from ITREB.

Is ITREB Chair right ?
ITREB Chair has listened to a farman read in Jamat Khanna in which Hazar Imam said to the Jamat & Leaders that you must take this Farman home to read it and share it with your families and the Jamat. So it is not Hazar Imam ITREB are waiting for. Why does she (ITREB), have them but the Jamat cannot. ? Hazar Imam has allowed all those who have the book published by Nagib to keep and share with their families. All muirds are equal. Leaders are murids first and leaders second. All Mukhis do not have all Farmans but a selection of them

Therefore ITREB Chair is not right, and is going against Hazar Imam's wishes by not getting/giving Farmans to the Jamat to take home and read and share with thrir families. She knows that ITREB UK have not been given all the Farmans by DJI (Shafik Sachedina & Company\)

What Allah says in The Quran

What Allah says in The Quran

• 1. Respect and Honour All Human Beings irrespective Of Their Religion, Colour, Race, Sex, Language, Status, Property, Birth, Profession / Job And So On [17/70]
• 2. Talk Straight, To The Point,Without Any Ambiguity Or Deception [33/70]
• 3. Choose Best Words To Speak And Say Them in The Best Possible Way[17/53, 2/83]
• 4. Do Not Shout. Speak Politely Keeping Your Voice Low. [31/19]
• 5. Always Speak The Truth. Shun Words That Are Deceitful And Ostentatious [22/30]
• 6. Do Not Confound Truth With Falsehood [2/42]
• 7. Say With Your Mouth What is in Your Heart [3/167]
• 8. Speak in A Civilised Manner in A Language That is Recognised By The Society And is Commonly Used [4/5]
• 9. When You Voice An Opinion, Be Just, Even if it is Against A Relative [6/152]
• 10. Do Not Be A Bragging Boaster [31/18] •
• 11. Do Not Talk, Listen Or Do Anything Vain [23/3, 28/55]
• 12. Do Not Participate in Any Paltry. If You Pass Near A Futile Play, Then Pass By With Dignity [25/72]
• 13. Do Not Verge Upon Any immodesty Or Lewdness Whether Surreptitious Or Overt [6/151].
• 14. If, Unintentionally, Any Misconduct Occurs By You, Then Correct Yourself Expeditiously [3/134].
• 15. Do Not Be Contemptuous Or Arrogant With People [31/18]
• 16. Do Not Walk Haughtily Or With Conceit [17/37, 31/18]
• 17. Be Moderate in Thy Pace [31/19]
• 18. Walk With Humility And Sedateness [25/63]
• 19. Keep Your Gazes Lowered Devoid Of Any Lecherous Leers And Salacious Stares [24/30-31, 40/19].
• 20. If You Do Not Have Complete Knowledge About Anything, Better Keep Your Mouth Shut. You Might Think That Speaking About Something Without Full Knowledge is A Trivial Matter. But it Might Have Grave Consequences [24/15-16]
• 21. When You Hear Something Malicious About Someone, Keep A Favourable View About Him/Her Until You Attain Full Knowledge About The Matter. Consider Others innocent Until They Are Proven Guilty With Solid And Truthful Evidence [24/12-13]
• 22. Ascertain The Truth of any news, lest you smite someone in ignorance and afterwards repent of what you did [49/6]
• 23. Do not follow blindly any information of which you have no direct knowledge. (Using your faculties of perception and conception) you must verify it for yourself. In the Court of your Lord, you will be held accountable for your hearing, sight, and the faculty of reasoning [17/36].
• 24. Never think that you have reached the final stage of knowledge and nobody knows more than yourself. Remember! Above everyone endowed with knowledge is another endowed with more knowledge [12/76]. Even the Prophet [PBUH] Was asked to keep praying,
• "O My Sustainer! Advance me in knowledge." [20:114]

@ AK


You have given a treasure chest ISLAMIC VALUES to the people in just a brief note. I thank you for your sharing of DIVINE KNOWLEDGE.
On April 24th Heritage librarian given accounts of the court order as follows:

"3. The Court further orders, as a condition of making this Order, that information will be given to the Plaintiff His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan and Plaintiff's legal counsel and the Plaintiff shall share this information only with the following named representatives of the Plaintiff, each of whom is the Chairman of the Ismaili Tariqah and Religious Education Board (ITREB) in his or her respective country: - Alijah Dr. Mohamud Amirali Karim (Canada) - Huzur Mukhiani Shahinour Nathoo (France) - Alijah Saheba Guilner Riyaaz Makaney (India) - Alijah Hassan Noorali Chatur Popat (Kenya) - Huzur Mukhi Azzim Gulamhussen (Portugal) - Rai Abdulaziz Akberali Lalani (Tanzania) - Alijah Saheba Arzina Riyaz Kurji (Uganda) - Huzur Mukhiani Salima Gowerali Bhatia (United Kingdom) - Alijah Al-Karim Sadruddin Alidina (United States of America) to be used solely for the aforementioned purpose."

My very simple observation is all the names in this paragraph are the CHAIRS OF ITREB in their local jurisdiction, Almost everyone is either an ALIJAH, RAI, MUKHIS OR MUKHANIS. Not a single regular name or general public. And, I bet you none of these ELITE ISMAILIS either is a graduate of ISLAMIC STUDIES OR ISMAILI STUDIES, no diplomas or any other credentials that could justify their appointments, but, they are also holding multiple interest. Why is this INJUSTICE when QURAN AND THE TEACHING OF HAZRAT ALI clearly have most emphasis on JUSTICE AND EQUALITY.

My personal experiences, tell you the truth I would not even hire any of them for a regular clerk's position let alone managing directors or chairs.The reason if there is ONE bad fish it is understandable but every institutions,come on, from the cleaning committee to volunteers to the chairs, the whole pond with the exception of few GOOD ONES, the balance of power is overwhelmingly in the hands of bad fishes and THEY RULE. The lawn of our community was green and lush until one bad WEED popped out, nobody killed that weed and it started spreading now the whole lawn is full of ugly weeds and very very few good green grass left.


I think a majority of the

I think a majority of the Leaders and the Jamat still do not know and have been conditioned to believe the Leaders who keep using the name of Imam. We have a culture of secrecy which suits the SS gang. Many more are now sharing questioning and waking up.

All of these people have

All of these people have either bought the book or received it free, that is a truth all the Ismailis know. All of these people know that the book was sold at $50 or less. I wonder how they will react by seeing that they are the "chosen people"

@ intregity and Librarian

you guys are both right, just for one moment think, if there is a TALIKA or some instructions to be read in the JK and that talika or instructions are ADDRESSED to the president of council, how come people know the contents of that message before they are read. Secondly, how often the most intimate details of couple getting a divorce through ICAB is made public or leaked. There are many instances this has happened the confidentiality aspect has been compromised. Now the real question is WILL THESE 10 NAMES OR INDIVIDUALS EVER BECOME PUBLIC AFTER IT IS TRANSFERED FROM MHI'S RADAR TO WHOEVER, . we will have to wait and see.


They have book

If there is a book with Malwabapa, then it was prepared by the Leadres and they have copies. So they approved them. Imam has said Jamat can have them. So why are they not giving them to the Jamat. That can only be because they want to benefit but they do not want the Jamat to benefit from them.

So why did they even bother

So why did they even bother sending it to MHI to approve it in the first place?

I don't think they had the

I don't think they had the authorisation from the Imam to print Farmans. The numbers of changes and corrections they make is mind-blowing.

There was a process in the old Constitution for our institutions to print the Farmans. Hazar Imam removed this from the new constitution.

I don't think they had the..............

Now I am totally confused.........

Mawla says in a Firman (India), My murids should take home My Firmans and talk and discuss them with their family, friends, etc..........

Mawla has removed from the constitution (maybe only 1 in 100,000) may have seen or heard about this constitution or amendments) .........(the process for our institutions to print)...

Mawla say in His GJ Firman in London My leaders are NOT telling you what I tell them to...............

So what now Umed?

Please intervene and enlighten us ignoramus's.........

Thank you,,,,,,,,,

The burden is on the Murids

The burden is on the Murids to take home the Farmans. Not to rely on someone to spoon-feed them the Farmans.

Which ever Murid desire to take home the Farmans will have to do his own arrangement which practically is not difficult, If there is a will, there is always a way, and where there is not, the Imam will make the way..

All of you want the farmans. The question is, how many really want them, how many fight to get them, how many deserve it?

If Gold and Diamond were found in the street or in the trees, they would not be precious. Whatever is precious in this world deserve the effort to get it.

What about 50% of the

What about 50% of the Farmans which are hidden ? What about Imam's annotations ? What about the wordly Farmans and economic Farmans which Imam said Leaders are not passing on ? What about the Jamats resources and reports being blocked ?

IF Murids who are working closely with those who are blocking decide to tell the truth and share, then the Jamat will have them all. I agree the burden and responibility is on the Muirds. Every murid must ask, share and do what Imam says. .

The burden is on the Murids

Very, very sorry Umed.......I did not make myself clear enough......

I am totally with you that whoever desires will somehow be able to get whatever he/she desires.......

That is not my query. My confusion is regarding different comments about printing and making them available. At one place MHI wants us to read and discuss His Firmans and He says that the leaders are NOT...etc. Then, I now read a new comment about the constitution wherein MHI has removed the process for the printing of the Firmans.

Does this mean that we should leave aside all leaders and institutions and search for the "Precious Gems" ourselves? Since no printing will ever take place?

BTY.... I DID procure the GJ FIRMAN book and will never give it up now that MHI has given us the permission.

Thank you.

Letter to ITREB UK and

Letter to ITREB UK and President UK

" I have asked, and not read or listened in JK, to any Farmans which say Hazar Imam does not want his murids to have or take Farmans home to read, understand, & to share them. On the contrary, I have many which say the very opposite. And so do our earlier Imams and the Quran.

I have also sent many Farmans to Salima (Chair ITREB UK), and the attached 69 reasons/Farmans. (updated 18 April 13). This excludes the Farman read last week in WL JK (Central Asia) in which Imam asks murids/Leaders to take Farmans home to read and understand. Do you therefore agree this Farman is not superseded, or it would not have been read in JK. Will you please give me a copy of that Farman to read at home ? Since this farman is current do you agree Muirds can take farmans home to read.

I ask Salima and President Amin to reconsider and start giving farmans to interested murids to take home to read and to their loved ones in hospices or dying. ( Also If earlier books and booklets of Farmans published are sold in JK & can be given, then why not later Farmans).

Do you agree, all Farmans Hazar Imam makes are for the benefit of his murids. You are a murid & were appointed to “serve all murids, and in serving murids you are serving Hazar Imam (from a Farman). Farmans are made for the benefit of murids. How can they benefit, If they do not have them to study, understand and share with their families and children ? "

The Judge says clearly that

The Judge says clearly that the Court beleives that this matter should be brought to a conclusion forthwith.in view of the limited scope of the financial issue.and the extent of the resources allocated"

Hazar Imam said on 15th October to put this matter to rest. The Judge is saying the same, and the judge has cleverly made the order so that Gray has to speak only to H H The Agakhan and give the names only to him and no one else..

Will Shafik Sachedina now end this and resign or will Leaders and Boards table this on their formal and informal Board agandas ?

Latest Court Order is on the Docket

2013-04-24 Ottawa
Order dated 24-APR-2013 rendered by The Honourable Madam Justice Tremblay-Lamer Matter considered with personal appearance The Court's decision is with regard to Motion in writing Doc. No. 174

Result: granted in part


1. This motion is granted in part and the appeal is allowed in part.

2. The Order of the Prothonotary dated October 29, 2012 is set aside, with the sole exception that the Court orders the Defendants to provide the Plaintiff and his legal counsel with the names of ten (10) purchasers of the material in dispute, being a book entitled "Farmans 1957-2009 ¿ Golden Edition Kalam-E Imam-E-Zaman", for the sole purpose of ascertaining the purchase price paid by them.

