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Imamat Day Mubarak!!

Upon Accession to the Throne of Imamat, Shah Karim Said: "I will do everything possible for your worldly and spiritual upliftment. As you were in My beloved grandfather's heart and thoughts, you will be in Mine."

Imam Muhammad al-Bakir said, "By God! God has not left the earth, since the death of Adam, without there being on it an Imam guiding (the people) to God. He is the Proof of God to His servants and the earth will not remain without the Proof of God to his servants." (al-Kafi, 1:178). Imam Jafar Sadik also said, "Were there to remain on the earth but two men, one of them would be the Proof of God" (Ibid. 1:179). According to the Ismailis, there must be an Imam on earth in the progeny (dhurriya) of the Prophet. The office of the Imam can only pass from one to the other by legitimate succession and explicit appointment, and the earth cannot remain even a single moment without an Imam.


AUDIO for YA Ali Khub Mijaalass


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