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H.H. The Aga Khan speaks in Syria - 2009-10-30

Friday, 2009, October 30

2009, October 30: Prince Rahim Aga Khan delivered a speech during the Public Private Partnership Conference that took place in Syria between 30 October and 1st November 2009. The conference is organized by the British-Syrian Association in cooperation with the Office of Deputy Prime Minister. According to conference programme, Prince Rahim delivered his keynote address around 9:00am on Saturday 31st October. According to SANA [Syrian arab News Agency] The representative of the Aga Khan Development Network, Rahim Aga Khan, affirmed that the conference is an important step for promoting public-private partnership, and that the Aga Khan Development Network will continue to support the development process in Syria. [More]

The Syrian News Agency reported "Prince Rahim Aga Khan said that the projects of the Aga Khan Economic Fund are implemented well in Syria pointing out that they include creative programs for rural development and tourist projects that focus on Syria's cultural heritage. He underlined the importance of this conference in encouraging partnership between public and private sectors"

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