3. The Court further orders, as a condition of making this Order, that information will be given to the Plaintiff His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan and Plaintiff's legal counsel and the Plaintiff shall share this information only with the following named representatives of the Plaintiff, each of whom is the Chairman of the Ismaili Tariqah and Religious Education Board (ITREB) in his or her respective country: - Alijah Dr. Mohamud Amirali Karim (Canada) - Huzur Mukhiani Shahinour Nathoo (France) - Alijah Saheba Guilner Riyaaz Makaney (India) - Alijah Hassan Noorali Chatur Popat (Kenya) - Huzur Mukhi Azzim Gulamhussen (Portugal) - Rai Abdulaziz Akberali Lalani (Tanzania) - Alijah Saheba Arzina Riyaz Kurji (Uganda) - Huzur Mukhiani Salima Gowerali Bhatia (United Kingdom) - Alijah Al-Karim Sadruddin Alidina (United States of America) to be used solely for the aforementioned purpose.

4. The information obtained in the response to this question shall be used for the sole purpose of this litigation and shall be subject to the obligation of confidentiality required by the implied undertaking rule.

5. The whole without costs." Filed on 24-APR-2013 certified copies sent to 2 co-counsel for Plaintiff and counsel for Defendants by fax on 24-APR-2013 Transmittal Letters placed on file. entered in J. & O. Book, volume 1191 page(s) 123 - 125 Interlocutory Decision


Shukhr - A copy of my letter

Shukhr - A copy of my letter to Salima Bhatia UK and cc to Leaders, NCAB and ICAB. I hope Leaders will now work together and end this case as directed by Hazar Imam on 15 October 2010.

Dear Salima,

"See order below. You are also mentioned in this court order.

The motion of Nagib and Alnaz was granted. 10 names will be given with a specific condition. The names are not to be given to Shafik Sachedina or M Manji or Azim Lakhani or M Keshavjee or A Bhaloo or DJI.

The court orders that only Hazar Imam can personally share these names with you if Hazar Imam wishes. This is from my first reading of the ruling. I assume you will ask lawyers in NCAB and ICAB to advise you, if my understanding is incorrect.

Therefore if you get these 10 names from any other source that would be a breach of the court order. Even if you get from Mr Gray or DJI or others. The use of names is limited to litigation. The Judge realised this is a witch hunt.

Best Regards and Ya Ali Madad

Who is teeling the truth.

Who is teeling the truth. As received.
".Most important - The Judge decided that Nagib and Alnaz are telling the truth. Read and Judge for yourself
1 Why the Judge does not want S Sachedina and A Bhaloo to be given the 10 names of Ismailis who bought the book (which Imam has said they can keep and share)
i. Because the Judge believes Nagib and Alnaz are telling the truth.

2 Why the Judge ruled, that even Gray cannot give the 10 names to anyone else, other than personally and only to Hazar Imam ?
i. Because the judge believes that Nagib and Alnaz are telling the truth

3 Why did the Judge say that only Hazar Imam can personally give the 10 names directly to the named Chairs of ITREB –
i. Because the Judge has decided Nagib and Alnaz, are telling the truth, and
ii. The judge therefore wants Hazar Imam to directly and personally talk to the named ITREB Chairs. Not Via Brian Gray, or DJI, or Shafik and or M Manji and or LIF or A Bhaloo.

4 The Judge does not want the 10 names to be given to Shafik Sachedina or to Aziz Bhaloo even though they are the only ones who gave an affidavit without being asked by Hazar Imam
i. Because the judge believes Nagib and Alnaz

5 Why did the Judge say that the 10 names of those who bought the book is to be only used to check the price. Nothing else whatsoever.
i. Because the judge believed Nagib and Alnaz are telling the truth regarding inter alia witch hunt, marginalization, misinformation, misleading information, threats including to ruin, inciting and or making death threats, and or physical violence against Nagib and Alnaz. Remember Alnaz was attacked inside the Jamat Khanna and what the Judge said in his Judgment in favour of Alnaz.


Will Sachedina, Bhaloo, & Manji do what Hazar Imam said on 15 October 2010, in Farmans and our constitution, and .
• Will they end this case and work together with Nagib, Alnaz (and the Jamat), OR
• Will they continue on the path of confrontation and making a mockery of our constitution, our Farmans and our community.
I urge all our Leaders to facilitate a meeting to work together internally as Hazar Imam has directed us to do in Farmans and in this case on 15th October 2010.

Brian Gray can only give the

Brian Gray can only give the 10 names to His Highness the Aga Khan personally, and to no one else.

His Highness the Aga Khan share the 10 names personally and only with the ITREB Chairs listed, for the sole purpose of confirming the price paid for the book if any ! (We know Hazar Imam said on 15th October 2010 and Imam allowed the books to be retained and is not interested in the price or the costs..

Therefore If any Leader gets the 10 names from anyone other than His Highness the Aga Khan, there is a breach of the court order and contempt of Court.

When Brian Gray gets the names and then gives the names only and personally to His Highness, he will have to explain why the case was not ended as directed by the Aga khan on 15th October 2010.

One more point

Based on this "The Court further orders, as a condition of making this Order, that information will be given to the Plaintiff His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan and Plaintiff's legal counsel"
I think we can also all out to rest the MHI was and is truly the Plaintiff indeed and not SS. Am I correct?

A judge refers to the Plaintiff

A judge never adds more than the plaintiff - in this case the Judge added the name - why do you think the Judge added the name and not just referred to the plaintiff , as simply the plaintiff - you have you answer if you really want to know the truth.

The Court knows the truth.

The Court knows that the Imam can not go to this extend of vendetta. Justice Gorewitch said that the case was conducted by the Aga Khan OR his advisers. This Court now knows Hazar Imam has nothing to do with the witch hunt. She gave to Gray his own medication.

Above all, on 15 October 2010 Hazar Imam told Gray "Put the matter to rest!" What did this Court say 3 years later? The beginning of the Order is an eye opener, almost as if Hazar Imam had inspired the Judge, she says "Upon considering that this Court has expressed to the parties that it believes that the matter should be brought to a conclusion forthwith, in light of the limited financial scope of the debate in issue and the extent of resources allocated to this file as of this date"

If they would have obeyed the Imam, they would not be in this situation today. Now when the ITREB Chair receive the names from SS or Gray or from some Carnegie or some Tom, Dick and Harry, they will know it is not the Imam.

Does the Order mean that; Nagib

Does this mean that;

Nagib and Alnaz will send the 10 names direct to MHI or in a sealed envelope via the President of Council in Canada?

They will also give the 10 names to Brian Gray who can only pass to MHI and cannot use them at all to check anything except the price of books sold to the 10 names

MHI if he wishes, will call ITREB chairs named personally to ask them to contact those murids to ask them if they bought a book and what price they paid for the book.

So if anyone of the 10 is contacted they must ask did MHI personally call you or told you to call and ask the price ? . If answer is no there is a breach of the court order?

Will MHI really call an ITREB chair to ask a murid when Imam has allowed him- her to keep and share the book ? And when Imam said on 15 Oct 2010 to end the case and work together. so if none of the named chairs are personally asked by Imam to call the 10 names, then this is double confirmation. If any of chairs get a letter from Imam then they must question it because
1 By sending a letter the names will be typed by someone and so names have been shared with others!
2 Nagib has submitted proof that signatures are copies not real.

Am I right ?

No, Gray will give the names

No, Gray will give the names to the Imam. That's it. The only purpose of getting the names is for ascertaining the price at which Nagib or Alnaz sold the books. That is something which they already know. So now it is evident to the Jamat that the whole process they are conducting has no other purpose except to harass everyone in the list. The Judge saw that and put severe limitations on even conducting this process.

Sorry my mistake, it is not

Sorry my mistake, it is not Gray that has to give the names to the Imam, I will have to give the names to the Imam

2. The Order of the Prothonotary dated October 29, 2012 is set aside, with the sole exception that the Court orders the Defendants to provide the Plaintiff and his legal counsel with the names of ten (10) purchasers ...

3. The Court further orders, as a condition of making this Order, that information will be given to the Plaintiff His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan and Plaintiff's legal counsel and the Plaintiff shall share this information only with ...


All along, it has been maintained that MHI is the plaintiff, (not SS or anyone else) who is legally represented by Grey. So why is it a big surprise the names should only go to MHI, who is the only one listed as the Plaintiff via Gray?

This has already been

This has already been relied, please read the thread.

The Chairs , Hon Secretaries

The Chairs , Hon Secretaries and the CEO's of the Tariquah Boards around the world were in London to meet, network and discuss the needs of the Jamat and best practice. They listened to the same individuals and discussed the same matters as before.

Guess who were controlling , watching, and managing daily , Mohammed Keshavjee, Zauhar Mehgji , and Shiraz Kabani. And, Shafik Sachedina was there and gave his usual talk day one, but then stayed in the background with the inner circle.

Did they discuss , brainstorm, or articulate any of the following needs of the Jamat?

1 Rites ceremonies and Practices to be explained and taught to the Jamat and in Bait Ul Ilm - NO
2 Lawsuit against Nagib and Alnaz or complaints , and the related issues like Mehmani and marginalization and sharing of Farmans - NO
3 Farmans and annotations to be given to the Jamat and all Mukhis - NO
4 sharing reports and having social religious and worldly audits and oversight by the Jamat - NO

What was new in the 3 days. If not, would the time and the sum of over $75000 have been better spent instead on helping Ismailies who are very poor old and vulnerable ?

Letter to ICAB and

Letter to ICAB and Leaders.

To Noordin Nanji (ICAB) and Nazmin Kassam (NCAB UK)
Please add the following and the presentation I copied, as additional evidence in the complaints. http://www.scribd.com/doc/137520124/Agenda-and-Presentation-Sharing-22-A...
Ya Ali Madad. Mahebub

From: Mahebub Chatur [mailto:mahebub.hatur@btconnect.com]
Sent: 23 April 2013 04:00
To: Salima Bhatia (salimabhatia@btopenworld.com); Qahir Manji; Nimet Hijri (Nimet.Hirji@iiuk.org)
Cc: Amin Mawji OBE President UK ( Amawji@uk.ey.com ); Vice President Alwaez Shiraz Kabani (skabani@iis.ac.uk); Farhad Daftary Acting Head Co-Director Institute of Ismaili Studies; gabbas abbas; Bashir Ladha; Mukhi Salim Janmohamed West London UK

Subject: Our Traditions and Practices today - ITREB Chairs meeting in London

Dear Salima, (Chair ITREB UK);

Khatam e Quran & Khairat - London Re New Girls School in Baglan

I was speaking to President when he came. Amongst others matters, he asked If I had discussed the issue of rites practices and traditions with you. I said I had a long discussion and have written and kept you informed and Alwaez G Abbas will also have kept you fully informed regarding EK jamat and related needs and issues including rites practices and ceremonies.

