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Abu Ya'cub al Sijistani and the Development of Isma'ili Neoplatonism.

Publication Type  Thesis
Year of Publication  1993
Authors  Walker, Paul.
Volume and Pages  219p
ISBN/ISSN Number  0-521-44129-3
Key Words  English; Bibliography

The Ismailis, among whom are the followers of the Aga Khan, rose to prominence during the 4th Islamic/10th Christian century and developed a remarkably successful intellectual program to sustain and support their political activities. Their most important intellectual theoretician was Abu Ya`qub al-Sijistani and Dr. Paul Walker presents the first book-length study of his ideas and teachings. Using published and manuscript writings, the author analyzes al-Sijistani's Neoplatonic interpretations of science and religion.

Contents: PART 1: AL-SIJISTANI'S HERITAGE; 1: The Ismaili message and its philosophers; 2: Religious and philosophical resources; 3: Ismaili predecessors; PART 2:AL-SIJISTANI'S UNIVERSE; 4. Introduction: categories and terms; 5. A theology of unqualified transcendence; 6. Creation as command; 7. Intellect, the sum of existent being; 8. Descending and ascending soul; 9. Nature and the physical realm; 10. A cosmic anthropology; 11. Prophecy, the deputy of intellect; 12. Interpretation and its institution; 13. Salvation and the womb of history; EPILOGUE: THE USE AND CONTROL OF REASON

Walker, Paul E.
Early Philosophical Shiism
The Ismaili Neoplatonism of Abu Ya`qub al-Sijistani


DETAILS: "Abu Ya'cub al Sijistani and the Development of Isma'ili Neoplatonism." Ph.D. diss., University of Chicago, 1974. 226 pp.

Cambridge Studies in Islamic Civilization
Subject: near, middle and far east
1993 6 X 9 219 pp.
Hardback 0-521-44129-3 $54.95

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