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Six Chapters or `Shish Fasl' (by Nasir Khusraw)

Publication Type  Book
Year of Publication  1949
Authors  Ivanow, Wladimir. Vladimir
City  Leiden
Publisher  Brill
Volume and Pages  SERIES: Ismaili Society Series B ; VOLUME: 6 ; PAGES: xvi and 111 and 47 pp.
Key Words  English; Full Text Online


SIX CHAPTERS or Shish Fasl - also called Rawshana'i-nam - by Nasir-i Khusraw

Persian Text, edited and translated into English, by W.Ivanow (Formerly Assistant Keeper, The Asiatic Museum of the Russian Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg.)

1949 - Published for the Ismaili Society by E.J.Brill, Oude Rijn, Leiden, Holland.

(Edited for the "Ismaili Society" by W. Ivanow, Printed by V.N.Hooda at The Ismaili P.Press, Bhimpura, Dongri St. Bombay 9, and el Katib el Misri Press, Cairo. Copies printed: 1,000)

Analysis of the text with regard to the question of its genuineness. Its position among the works of Nasir-i Khusraw and Fatimid literature in general. Summary of the contents, peculiarities of the doctrine, and possible sources.


DETAILS: Six Chapters or `Shish Fasl' (by Nasir Khusraw). Ismaili Society Series B, 6. Leiden: Brill, 1949. xvi and 111 and 47 pp.

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