I would again request you to consider and implement the following;

1 You now know Khatam e Quran is a tradition practiced today in Baglan. President and Mukhi Sahib have also seen first hand. There are pictures in the presentation which I have shared.
a. Therefore the information given to you, President and Mukhi was at best incomplete and inaccurate. The root cause of this needs to be considered and addressed. The reasons can be the following;
i. The Scholars/IIS you consulted deliberately mislead you or gave incorrect or conflicting and or confusing information.
ii. The scholars/IIS you consulted did not know , and either googled or were given incomplete information (For example also Niyat. Alwaez Shiraz said he did not know and did not check. When I spoke we talked about Panjo (as you will recall)
iii. You and Scholars do not have full and complete access to all the IIS research information and or all Farmans. If you did you would have been able to verify yourselves.
b. As a result of the above this became a case of the blind leading the blind. You relied on others who were scholars/IIS, but they themselves did not know or check and verify or were not able to. Mukhi sahib relied on you/IIS. (Assuming you were not mislead deliberately – This is possible. Please see my complaints now before ICAB)
c. Please correct me and clarify if I am wrong in my assessment, especially of the root causes/reasons.

2 Therefore do you agree that other information you have and or your understandings and that of Mukhis and the Jamats, of the teaching and practice of our rites practices and many traditions may also be incorrect or incomplete or misleading.
a. You know these are not imparted or taught by IIS and ITREBS and this responsibility was transferred to Parents by Shafik Sachedina (DJI-ITREBS), and M Keshavjee (ITREBS Global).
b. Parents do not understand our rites practices, traditions, constitution and farmans fully, to articulate and let alone to teach.
i. Do you agree that this is an indisputable fact.
ii. For example this Khatam and Niyat (see emails), and other emails including feedback you have from teachers and Parents. ( I reconfirmed the feedback again last week). President Saheb confirmed Parents are told to teach but he does not know enough to teach either. Almost all parents don’t.

3 Also an indisputable Fact - Hazar Imam has said all farmans , rites, traditions and practices must be shared and explained to the Jamats. In fact a few days ago a farman (Central Asia) was read in WL JK .
a. Hazar Imam says to take Farman’s home to read understand and explain to the Jamats and our children.
b. The Jamat listened to this and the children. Including the central Asian Jamat. But they are told they are not allowed to take them home.? (see also 69 reason/farmans I shared)
c. What would you think when you hear these Farmans, and then you tell or are told you cannot take Farmans home to read and that these cannot be explained even by Al waez (who are told in writing, not to explain them to the Jamats - see Letters from ITREB, and also 69 reason/farmans)

4 In ITREB Chairs –EO’s, meeting currently ongoing in London, the above, I hope these critical issues are on the Agenda, including especially

a. Farmans including annotations to be given , explained and shared with the Jamats and all to be available to all Mukhis and ITREBS
b. All rites , ceremonies, practices and traditions imparted taught and explained by IIS and ITREBS and especially in BUI.
i. I refer to the change of mindset proposal which has yet to be addressed and implemented for 10 to 15 year old children). This is for them to be able to articulate with comfort in their daily lives and intercations making them relevant and a part of their lives. Presently as you know , not.
c. All research material at IIS be available to all ITREBS , Mukhis , Al waezeens, and the Scholars – STEP teachers, without limitations, including to interested members of the Jamats
d. Other current traditions and practices to be respected and facilitated by all Mukhis (as was done in this case by you and Mukhi for Khatam e Quran)

I look forward to hearing from you and will be happy to meet you.
Ya Ali Madad

@ Mehbub

I want to share a moment in history, heard from my elders, when Pakistan came into being in 1947 Mowlana Sultan Mohammed Shah was also a part of, that time MSMS suggested to the leaders of Pakistan to have ARABIC as its national language, non of them even considered it important advice and they choose URDU as a national language. Well that was history. But the bigger tragedy was Ismailia Association (ITREB today) never ever considered it a necessary or a valuable advice or even a SIGN FROM THE DIVINE, and never taught Arabic in any of the relegious night school or REC ( 66 years have gone by) so we can learn to read the HOLY QURAN, and even today's ITREB is completely blank on this issue, let alone KHATAM-E-QURAN. The question arises if we know how to read the HOLY QURAN, they do not teach that they dont even teach the HOLY DUA , most Ismailies do not even own a Quran in their home, we do not even have a copy in JK either, Never ever our missionaries or al waezen ever explained or even talked about it, how will ITREB learn when their teachers are blank too on this subject. WHO IS TO BLAME. All they can spent and have time for is holding classes for ZUMBA dance in JK facilities and maybe KHATAM-E-ZUMBA will become one of our rituals.


Please keep messages short.

Please keep messages short. Long messages should be posted in the Forum section. I will start moving the large messages in the ismaili.net left menu Forum under appropriate sections. This will just increase our work load.

Thanks for your understanding.


New Intitiavive

A new girls school started in Baglan, where over 95% are Ismailies.
If anyone wnats more information there is an email to contact them.

How wonderful that a few

How wonderful that a few Ismailis have started this school for the Jamat and especially Ismaili Girls. AKDN say they are making over 100 million dollars in the country and the Jamat has the largest telecom company - Roshan. How many schools have they opened in the last 5 years in this region in Ismaili villages?


What Mr Khoja with multi interests says as CEO of Roshan Telecom one of the communities 90plus companies
" The entrance of MTN and Etisalat, each among the largest regional operators, was largely motivated by Roshan’s success but immediately impacted Roshan’s market share. “We were the number one, but we got fat and lazy,” Khoja recalls, when the competition entered. “For a while we could have sank or swam. And we have come out of it much stronger. We reengineered the whole company .. ”

Is that why they were not the first to introduce 3G ? And had to take a loan for 3G and have still do not have 3G! We're Khoja and Ladak too busy with multi interests ?

Farmans on accountability.

Farmans on accountability. Imam says the Institutions are there for the Jamat and to serve the Jamat. They are accountable to the Jamat.

"[A]nd for me the most important word is accountability. WE must be accountable AT ALL TIMES to the organisations we serve and to the people we serve."

His Highness the Aga Khan's 1986 CBC interview with Roy Bonisteel (Canada)

"Let me close these remarks by asking what may seem to be an impertinent question. How do we know whether these programs are actually working or not? How do we know whether they are improving? It would be very easy to mislead ourselves on this score and to assume that because we are trying hard, or spending significant sums of money, or are inspired by noble intentions, or are holding a lot of meetings -- we must therefore be making an effective impact. But this is not always the case. And that is why it is so important that all of us should be held accountable for the results we produce -- that our work should be measured by its observable, positive impact on the quality of people’s lives."

His Highness the Aga Khan's 2007 address to the Enabling Environment Conference (Kabul, Afghanistan)

More here:
Excerpts: His Highness the Aga Khan on accountability

And here:
His Highness the Aga Khan on measuring the performance of development activities

Imam says Leaders are not

Imam says Leaders are not only accountable to those they serve which is the Jamats, and they must also be transparent, meritocracratic and competent.. " ..Towards better governance. A third caveat that AKDN considers central is that social and economic institutions, including civil society, should be governed by the concepts of transparency, meritocracy and competence. This commitment underpins the Network’s involvement in education.."

I need help

YA ALI MADAD Everyone:

For the last 2 weeks I am having some argument with ITREB and STEP principal on an event that is going to take place this coming Sunday April 28, 2013, The problem I am having is my daughter is in eight grade and the management is holding a MANDATORY class at a venue about 20 miles, in order for student to attend this class, we the parents are FORCED to sign a consent form WAIVING ALL OUR CIVIL RIGHTS AND SURRENDER UNCONDITIONALLY TO ICAB. (IF you go down I have copied that form in this forum few months ago).

Briefly, they want consent from us that we should hold the Council and every one that is associated with the event HARMLESS even in the case of DEATH of participant due to the negligence ON THEIR PART.
My fight is I am not going to sign this event consent form , and I have had lengthy conversation with ITREB on telephone I gave them the reason for my refusal to sign pointed out all the FLAWS in the consent form. Their decision today this morning April 22, 2013 is they will not allow my daughter to participate in the event UNLESS I sign the consent form which has been prepared by ATTORNEYS.

@ Pakifellah

Dear Pakifellah , Ya Ali Madad ,
If you can consider my help (as per my thinking ) ,
when one goes to Doctor , for a minor or major operation , his/her probable nearest relative has to sign a consent form , which , probably says , no problem / responsibility of doctor , for any result of this operation , what is the difference here in situations ? ........ya ali madad ...........!

@ Mansoorali Abdulrahim Noorani

YA ALI MADAD Mansoor bhai. as you live in india. the way of conducting business is way different, i think you did not go far back on this forum archives and read the content of the consent form, well let me tell you after the first incident and my objection things have gone sour. at the ICAB AND NCAB level. instead of improving for the betterment and serving the jamat they have made significant changes for the worst. please MODERATOR PUBLISH this new consent form language has been changed, and the language used.

here is a copy:

RE: Discover 2013
Grades 7,8,9
Sunday April28,2013 9:15 am- 1:45 pm
To be completed by the Parent/Guardian of the participant
I/We, Guardian's Name), in exchange for mylour child being given the opportunity to participate in RE: Discover 2013, hereby give conient and permission foi mylour son/daughter, (Participant's Name) to attend and participate in this conference on the following date Sunday April2g, 2013. The cost of the conference is $5 ier participant.
I/IVe' on behalf of myself/ourselves, the Participant, and mylour heirs, successors, assigns, and any other
persons or entity claiming through or under any of them, agree to RELEASE, INDENftIFy, and HOLD HARMLESS His Highness Prince Aga Khan Shia Imami Ismaili Council for the United States of America (the "Council"), its regional/local councils, boards, portfolios, members, staff, volunteers, and agents, including the organizers, counselors and staff associated with the Activity (coilectively, the ..Indemnitees,,)
from and against any and all losses, claims, damages, causes of action, tiaUiiities, costi and expenses which
may be asserted against the Indemnitees, if any, of every nature whatsoever, known or unknown, which arise out of or are connected with (1) any damages to person or property as a result of the participant,s
participation or any other person's participation in the Activity; (2) anv injury or death, including that arising, in part or whole, from the sole or contributory negligence of tn. i"a"-"it""s, occurring during-or related to the Activity andlor any travel which participation in the Activity may involro"; uid (3)"""y policies, procedures, conduct, or negligent act or omission of the Indemnitees.
VWe hereby consent to any medical or surgical treatment which the Participant may need and which arises in connection with the Event; provided, however, nothing contained herein shall be deemed an obligation to provide any such medical or surgical treatment. I/we understand and accept that the cost of all medical and surgical treatment shall be paid by me/us.
Any controversy or claim arising out of or relating to the Activity or this consent & Release Form shall be settled by binding arbitration administered by the His Highness Prince Aga Khan Shia Imami Ismaili conciliation and Arbitration Board for the United States oi Americ a, and its decision shall be final and binding on all parties. I/WlE HAVE READ AND VOLUNTARY SIGN THIS CONSENT & RELEASE FORM AND INTEND IT TO BE A COMPLETE AND UNCONDITIONAL RELEASE OF ALL LIABILITY TO THE GREATEST EXTENT ALLOWED BY LAW
Name of Parent/Guardian (Please Print) Name of Parent/Guardian @Iease print)
Signature of Parent/Guardian Signature of ParenVGuardian
Date Date
Parent/Guardian Contact Number Parent/Guardian Email Address

I have request ITREB to change the language but they refused saying it cannot be changed since it was written by our attornies. In the end the summary of this CONSENT FORM is ICAB & NCAB WILL BE THE DEFANDENT, JURY, JUDGE AND THE EXECUTIONER all at the same time.


Please keep messages short.

Please keep messages short. Long messages should be posted in the Forum section. I will start moving the large messages in the ismaili.net left menu Forum under appropriate sections. This will just increase our work load.

Thanks for your understanding.


The difference is that if

The difference is that if the doctor is negligent then the patient or his/her family can bring an action under the courts.The form is for being aware of the risks the patient is taking. In this case they are saying you cant even go to the courts, or claim under insurances, or our internal courts NCABS/ICABS. Am I right Pakifellah?

