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Mystical Elements in "Satvenni Motti"

Publication Type  Journal Article
Year of Publication  In Press
Authors  Tajddin, Mumtaz Ali
Key Words  English; Full Text Online

Mystical Elements in "Satventi Motti" ; DETAILS: Mystical Elements in "Satventi Motti"

Mystical Elements in "Satvenni Motti" of Sayed Nur Muhammad Shah


Mumtaz Ali Tajjdin Sadik Ali has built his credibility since decades in the field of Ginanic studies in which he has become one of the experts of our times.

Mumtaz Ali has written this short 16 pages analysis of Satvenni Motti (Satveni Moti) Granth and released it on Navroz (21st March) 1996. After a brief introduction on Nur Muhammad Shah, he goes on in showing the various concepts covered in Motty Satvenni with some verses translated ending in comparing with concepts put forth by Pir Sadardin and explaining in detail the process of Meditation supported by the "Jap", the "Word".

Easily readable.

the PDF can be downloaded from the link at the bottom.


Mystical Elements in Satveni Motti by Mumtaz Ali Tajddin .pdf1.27 MB

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