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Jamatkhanas in Xinjiang - China


you can contact in urumqi Mr sakhijan phone #0086-13899944984


Gilgit pakistan


Ismailis living in Xinjiang China: There is about 60000 ismailis 54 jamatkhana

Tashkurgan JK is located at 10,000 feet above sea level in the province of Xin Jiang, China. Actually every village has
its own JK, but foreigners are not welcome--govt orders. Therefore, although the local Ismailis, who call themselves Tajik, visit everyday, it is kept locked when not in use. This town used to be entirely Ismaili when it was isolated for centuries, but now there are many Uyghurs and Han living, working and running businesses there. Ismaili women are
easily identified by their hats with a cloth tied from the top and around the chin. If you see blond people, chances are that they would be Ismaili, because everybody else has black hair. They recite the same salwat as we do, and once a year the clans like to visit their own 'kabr'--burial ground or cemetery. They make a picnic of it and remember their dead and pray for them and greet and exchange news and catch up and contribute some food as well as take some home. A good meeting spot for Ismailies is a restaurant called ROOF OF THE WORLD, run by 4 Ismailis, two local and two from the northern areas of Pakistan. Pakistani men do come across the border, looking for opportunities to do business etc.


Our Visit to Jamat khana:

GReetings to everyone:
I with my 2 family member (wife n daughter) is planning to visit China in the begining of October 2013.
In the mean time we would like to attend the Jamatkhana of Xinjiang.As we have never been to the city Xinjiang,
It would be very helpful for us if you can send me the correct address, proper way to reach jamatkhana and let me know if there is any kind of transport facility available for this.I would be grateful if you can provide me the contact information of any jamati member to whom i can contact for further details.

Please contact me as soon as it sis possible.

Thankyou very Much.

Jiwani Abdul Malik
Email: iajiwani [at] yahoo.com
miss_amaze [at] hotmail.com
Mobile: +923082169255

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