The difference is that if On April 23rd, 2013 bloglaw (not verif

YA ALI MADAD Bloglaw I wanted to respond to our earlier post re: consent form but then the people would think it is too much, well thank you for the post and exactly what you say but my problem is the language and sudden changes of words from the previous, ICAB spent some money and used a lawyer to draft this new one. My first objection was an eye opener for them to rectify for good, but instead, the adrenaline of their EGO kicked in and they drafted a new one EVEN WORSE, which by MHI BLESSINGS to the Jamat, is showing ICAB AND NCAB's and ITREB'S TRUE COLORS. MHI wants us to wake up for good.

Please read the entire FORM, i contacted my attorney and he was laughing (especially to the last paragraph with bold capitalized letter) when I told him this was prepared by attorneys for the institutions. This has happened and is happening and will happen if the right people with real CREDENTIALS AND QUALIFICATIONS are not appointed. This outdated PYRAMID must be broken and demolished to make room to build a new UPDATED one with fresh leaders no connections to the present leaders WHATSOEVER. We have to draw the line somewhere ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. I took a stand but parents are signing blindly just because the CONSENT FORM USES MHI NAME and the group of culprits are having a ball in misleading the INNOCENT JAMAT.



They are and should be fully

They are and should be fully insured. This is a part of their rules regulation and policies.Therefore asking for such a waiver is rediculious. Like saying because you work in our institution as a paid staff we will not insure you for employers or public liability. Because you come to JK and have an accident you cannot calim because our premuims will go up . They have this in their budgets which they must share with you. The JK is insured. The ITREB Classes are insured. The vans they go in are insured. The venue they use are insured. Tell them and ask what Insurances do they have and for copies.

Posting on this web site

Everyone will appreciate if the postings are short and strait to the point. I would even suggest if you have questions to number them and not write more than one sentence per question.

That way the discussion will be focused and people will appreciate that they do not have to go through a maze of long text to find out exactly what is being said and which are the main points.

Instead of having the reader find the main points, the writer should guide and frame the issues.

I hope this makes sense and will be followed by everyone here. Thanks


I see many letters are sent

I see many letters are sent to ICAB and Leaders which are posted. Some are long but very important for the Jamat and readers to read and think about. This is also a historical record for future readers and Leaders. Ya Ali madam.

"Long Text"

Ya Ali Madad. Umed, why does the "Long Text" issue come up when Mansooralibhai comments appear on this forum? Why you as "moderator" who should be "fair" and not "bias" bring this issue up when bloglaw(Mahebut Chatur, integrity, etc.) long, long, long, comments appear? Where is the "fairness", or are some participants on this forum exceptionals/friends?????? Some on the forum criticize our Leaders for not being fair, well then they should find out themselves whether they are fair with all the participants on this forum? Thank You.

@ Yasmin - Thanks ................!

My Dear Sister Yasmin - Ya Ali Madad ,

Thanks , at least , for Breaking Long Term Silence , Did you Make Out , and , appreciate , the Daring of Admin - Umed , that , No Discrimination at All - in All, It could be a Comment , in Against or in Favour of Any Body , but , should be , with Some Substance , may be , in favour of SS & Co. or , against Bloglaw , is posted here , and , an Impression , that , it is posted always , against SS & Co. only , and , in Favour of Bloglaw etc .only , is Changed , and , it is a good Signal to All ,

More over , You should not have put Bracket , after Bloglaw in your this post , because , it could lead to understand , that , Bloglaw, and some others are , all from one and same person only ) ,

ya ali madad ...............!

Thanks Admin - Umed ............!

Dear Admin and Umed , Ya Ali Madad ,
Thanks , but , for What ?
You don't know enough , but , by Administering this Web Site , how Deep Heartedly You are Serving Jamats , at International Level , and , the Imam ? ,..i pray , from Deep of My Heart , that , You All , not to be Rewarded in Next World only , but , in This World also , Ameen , ......................it's again 3/25 am ,..............am i at liberty to stop here ? , thank you , .....ya ali madad ......!

I would like to think we are

I would like to think we are all friends and spiritual brothers and sisters. All those who are contributing are writing a new chapter in our history. This is not only a discussion forum but a change for the better forum. Where else can you get information you get here like constitution, ICAB NCAB etc etc...

Not at all. This message was

Not at all. This message was trigger because lately several people are posting long messages and it was a comment that applies to everyone equally. If it was for a particular post or person, I would have mentioned it as I have done in the past.

Why are there Ismaili

Why are there Ismaili beggers in Dar eS Salaam when Ismailies have so many ismaili institutions. Does not charity begin at home ? The Aga Khan says these institutions are for the benefit of his community and the poor and vulnerable Ismailies are a top priority ! " DAR ES SALAAM, TANZANIA – The Diamond Trust Bank (T) Ltd has raised a pre-tax profit by 18%, to Tsh12.1bn ($7.45m) in 2012 from Tsh10.2bn ($6.29m) last year. "snip" DTB is an affiliate of the Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development, part of AKDN which is an Ismaili constitutional company for the governance and benefit of Ismailies !

Purpose behind Posting Here Only Complaints or Solutions also ?

... My Common Reply to Dear Pakifellah , Bloglaw and Umed , and All Concerned , Ya Ali Madad ,
( 1 ) This is the Only and Best Site Ever , in the History of Ismailis , at the World Level , Admistered by Admin - Umed , to Write for Ismailis , Their Views and Convey it to Concerned , in the Interest of Jamats , at International Level , and , also put , Any Jamati Complaints ( Problems ) , with Opportunities - Facilities , to Find Out Ways for Solutions of Jamati Problems , by , Making Mutual - Consultations , with Other Ismailis of the World , from Any Where , at Any Time , along with Leaders at Local , as well as , at International Level , ......How Many , Said to be Interested , to Serve Jamats and Imam , in Appreciations of Continuous Hard Works , by Such Site , for the Speedy Well Being of Jamats and to Please Imam , and it's Organisers , but , How Makes Real Use of Such Facilities ? , and , Gives / Takes , Chance of Creating , an Impact of Necessary Reformations , at International Level , in Positive Manners in Our Community ? ,
( 2 ) First of all , i accept my inability , that , i can not convince those , who do not want to understand that , 2 + 2 = 4 , and , i am sorry for , that , it is fault on my side , that , i can not , in any way , make them understand the same , till , they are not ready to Understand this Natural Fact ,
( 3 ) now , i come to the main point/s , of my submission/s
( 4 ) Originally , i was / am always of the view - Opinion , that , Jamats Every Where , Any Where , should be Served , through our Institutional Process , either by Leaders & Members , and / or , through Proffessionals - Workers , appointed Directly or Indirrectly , by MHI , or , be Served , by Other Members of the Community , who want to Serve the Jamats , at any level , in a way , that , MHI is pleased ,
( 5 ) Now , if i wanted to serve jamats , then , i alone can hardly do much more , and , i can do for a few people only , and , on a small scale only , but , if i wanted to do works , on a larger scale , for jamats , then , i need to Contact - Consult , Other Community Members , with the Same Intentions , and , need to create a Group of Ismailis , in the pre - fixed area , and , Join Hands , with a Proper Planning , with a Target of List of Time Framed Works , Year Wise , inviting Membership of Community People , who want to work for jamats , whether , they were or are , on any post or not ,
( 6 ) In past such things , were difficult to be done , in absence of speedy communication systems - facilities , when there were no telephones available every where , with every body , ....there were only post cards , to reach after number of days / weeks ,
( 7 ) It was in 1957 , that , i first time saw the Light in my Village / Town Dholka , we were all having Small Kerosene - Lamps only , either in our houses , or , in streets , ..........in the same year , i saw a Transistor small Radio , on visit of my one maternal uncle at our house - shri Habib Velsi Keshavjee - from Nairobi , the Father of Well Known , Ex President of National Council - Kenya , Mr . Yusuf Habib Keshavjee , and , Uncle of , Well Known IIS Administrator , Mr . Mohemed Keshavjee ,
( 8 ) we had hardly travelling up to Ahmedabad , 40 km away , till i became young of 21,
.....i first visited a big city of Mumbai in 1973 only , for Didar - Darbar , at Hashanabad , at the age of 25 ,
( 9 ) but , mean while , Due to Availibility of Latest Technology - Systems , Throught Out World , that , from Kerosene Lamps , People of the World , had Reached to be having , Latest Computers , with Internet , within a Few Years only , and ......i also had became Aware of Revolutionary Situations - at Community and Rest of the World Level , and , i found , that , where we could hardly do Works in Community , at District Level , ......now , it has become possible , to do works , at International Level , .....and , during , Such Thinking , i came to know about this Site , on 30 / 04 / 2010 only , through my one ismaili friend ,
( 9 ) I started to read and study , the comments of Past and Present , .......i thought , from the Submissions in Comments , that , there is done Much Injustice/s , with Jamat/s , by Leaders , at local , as well as , International Level , ....so.....i started to write My Own Views in Comments ,
( 10 ) I was working in /with jamats , from Local to possibly at India Level , but , in fact , i wanted , since Long Past , that , if i could do Works , on - at International Level , and , i thought , that , my that Dream could now Come True , through Contacts on this Site , and , further to see .....that , an International Ismaili Organisation comes into Existence , and , All Interested Ismailis to Serve Jamats and Imam , at any level , join hands , and , creates an Impact , at International Leaders and Jamats , that , it could submit the Jamati Problems , to Leaders at Intrnational Level , and , have Discussions on Major Issues of Jamats , at International Level , and , try to Find Out Proper Possible Solutions , through , Co - Operation System , with Leaders in International Institutions like , LIF , IIS and DJI etc ,
( 11 ) I found , that , writers here , on this Site are mostly writing Their Comments - Views , with Nick Names , and , Not with Real Names , ......i did not know the Reasons behind , for not Clearing Self Real Identity , but , i had started to write in My Real Name - Real Identity , .....i had put my address , as well as , E Mail ID , on this Site , more than once , and , ....... afterwards , i insisted others also , to come with Real Identity , but , some of Main Writer/s here replied , that , if they wrote their Real Identity , then , he/she will be Marginalised by SS and Co. , .........i could not digest , such aguments , ....if one writes with Real Identity and with Real Facts , then , where is the Question of Marginalisation arise ? , and Why ? , ......if one who is on any post , then , suppose , for sake of arguments , it could said to be marginalised , but , who is not on any post has no such fierce ! , .....if One wanted to Work for Jamats , then , he / she should not Worry for Post , and , ...........Posts should not be written to Achieve Some Particular Post , but to serve without Post .....it has got More Importance , in the Eyes of Jamats and Imam , who Works without Post , ......and , so , i repeatedly had Insisted Others here , to come with Real Identity , if we really wanted to Work for Jamats , at any level ,.....but , no body , who wanted to make allegations only , without real identity , then , came up , with Real Identity , or , with E Mail Id , so that , could be contacted personally for further consultations , ......and , if so , what is the Use and Meaning of Such Submissions ? , only to Blame Certain - Particular Leaders only ? , and , not to Accept Responsibility for , and , just to try to Archive Hidden Personal Selfish Goals only , by Pouring Poison in the Minds of Jamats , for Certain - Particular Leaders only ? , .....and , on my Repeated Insisting , when i found , No Response , to come out with Real Identity , i came to Understand , that , Intention/s behind writing Some Particular Post/s , by , Some Particular Writer/s , is/ are Different , .....Different than that which i am thinking , so , i Changed my style of writing , by , challenging the Intention/s of Such Writer/s here , who are Never Prepared to come with Real Identity , and , showing excuses only , in the Name of Internet System , means , Their Purpose is not to Serve the Jamats , but , to Pour Poisons only , in the Minds of Jamats , against Certain - Particular Leaders , at International Level , by Mis - Bad - Using this - such Site , .......this Site is Best , and , for the Best Use , in the Interest/s of Jamat/s , at International Level , but , Out of Knowledge of Admin - Umed , and Participants , it is used for Worst Purposes , by Some writers ,
(12 ) No Doubt , there were and are , to write their views , with Real Identity , like , Yasmin , Kanize , Murad , Abdullah , Nato Moez , M. Chatur , Umed , Alibhai Jiwani , Alnaz , Nagib , ( sorry , if i forgot to mention , who at least came with their Real Identity ) , with their Real Identity , but , most of them , found , that , there is Nothing , except Making , Allegations ( may be Right or Wrong - but for what Purpose ?) , only against Certain Particular Leaders , and , not suggesting Real Required Way of Solutions ? ,
(13) If , an Ismaili Writer is Not Interested - Prepared to Do Forward Any Thing to Find Out Solutions of Jamati Problems , with Co Operation - Consultations - with - amongst - Jamats - Leaders , then , what is Use and Purpose of Such Submissions only ? ,
(14) if an Ismaili wanted to do Complaints , and Complaints and Complaints only , .....then ......No Real Identity is Required
but , if One wanted to Bring Solutions , and , Work for Jamats , through Co - Operation - Consultations , with Jamats - Leaders , at Any Level , then , Real Identity , on Such Site , is Must , Must and Must ,
(15) ........ can any body , please , satisfy me on this issue ?.......thank you .........ya ali madad.........!

@ Mansoorali Abdulrahim Noorani

ya ali madad

We have been reading long long post from you, sometimes it make sense and sometimes it goes over our head, for the last few weeks you have created unnecessary debate about real identity. Infact, from your post I personally get the feeling that you are on a mission to find out who we are, because nobody in this forum pushes and pressurize this issue of identity. can u please clarify???

Now what do you mean when you write
"( 2 ) First of all , i accept my inability , that , i can not convince those , who do not want to understand that , 2 + 2 = 4 , and , i am sorry for , that , it is fault on my side , that , i can not , in any way , make them understand the same , till , they are not ready to Understand this Natural Fact ,"

do you think we are DUMB and you are the wisest the problem with you is you do not get to understand what 2+2= is ,if you do then you should not have wasted time writing this long post, instead you could have worked on some real issues.

the you write;
"..but , no body , who wanted to make allegations only , without real identity , then , came up , with Real Identity , or , with E Mail Id , so that , could be contacted personally for further consultations , ......and , if so , what is the Use and Meaning of Such Submissions ? , only to Blame Certain - Particular Leaders only ? , and , not to Accept Responsibility for , and , just to try to Archive Hidden Personal Selfish Goals only , "

I think you are hiding your real intentions infact, you are are working as an agent of SS nd co. and trying to help them find real identity of the writers, JUST LIKE WHEN MHI SAID WHOEVER HAVE PURCHASED NAGIB'S BOOK SHOULD KEEP IT PERIOD, BUT, SS AND CO IS PUSHING FOR IDENTITY OF THOSE WHO BOUGHT THE BOOK THROUGH THE COURT SYSTEM. some how I smell the same odor in your post.

You have named a lot of people with their real names, besides few, most of them in their post only agree or disagree with the writer and nothing more and some think they are so spiritually elevated and commit SHRIK in their writing that they think they are living in the time when hindus were being converted to Ismailism USING the IMAM OF THE TIME into a BHAGWAN.

DO NOT GET ME STARTED ON THIS PLEASE, BECAUSE THE MODERATOR DOES NOT PUBLISH SOME OF MY REBUTTAL, LEAVING THE WHOLE ISSUE BEING DISCUSSED, TIP ON ONE SIDE. So my request to you is since you have accepted you are living in the world with light bulb and fast communication stop writing long post regarding identity stop being OO7.

AND LASTLY, you write
" 15) ........ can any body , please , satisfy me on this issue ?.......thank you .........ya ali madad.........!

I tried to satisfy you in my last post, AND I can only do so much, but, sorry to say you did not get it, but if you need real and 100% satisfaction there is nothing I or any one else can do SORRY, but if you still insist on satisfaction I would suggest


@ Pakifellah , How is it Possible in Absence of Identity...?!

Dear Pakifellah , Ya Ali Madad ,
In short at the moment , This is not for the first time recently only , that , i have Raised the Issue of Real Identity , and , with the Purpoose of also , You can go through in Past Comments also , probably , since before your birth on this Site ,
Here We are all on a Social Platform , Discussing on Certain Issue/s , considering to be Useful to Our Society , and , for that , i try to make you understand , that , why Identity is Necessary ? , suppose , there is a Social Function for the Program to be Organised in Future , in the Interest of Society , for which to Raise Funds , a Drop Box is put , there is an Appeal to Contribute to Members , and everybody tries to contribute in there own ways , some put in cash , some are putting by writing in cheat/s , that , from XYZ (suppose he is mansoor noorani but write as xyz only ) , 10000 dollars or rupees , and , some put notes which are fakes , and , suppose you are the Organiser of Function - Program , then , after opening the drop box , on finding those chits and/or fake notes , whom will you contact and how to realise the same , in absence of any real identity ? , i am keen to see that here , on this Site , every body from community , to come with contribution/s , in any form , to our community , leaders and our beloved Imam's aims for community , on any scale , any time , any where , i hpoe , you will try to understand , my intention behind ! ,
ya ali madad ,

The discussion on identity

The discussion on identity is closed there will not be any other messages on this subject. Thanks


This forum is for sharing

This forum is for sharing information ideas solutions issues needs and thoughts arising and resulting from the lawsuit. The content is more important. Some use their own names. Many read and share. Many use the information here to share with others they know or Leaders in their own names like you. The solution is sharing Farmans knowledge, and working together to help each other materially and spiritutally. MSMS and Hazar Imam remind us in Farmans. I read and share what is said.

Change takes time and needs many material & personal sacrifices. Historically be a few for the many. This was started by Nagib. Look at how many more today. Hazar Imam talks of a one man army !

What is the situation of your court cases in India ?

Purpose behind Posting Here Only Complaints or Solutions also ?

Both Mansooralibhai and Pakifellah,

Thru you Moderator,

Can we please move away from this unending series of TRIVIA?

Except for personal acquantances, most of us have no clue as to who either of you are...... and we really do not even need to know....................You might as well be Laurell and Hardy, or Ram and Shyam, or Sita and Gita......

Please let us also stop preaching what anybody needs to do.........I am sure that all of us are active enough to have stood up for our beliefs, only to be (perhaps) pushedaside even by family and friends. (Don't forget Alnaz-Mehboob encounter, which onlyled to further legality and shamefull public display of murids)

Some of us may not have the tenacity that stands up to your scale.................(We don't quite know the reason as yet, but remember how a wedding was cancelled in a JK in Bombay? If that wasn't marginalizing, then there has to be a bona fide reason for it)

Most of us have to deal with our fellow community members on a day to day basis.................. Please come up with some concrete suggestions and stop bickering about semantics......

Thank you, and my humble apologies for any hurt feelings...........................

On April 19th, 2013 kachoomber (not verified) says:

Kachomber Bhai and ALL YA ALI MADAD:

I thank you for your post, and am glad to see people waking up, I would very much appreciate if other like you should do the same, When one person is pushing some agenda like IDENTITY for example in post that are longer than a football field not once not twice but repeatedly and only one person is trying to put some sense in that particular person not to push it and rest of the people in this forum SLEEPS , ISN'T THIS A TRAGEDY, how can we acheive any success with a dormant audience, not just in any one particular issue but many issues that are sitting on the table. Umed is doing a good job he made clarification about that issue and put it to rest on april 17th then again he publishes a 10,000 words post from that very person on the same subject and still everyone is fast asleep. I am very sorry to say why is there this prejudice among US ALL.

I am glad you stepped up and no feelings were hurt and I wish you all the best, but still we have to wake up we cannot be all sleeping and expect a miracle to happen, MIRACLE HAPPENS THROUGH US BY THE WILL OF ALLAH at the right place and on the right time, if we all are dormant miracle will wait to happen until we wake up on our own, by that time valueable time would have been lost.


Mr Brian Gray lied in court?

Mr Gray lied in court.? Mr Gray was asked in court whether he knew Mr Dharamsey. He said he did not know him. The email he sent to Dharamsey was produced in Court. (see what Nagib Tajdin says below)


His Highness the Aga Khan, is the named plaintiff but has not submitted a single affidavit in this lawsuit. The court has relied on the claims and statements filed by Brian Gray in the name of H.H.

If Gray lies in court regarding this, then all other statements made by him are also questionable, and need to be independently verified, for example;

1 The claim Gray [from Norton Rose] filed on 6th April 2010 (No affidavit by H.H.)
2 All replies and evidence Gray has filed (No affidavit by H.H.)
3 Documents filed which 3 forensic expert reports say are forgeries (No affidavit filed by H H)

Therefore there is a question that Gray is not telling the court what in fact His Highness may have told him to tell the court. Has therefore Gray told the truth and the whole truth to the court.

We know Sachedina, Bhaloo and Manji are not doing what His Highness is telling them to do in Farmans nor what they were directed to do by His Highness on 15th October 2010.


What is Gray trying to hide. Why is Gray worried ? Is this because he said to Dharamsey that he can ask Sachedina, and he thanked Dharamsey for his support ? Therefore Gray accepts instructions from Sachedina and Gray supports what Sachedina says?


A Motion to question Mr Gray and ask for disclosure of all the evidence to verify and prove that all the statements submitted & filed by Gray on behalf of the named plaintiff. are exactly what His Highness the Aga Khan said to him personally and when/how. Including when and who gave him the first instructions, and was this on 30 March 2010 as stated by Shafik Sachedina.

Remembering Shafik Sachedina and A Bhaloo have said they were not asked by His Highness to file an affidavit but they swore them, and Gray filed them, and says to Dharamsey who he says he does not know, that he can take instructions from Shafik Sachedina !

The question is also why is Gray opposing the motion and refusing the money offered by Nagib and Alnaz ? (read what Alnaz says below)

Gray, Sachedina, Bhaloo and Manji need to provide following evidence ;

1 When was Gray first instructed and by whom ?
2 Was Gray first instructed on or after 30 March 2010 as stated by Shafik Sachedina.
3 If His Highness did not ask Sachedina and Bhaloo to file an affidavit who asked them to file an affidavit?
4 Had Gray met or spoken to His Highness and Carnegie before he filed the lawsuit on 6th April 2010.
5 Who provided evidence to Gray and if it was Shafik Sachedina, then did Sachedina ask His Highness for permission to do so. He admits he was not asked by H.H. to file an affidavit.

Dharamsey defending Gray ?

Actually, I would not have been surprised if Brian Gray would have said he does not know that Dharamsey but he went further, he said I don't even know if Dharamsey exists!

Now this is a problem for him, we know he is often in CC: in Dharamsey's letters, Gray has emailed to Dharamsey that he can talk to him if Sachedina allows him and we know from Dharamsey himself that he is talking to Gray.

So for Gray to tell the Court as officer of the Court that he did not even know IF Dharamsey exists is very surprising.

There is an email circulated by Dharamsey to do some damage control on this issue, this just shows how close he considers himself to Gray.

So has Dharamsey become lawyer of a lawyer or is he mistaken in thinking that Brian Gray of Norton Rose, one of the largest Law firm in Canada can not defend himself without his support? LOL ;-)

My Letter to Dharamsey and

My Letter to Dharamsey and Leaders. Mr Dharamsey confirms he knows and has even spoken to Gray and Dharamsey has evidence.

To: globalismaili@gmail.com; Dharamsey Abdulla (ajdharamsey@yahoo.co.uk); shafik.sachedina@aiglemont.org; Amin Mawji OBE President UK ( Amawji@uk.ey.com ); Noordin Nanji Chairman ICAB (noordin.nanji@gmail.com); Nazmin Kassam Chairman NCAB UK (nazminkassam@gmail.com); cfc@talib.ca; Aziz. Bhaloo AKDN Representative Kenya (aziz.bhaloo@akdn.org); Ex President M Manji Canada (farimed@rogers.com)

I refer to your email;

1 Gray knows you and knows you exist because you say you have been communicating with him in emails and in conversations.
a. You say you work very closely with Shafik Sachedina and DJI including Sherbanoo in investigating individuals with a view to threatening, bullying, ruining, and to settle scores.
b. Brian Gray says he knows of your support for Sachedina.
c. Gray says he appreciates your support

2 Do you agree
a. You know Gray not as well as you know Sachedina with whom you say you work very or more closely?
b. Gray knows you not as well as he knows Sachedina who he work very closely with and who he takes instructions from.

3 In court “Gray said he did not even know if Dharamsey existed” (see below).
a. You are saying Mr Brian Gray is lying.
b. In your defence you are re-confirming
i. “… Share the contents of my emails and telephone conversation with Mr Brian Gray.”…" … we had exchanged email correspondence previously. "…."Regarding the telephone conversation, I informed Mr Gray about an error" … “a week BEFORE my call on 7 December to Mr Brian Gray of Norton Rose LLP (15.36 hours)! “ Your emails sent and received. Your wife an ex legal secretary with Clifford Chance can give evidence.

4 If you tell your wife to scribble notes does not mean Gray said what you may have said to your wife to write. Do you agree, and;
a. Was she listening to that conversations with Gray, and
b. How did she know it was Gray ?

5 Do you agree you tell lies, you like to play with words and you like to be obnoxious and to intimidate and harass.
a. Do you also agree, if you are lying then everything else you say is questionable unless independently verified?
b. For example
i. You say you did not revoke your Bayah. Shafik Sachedina, your investigating buddy is not confirming your story. Therefore do you agree you are lying?
ii. You asked Nasim Lalani for a breakdown of bills, saying you represent others who instructed you, but then you said you were only saying that because you wanted the breakdowns? That is called lying. Do you agree?
iii. You say to Gray your GIM forum is governed by our constitution according to Shafik Sachedina. Is that not a lie? If not where is the evidence or confirmation by Shafik Sachedina.?
iv. You have in the past claimed to be “Former 'Special' Police Constable - Metropolitan Police Service, London)” Now you are saying “Former Voluntary Administration Officer - Metropolitan Police Special Constabulary, UK” Do you agree one of the two is a lie. What is the truth?

6 Regarding forgeries, you keep asking for evidence. Do you agree you do not want to study the evidence you have access to (reports by forensic experts)
a. Therefore are you not lying when you say you want evidence of forgeries?
b. And are you therefore also not lying that you have any intention to confront Shafik in Jamat Khanna.
c. If you are not lying, then why not read and study the evidence.
d. Remember your call to Nagib (read the emails and what you said).

7 Will you ask Mr Gray to confirm
a. you are not lying regarding the emails, or
b. The conversations you say you have had with him.

8 Will you ask Mr A Mawji to confirm
a. you are telling the truth
b. You did not revoke your Bayah or
c. you were readmitted under our constitution.
d. you had meetings with him regarding your Bayah & confirming what was agreed

9 You have asked but S Sachedina, your admitted investigating buddy has refused to confirm;
a. That the email you sent to him contained additional content which you allege, and or added.
b. you are not lying
c. your Bayah was not revoked or you were re admitted
d. Our constitution (Farman), was respected by you and by him (If not do you agree you have disrespected Hazar Imam by going against Farmans or the constitution, and Shafik has disrespected his oath of constitutional offices he hold (Is it 16?)

10 The above excludes;
a. You making frivolous, false and fabricated claims, allegations & complaints against murids, and you are insulting Hazar Imam by calling his Murids Kafirs knowing Imam calls them his murids.
b. You making threats, blackmailing, harassing, intimidating, and bullying leaders and members of the Jamat. That is against Farmans. Do you accept by doing so you are insulting Hazar Imam.
c. You Insulting Hazar Imams family, namely Begum Inara. Do you agree?
d. You disrespecting and insulting Hazar Imam (by insulting Imam’s specific Farman to share the books and knowledge of N N Hunzai widely with the Jamat)

I am copying to NCAB and ICAB for them to include your email and my response as additional evidence in my complaints.


@ Nagib

if it is proven in the statements gray is lying and as a attorney for the plaintiff lied under oath in the USA it is called perjury and supressing any evidence or lying under oath is punishable plus the whole trial could be labelled as MISTRIAL. Further more he could be barred from practicing law and he could face more restrictions from the bar council.

Mistrial means a big victory for you guys and a big blow to the SS co. plus they will have to pay for all the expense incurred by you and alnaz including attorney fees and on top of that they will have to return that $30,000 and further more you have the right to sue them in civil courts for 10's of millions of dollars for damages done to your reputation and mental distress plus all the discomfort your family has to go through etc. etc.

USA vs Canadian legal system

In Canada, Courts do give the benefit of doubt to lawyers because they are considered officers of the Court but obviously when there is several perjuries and there is a pattern by the same lawyer, then the Court will take action.

The Court can not act by itself, it has to be "moved" by a "Motion", then only it will hear both parties and decide. it can be a long and costly process.

In Gray's case, he said he meant he does not "know" Dharamsey" in the technical sense of the word "knowing". The debate could have happened on the sentence he added that he did not even know if he "exists". But that was not the purpose of the hearing and of the Motion that day, it was important not to be distracted by side issues. The issue was that the case has been ongoing since 3 years without any reasons left to prolong it. And we asked the Court to put an end to the reference so everyone can move forward in life. Gray refused.

The Court said that the lawyers fees will be higher then the amount left to discuss. An interesting question would be that beside his [huge] fees, what does Brian Gray of Norton Rose have to loose if the case stops today? Is there more than money matters here? Is there an agenda here?

Farmans of Mawlana Sultan

Farmans of Mawlana Sultan Mohammed Shah. The Jamat and Leaders need to share all farmans, and to work together.

At the opening ceremony of Paris Jamatkhana Social Hall and Home (just prior to Evian Conference), 30 June 1952
"Ismailis have courage, sense of devotion, sacrifice and [sic] brain, but they are not making great progress because there in [sic] no unity among them and there is great jealousy between them. If they can have unity and discard jealousy, Ismailis can conquer the world."

Evian Conference Minutes. Mawlana Hazar Imam [MSMS] in Chair. July 6, 1952,
"It is no good all Presidents coming here if these Presidents do not preach all the time to Jamats all my advices and guidance given here when they go back. In Jamatkhanas, Clubs, etc. you must become worldly missionaries."

Evian Conference Minutes. Mawlana Hazar Imam [MSMS] in Chair. July 11, 1952,
"Honorary Missionaries are more educated and brilliant than paid missionaries. Try to increase the number of Honorary Missionaries and that is the way you can make Ismailis real Ismailis."

MSMS' speech and minutes, Mission Conference of Ismailia Association, Dar es Salaam July 1945,
"Unless the missionaries themselves -- especially the honorary missionaries, who have got more wealth and opportunities -- unless they understand the meaning of these things are [sic] able to teach others, their standard will fall below the standard necessary for the proper explanation of Ismailism."

[On the subject of teaching religion]: "Secondly, the part to be played by the schools, how much ginans and how much Dhua should be taught and how much Ismailis history to all children, what elementary knowledge is necessary for honorary missionaries. There must be some kind of control -- the lesser the control, the better."

[On the subject of Ismaili teachers]: "Mr. Virani: The main difficulty is of obtaining Ismaili teachers. We cannot get sufficient Ismaili instructors.
Hazar Imam [MSMS]: You must build up here and there as much as possible. The real danger is that all religious authorities gradually become materialistic and forget the spiritual interpretations."

@ Imam Sultan Muhammed Shah's firman

Ya ali Madad:

I read this your message from Mr. Chatur, and there was an event that took place last week after the speech from someone from ITREB USA Washington, The question that was asked from him was " why the firmans from IMAM MSMS are gradually being removed or not being read in the ceremonies and only being read on chandraat only. Lot of people have noticed the frequency of reading MSMS firman is gradually being lowered to a level of just one day a month. Since this is the first time you are hearing this may be little hard to digest, the reply from the Washington Itreb was a smile first and then he will further look into the matter.

Umed before you publish this make sure and confirm wit others privately are people noticing the firman of MSMS is being eradicated from our life by the LEADERS in questions or is it the wish of MHI.

Since I do not have your personal email address I have to use this forum connection to bring this to your notice, and if you would be kind enough give us an email address different from this venue to contact it will be very helpful to stop rumors becoming news.

Ya ali madad

I have first hand knowledge

I have first hand knowledge from what Hazar Imam told me on 15th Oct. 2010 that he considers Farmans of previous Imam as been His own Farmans.

Please , Reply on my Point - Instead Diverting on other Issue/s

Dear Bloglaw , Ya Ali Madad ,
......my comment on your reply to me dated 15 /04 /2013 ,
.......you are trying to divert the mind/s to other issues , from main point - of real identity ,
.......with due respect to you , who ever you are , ....i have not any problem - no objection to any body , in raising any issue/s , any time , here , on this Site , in the interest/s of jamat/s , as , this is the Best Place ever , for raising - submitting , any such issue/s , to be conveyed to concerned/s , ....being allowed , after a Deep Consideration/s by Dear Admin and Dear Umed , in the Interest of Jamat Worldwide , ......which this site could be used , positively also , in doing some - so many extra - ordinary constructive works , for jamats , as , .....sky has no limit/s ,
........i don't mind in blaming any one - any leader/s , any where - including SS and Co. , by any body , but , till one do not come with Real Identity , no body can have ' Trust ' in the words put here by him / her , ......on the contrary , it could create doubt/s , in the minds of jamat/s - jamati individual/s , about the itension/s of writer/s , that , why he/she hides his /her identity , if he/she is right ?

.....if one has to blame other/s - really in the interest/s of jamat/s , then , he /she should come with real identity , so that , it could be effective , but , by writing any thing against any body , and , hiding real identity , could effect adversely also , about intention/s of writer/s , .........i respect your submission/s here , but , it does not appropriate with principles of natural justice ,

.........while , i started here writing comments , i was under an impression , that , all those writing here are having their respectve names , and , as and when required , they will all come forward , with their full real identity , but , since , my repeted requests , and , i think some others have also requested , ( i think Yasmin - Canada , if i am not wrong , she said indirectly and i am saying directly , she had also shown her doubt on different bloglaws - from different places - at the same time , ....Yasmin , can i hope to be cleared from you , sorry , if i disturbed your silence ) , to come up with real identity , which could decrease the distance , and , increase co - operation , betwwen participant/s , in doing some good necessary works - in creation of some good necessary back ground , but , nothing could be done , nothing could happen , only because of ' hidden identity ',

..........so kindly help me , in understanding your usefullness , in any way , to jamats - at any level ,
.......except , ........to come to a conclusion , that , .......may be , one and only one person is after writing , so many blaming comments , since years , in ' different unidentified names ' , just to establish and create an atmosphere - in the minds of jamat/s , jamati individual/s , that , these are the views of different so many jamati individuals ,
.......but , in fact , it could be the views of only ' one person ' - who is also ' unidentifiable ' ,.........i hope you throw better light on , .......shall i stop here being 3/30 am , ......thank you ......ya ali madad .........!

@ Mansoorali Abdulrahim Noorani

ya ali madad

what are you really looking for real names instead of nickname right, now how would i know your whole mansoorali abdulrahim noorani is your real name (no offence here). I use my nick as PAKIFELLAH lets say your wish come true and I tell you my real name is Abdulrahim Ali would that satisfy you. I think it will. but think for a moment this could not be my real name it could be my another nickname to satisfy your urge. As a matter of fact what you are looking for is DESI NAMES like yours and any post with names like islamic or most popular ismaili names would automatically get the seal of authenticity and nick names like mine or bloglaw integrity ak and many more their post needs to be taken as suspicious and a grain of salt.

Anonymous postings are acceptable.

Anonymous postings are perfectly acceptable here. The reason is that on the internet, a person which post as a women can be a man, someone posting as a little boy can be a very old man, there is no way of knowing who is posting and the name does not mean anything, as a matter of fact, I see lots of people pretending on facebook to be the Aga Khan, I am not going to give them any deference or respect, they can not all be THE Aga Khan.

So let us accept that because of the nature of the Internet, people will remain anonymous and that is good because there is no retaliation possible... and also the credibility is not from a name but from the content of the posting.


@ librarian

Very well said.

Thank you

We must respect those who

We must respect those who use pen names. What matters is what is said and it is shared and it is reasoned specific and with respect.

Court Docket says "..Gray

Court Docket says Gray will have to send names by the end of this week. Defendant's lawyer will have to send a draft order by the end of this week.." What happened at the hearing ?

Defendant's lawyer said that

Defendant's lawyer said that the case should be closed and all the information necessary for the Reference were already in Plaintiff's hand.

The Judge agreed, she even asked both lawyers to take 15 minutes off and discuss a final settlement but Brian Gray refused. She said a lot of Judicial resources were wasted on this without reason. I think a lot of fees were also made without reason.

Gray said his instructions were to pursue the matter. He refused that the case be closed. It was very apparent that his orders or intention were to prolong the matter as long as possible. His instructions could obviously not come from H.H. The Aga Khan who on 15th October 2010 said clearly to Gray that he wanted the issue put to rest. The Juge even made the comment that the lawyers fees will be more than the amount to be settled.

So we have to wait for the Order that the Judge will sign.

Gray said he did not even know if Dharamsey existed. But of course we know from all the mass-emails circulating that Dharamsey and Brian Gray are in contact, in fact few days back, Dharamsey even circulated a mass-email saying that he talked with Gray recently. I wish that email was shown to the Juge but she saw the other one addressed by Gray to Dharamsey thanking him for his support so that was clear that Gray lied to the Court by pretending that he did not know that Dharamsey even existed. Dharamsey who sent a threatening letter to Defendant's Lawyer Archambault in last November I think.. That email was very useful in proving that defendants were harassed by fanatics. So sometimes people try to do harm but they end up doing the opposite. God has His ways in turning bad into good.

The matter was heard in Montreal.

We will have to wait for the Order to come, probably in few weeks.


Mr. Gray has been persistently demanding that both Nagib and I disclose names and addresses of the people to whom the Farman books were distributed. Gray in his questioning us asked us to produce all relevant emails to him for review, and for Nagib to produce his bank accounts even those jointly held with his wife etc.

The question Gray is pursuing the matter is to seek how much profits we made so all profits made is to be disgorged. ordered to be paid to our Imam.

Nagib had given a detailed accounting showing loss of around $170 000.00 and I said that I bought and distributed books at same price of $50.00 with some books given away free and 18 books returnerd to ITREB. So even had I collected monies for all but 18 books, I would still be at a loss.

Even the Toronto Prothonotary had once said cost of the process is way too much and she suggested that can appoint a mediator. Brian Gray refused the offer and said he was instructed by MHI to pursue the case in the court.

To avoid disclosure of names, both Nagib and I agreed to pay about $65,000.00 to MHI by not deducting my purchase cost and by Nagib not deducting any expenses. such as postage etc.

But then Gray said that he wanted to confirm selling price of the books, although the Claim filed by Gray said we were selling for 50.00, and SS had filed as his evidence that when he inquired by email through someone else. he was quoted a price of 50.00 per book with shipping to be paid by Nagib, meaning the real selling price was about 40.00 or less.

Yet Gray insisted that he wanted all evidence as noted above to confirm the selling price.

Unfortunately the Prothonatary agreed with Gray, ignoring the evidence, and ordered us to produce everything that wanted.

To avoid names of individuals from being disclosed to avoid reprisals to the mukhis, and other institutional volunteers or employees whose name would be given to them, we appealed the disclosure order.

Gray even refused our offer that the disclosure be given only to MHI and no one else under a confidentiality order so names cannot become public to all and to SS and his group. Gray refused.

As Nagib noted, Brian Gray refused to obey the Judge who wanted the matter settled.

Obviously anyone who thinks that MHI will be vindictive and fight a frivolous case does not have any understanding of what our Imam really is. Even during our Mulakat, MHI never asked for any profits or disclosure of anything and affirmed four times that books can be kept by all to whom the books were given away to. Even though SS argued against MHI's stated position.

Shukr, all we were fighting was to protect all the individuals who bought the books from us although people like Abdulla Dharamsey kept referring to as if we were continuing to fight the Imam.

All I can say is had Gray accepted what MHI said on that day the matter would have resolved by end of Oct 15, 2010 Both Nagib and I had agreed to abide by guidance of MHI.

@Nagib - re: Defendants' lawyer said...

Let us continue to hope for the best!
Thank you for explaining the proceedings to us in simple English, Nagib bhai.
Ya Aly madad.

Letter to ICAB & Leaders

Sent: 14 April 2013 17:17
To: 'Noordin Nanji'
Cc: 'Azim Lakhani'; 'Mohammed Keshavjee'; 'Abby Jan Dharamsey'; 'Shafik SACHEDINA'; 'Nazmin Kassam'; Amin Mawji OBE President UK ; Vice President Alwaez Shiraz Kabani; Mukhi Salim Janmohamed West London UK; Nagib Tajdin; Alnaz Jiwa; Gafoor; Mansoor Noorani; Eqbal Rupanii CEO LIF; Shams vellani; sadru.datoo; Zina Khan

Subject: Appeal to ICAB: Chatur v Sachedina, Dharamsey, Lakhani and Keshavjee

Thank you for your attached letter dated 11 April 2013 and a part of the requisite information. My response and request for further and better particulars. You have not responded to all my requests and completely or openly/transparently.
1 Constitution - Changes to the mandate and Authority to “ICAB and NCAB system under clauses 12, 13 and 14”;

a. Besides the “system under clause 12, 13, and 14” – were there any other changes – If so please provide copies. I requested all not a limited or selective parts of the constitution.
b. I note there are no other changes except increase in number or ICAB Members
c. Since a Farman supersedes the constitution and prevails.
i. Can you provide copies of the Farmans you – NCAB consider which will prevails over the constitution

2 Rules and regulation ICAB.

a. I note that the ICAB rules were ordained on 13 Dec 2003.
b. Please confirm there were no ICAB rules and regulations for 15 years, between 1986 to 13 Dec 2003. If there were please provide copies.
c. You state Hazar Imam enjoys full authority. This is not disputed. In this context;
i. Do you agree that Hazar Imam exercises authority in Farmans as defined “inclusively” in the constitution ( Farmans therefore includes Talika, Irshad, constitution, mehmani, speeches, pronouncements, writings etc, which are both written and verbal). These are all and form and part of our constitution, as Farmans. If not let me know which are excluded.

3 Authority of ICAB

a. You are confirming that ICAB has authority under 3.2(d) . This is where ICAB can and have made changes without any reference to Hazar Imam. Please confirm.
b. ICAB can therefore make and effectively enact rules and regulations.
i. Can you provide copies of all these rules with the related Board resolutions, rules and minutes since 1986 identifying those which are
1. Approved and ordained by Hazar Imam
2. without any reference to Hazar Imam.

4 Rules for disciplinary action

a. I note there have been no changes since 1999.
i. Can you please provide copies of all changes before 1999.
ii. Can you please provide the exact date in 1999.
iii. At ICABS request in April 2010 there was confirmation. Remembering the Lawsuit and allegations of Forgeries and the misleading and false LIF announcement in Jan and April 2010;
1. Can you provide the exact date in April 2010 when ICAB decided on this request and confirmations. Why was this in April 2010 ? and who initiated ? and the circumstances around putting this on the ICAB Agenda in April 2010. Why was this considered and were all the NCAB rules and regulations just confirmed or reviewed by ICAB in detail and formally. Was there urgency and if so why?
a. Was this at the request discussed with and or initiated by DJI and or S Sachedina. Can you please provide a copy of the minutes./resolution

5 Special Leave

a. I note ICAB will proceed on basis that NCAB have not invoked section 3.2.

6 Information regarding other complaints

a. You are saying you cannot provide information to me because I am not a party
i. Can you confirm you are acting as a Judicial body and not as between two consenting parties. Therefore as a Judicial Body you must provide copies as a judicial Body which is equivalent to the Courts of the Laws of the land. Therefore all parties are entitles to court information and documents
ii. Also you have permission from the party complaining and to use their evidence in my case. If you have permission can you provide copies to me; or what more do you need from them for copies to be supplied to me ?

7 Requests to you to intervene on specific matters (including evidence of forgeries submitted to you);

a. You say ICAB has no authority to investigate or supervise overall functioning of Jamati institutions.
i. I have requested you as a Board and also individually as Murids based on the constitution and Farmans. I refer to the farmans I have quoted. You can do so individually and collectively as a Board based on Farmans and also the Quran (where there are no specific farmans)
ii. Do you accept that farmans I have quoted which oblige you to as Leaders and a Board to intervene and assist in serving the Jamat, and also ensure and seek accountability meritocracy; answerability, competence etc. I also refer to the GJ Farmans which I have quoted from where the Institutions have been asked by Hazar Imam to act collectively as one body so that the Jamat do not have to go to individual Boards to seek and get information, support assistance and indeed Farmans or our full constitution. I refer to the 68 reasons and Farmans I have quoted.
b. That authority to intervene rests with solely with Hazar Imam.
i. Can you let me have the relevant Farmans and documents in coming to this conclusion.
1. Has not Imam delegated this authority to our institutions and the Boards and each Board has rules including to intervene and remove Leaders
2. Does not the Law of the Land supersede our constitution and you say you take the Law of the Land into account too. Under that law are you not individually and collectively as a Board not also responsible and obliged to intervene legally, morally and ethically. Please see the farmans I have quoted to you.
c. ICAB Role under section 14 of the constitution - you say this relates to a specific mandate
i. The role of ICAB is as a Judicial Body. Equivalent to a court of Law. Therefore and under the Law you must intervene and act when you know or suspect the law of the Land or the constitution which include Farmans have been is breached or broken. Please confirm or let us know why you do not consider the law of the land or Farmans
ii. In consideration of my complaint you are obliged to consider all the Farmans of Hazar Imam. Please confirm.

Thank you for the Information. I hope you will see my request for further and better particulars as well meaning to understand and these are in accordance with Farmans of Hazar Imam including the 68 reasons and Farms to share and work together.

I look forward to hearing from you. As always I am happy to meet and discuss with the Leaders and or our Boards, as Hazar Imam wishes and says in Farmans.

Kind regards and Ya Ali Madad
Mahebub Chatur

My Analysis on Two Points .....!

Dear All , Ya Ali Madad ,

I NEED to Analyse on Two Comments , as , Two Points , as mentioned below ,

( 1 ) I can not allow posts that
On April 13th, 2013 librarian-umed says:
I can not allow posts that blame the whole leadership or one of our institution for the failure of few people... unless all of the people in that particular institution are weakening its respect.

It is not wise to criticise institutions when we all know few people can be the problem and all the others thousands are just honest people willing to serve selflessly.

If there are only very few members in an institution and you have specific prove or documents allowing you to say the whole group is corrupt, than please share.

For example, LIF is a very big group with lots of people from different background so one can not put all of them in the same basket by criticising "The" institution. On the other hand, ICAB would be a handful of people where 1 vote could change the respect that the Jamat has for the institution. Some members are mistaken, some are misled and some are doing the misleading. That happens all over the place in all the institutions.

reply Canada

On February 4th, 2013 Bloglaw (not verified) says:
President of Canada shared the following guidance - Farmans from Hazar Imam with the Janat as a part of the vision for the next 10-15 years.

" The jamat and community must learn to build an ethos of working for their collective needs in a cooperative way by building jamati institutions and capacity, AND not waiting for Councils and ITREB to come up with 'programs' to meet community needs. Groups (can be professional or just those with common skills or interests) can become proactive to form committees to meet needs that they see existing in the jamat to address issues of the poor Murids who are reluctant to reveal their predicaments AND ARE marginalised, youth marginalization, elder care, immigrant needs etc. on a volunteer basis. .."

We have not heard about from our Leaders or from Focus or AKDN ?Regarding the Golden Jubilee Goal for the poor and the vulnerable. What have they done in last 5 years !

Is Hazar Imam saying that the Jamat has to work together between themselves and share between themselves and not wait for the councils and AKDN or the councils ?

Do not the Leaders not realise what Hazar Imam is saying and when President of Canada is sharing this does he not realise what Imam is really telling the Leaders. They need to reflect on what Imam means and do they not sit with our Scholars and interpret the guidance & Farmans of Hazar Imam

reply United Kingdom

Point no. (1) : Dear Umed is very much right in deciding , that , certain comment/s do not deserve to be posted here , being blaming only on leaders in general , without any specification/s , because , Umed might have found , this site , as ' Used ' to blame and blame and blame ......only , and , that also of Unknown Reason/s , best known to Writer/s only , but , it could not be beyond Understanding Capacity of Dear Umed also ,

Point no. (2) : Some are Blaming here repeatedly , that , some Particular Leaders are not Following Farmans of MHI , as if , the Writer himself , is very much Following Farmans of MHI , .....here is a comment , Comment No (2) , put , by one , who is Regular Writer here , .....now , as per his say , when MHI says to form committees , ( MHI has not said , that , on which level ? , it could be at International Level also ) of Individuals - Ismailis , other than Appointed Leaders , .....then , can such Committees be Formed , without Consultations between Ismailis - Individuals , ......and , could Ismailis do any Consultations with Other Ismailis , by Hiding Themselves from Other Ismailis ? , ....is it Silent or Confidential Guidance of MHI , in this Guidance ? , to Hide Your Self and Work in Jamats - for Jamats ? , .......i had put my name address , as well as , E Mail ID also , since begin , ....who others have done so? , so as to be Consulted or Contacted ? , ..........sorry , ....for Any Trouble to Any Individual/s ....of my this ' Saying '! ,..... There is a ' Saying 'in Gujarati , that , Gandi Sasre Jay Nahi , ane , Daahi ne Sikhaman De ke Sasre Jaa , ......means ...... Mad Woman Would Not Go at In-law's..House ,... and ....Would Advise Wise Woman to Go to Inlaw's House , .....there is too much guidance available in jamats - with jamats , what Jamats Need is Works for Jamats , at all levels , to be done by Leaders , as well as , by Individual/s or Group/s of Individuals , and Works for Jamats - of Jamats , can Not be Done by Hiding Identity , and so , ....then , ' Hiding Identity ' is not a Highest Level of Hipocracy only ? , .....Jamat/s are now Fed Up of ' Guidance without Works ' from Leaders , as well as , Individual/s , ...ya ali madad .......!

Who is responsible ?

Thank you Mansooralibhai. " Despite heavy institutional presence, there are Ismailis begging in the streets of Dar-es-Salaam. Where, indeed, is the focus ?"

Who are responsible ?.
The Jamat for not asking and filing more compaints to NCAB, Mukhis, the Councils or courts .?
The Leaders in question who are blocking farmans and resources from the jamats ?
The Leaders who are allowing the blocking of farmans and resources from the Jamats ?
The Mukhis, Jamat and good Leaders not sharing, or getting together and working together to help the jamats ?


Read what the ex CEO of AKF

Read what the ex CEO of AKF says - Why AKDN stopped and moved away from areas where Ismailis are living and working ?

"It may be said that the Agha Khan development Network (AKDN) programs are being promoted in Muslim resident regions of the world. But Hakim Feerasta, former Chief Executive Officer of the Aga Khan Foundation (Tajikstan and Pakistan), says that’s not an accurate assessment. “There are several programs in India, for example, where the minority beneficiaries are Muslims.”

Feerasta was in Halifax a couple of months ago as delegate to the Canadian Race Relations Foundation Conference on Faith, Identity and Belonging. It is true, he says, that the organization is informed by the ethics of the faith: the UMMA, population and humanity, notions of self-help or sustainability, meritocracy and a strong ethic of volunteerism.

It’s also true, Feerasta says, that the AKDN started out in areas where Ismaili Muslims were resident. BUT THEN THERE WERE CONCERNS BY PEOPLE ABOUT THE OBJECTIVE OF DEVELOPMENT BEING TO PROSELYTIZESo, when over time, the organization developed effective professional management approaches, the concerns melted away,” he says...."

read more - http://www.touchbaseonline.ca/?p=3069

Are you telling Mr Shafik

Are you telling Mr Shafik Sachedina and Dharamsey to do what Imam and Allah are telling you to do ? . Read what Allah and Imams are telling to you to do !

""And if two parties of believers fall to fighting, then make peace between them."

"And if one party of them doeth wrong to the other, fight ye that which doeth wrong till it return unto the ordinance of Allah; then, if it return, make peace between them justly, and act equitably."

"The believers are naught else than brothers. Therefore make peace between your brethren and observe your duty to Allah that haply ye may obtain mercy."
Qur'an 49:9-10
"The charity which Allah loves the most is the peace re-established between quarrelling parties."

Hazrat Ali
Among the footnote commentaries of Mir Ahmed Ali in his translation of the Holy Qur'an.

"Do not separate yourself from your brother unless you have exhausted every approach in trying to put things right with him ...
"Do not be harsh with your brother out of suspicion, and do not separate from him without first having tried to reason with him ...
"Seek reconciliation with your brother, even if he throws dust at you."
Hazrat Ali
The Sayings and Wisdom of Imam Ali, ed. S. F. Haeri, Muhammadi Trust of Great Britain & Northern Ireland, 1992
"Where conflict exists, one must procure a mediated solution. Everything we do should be in the sense of preventing situations from becoming conflicts."

His Highness the Aga Khan's 2008 Paroquias de Portugal Interview"

@ AK Intregity

the stories and incidents you are quoting of Imam Husain or Hazrat Ali and others are from the days when ETHICS AND MORALITY was the currency and bayt-ul-mal was the only social institution for the welfare, and there was only 2 class of people either rich or poor, and no entertainment like television, movies radio, and the norm of daily life was TAQWA and the will of Allah.

Today look around, everywhere the instruments of enjoyments rules and brainwashes people to an extent that father uses his children for material prosperity, brothers selling their sisters and when in our faith these leaders have kicked out spirituality and welcome materialism, all you see is money here money there PAISA PAISA and when you have so much money and made incharge to control that stream. These leaders would never resign nor repent they prefer not serving the IMAMAT they have created their own imamat and become the Imam, THEIR EGO IS THEIR IMAM AND MASTER, many have sold their businesses and joined AKDN and other institutions, do you think they did that to serve humanity or THE IMAM OF THE TIME, NO

Do you guys want to know how this mafia is working ask only if your moderator is willing to publish without censorship AS IS. and I thank you guys to bring ALLAH and QURAN because these leaders have rejected and do the opposite of what the ginans and holy FIRMAN demands. may be the fear of ALLAH'S WRATH might change them for good. INSHA ALLAH.


I can not allow posts that

I can not allow posts that blame the whole leadership or one of our institution for the failure of few people... unless all of the people in that particular institution are weakening its respect.

It is not wise to criticise institutions when we all know few people can be the problem and all the others thousands are just honest people willing to serve selflessly.

If there are only very few members in an institution and you have specific prove or documents allowing you to say the whole group is corrupt, than please share.

For example, LIF is a very big group with lots of people from different background so one can not put all of them in the same basket by criticising "The" institution. On the other hand, ICAB would be a handful of people where 1 vote could change the respect that the Jamat has for the institution. Some members are mistaken, some are misled and some are doing the misleading. That happens all over the place in all the institutions.

If what you have is specific

If what you have is specific and not just generalisations then I am sure the moderator will consider and post. I think In any event if you have information you should share it here or with your leaders and the Jamat.

M Keshavjee does not also

M Keshavjee does not also practice what he says and he talks but does pot walk his talk. Head of Training for NCAB and NCAB fo 12 years ? Head of ITREB globally for over 15 years ! Governor of IIS over 15 years ? But does not follow his own speeches or Farmans of Hazar Imam Read what he says himself

"In the Fatimid Ismaili tradition, if the Muslihun (dispute resolver) finds himself unfit or unable to discharge his obligations, he must resign from his office, so that some other person, fit for the post, may be appointed in his place. It is also his duty to ensure smooth transition in office by training, educating and generally preparing people who may be able to replace him.

The Mediator must never select or recommend candidates for office out of consideration of their material affluence, friendly or other relations and clientage or in fulfilment of a promise, or as a favour returned or under a threat.”

“..The ethic of fair mediation is frequently expounded in the Quran which says: “He who shall mediate between people for a good purpose shall be the gainer by it. But he who shall mediate with an evil mediation shall reap the fruit of it. And Allah keepeth watch over everything.”4 Elsewhere in the Quran, it says: “If two parties of the believers fight, put things right between them; then, if one of them does wrong against the other, fight the insolent one till it reverts to Allah’s
commandment. If it reverts, set things right between them equitably, and be just.

Surely, Allah loves the just. The believers are indeed brothers: so set things right between your two brothers, and fear Allah; haply so you will find mercy.”5 According to a Prophetic tradition, the reward for bringing about reconciliation between quarrelling groups is equal to that of prayer. This ethic is highly commended in Hazrat Ali’s exhortations:

“Do not separate yourself from your brother unless you have exhausted every approach in trying to put things right with him… Do not be harsh with your brother out of suspicion, and do not separate from him without first having tried to reason
with him… Seek reconciliation with your brother, even if he throws dust at you.”

According to a Shia tradition, Imam Husayn was once asked how a dispute between two members of his community, who had fallen out over the issue of debt or inheritance, should be handled. The Imam replied that the parties should refer to a qualified person from among his followers.

Similar advice occurs in the teachings of Imam Jafar as-Sadiq who, for instance, is reported to have said: “The charity which Allah loves the most is the peace re-established between quarrelling parties.”7

Mr Sachedina and Mr

Mr Sachedina and Mr Dharamsey are certainly not doing this. Therefore they are going against what The Imam is telling them to do - Remember Imam told the Jamat in London- Leaders are not telling you what I am telling them to tell you - then instead of doing what Imam told them Sachefina deleted that from that Farman. Those who are trying to do what Imam is saying , Sachefina is trying to stop them and marginalise them.

The Jamat and Leaders need to wake up and stop them.

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