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Travennee Sansaar Maa(n)he Jeela(n)taa - Translation B



Pir Sadardeen

In the three-fold currents of the sea of the world

Why does the body tremble?

Start practising religion and take religious views (and by doing so) keep your mind in balance.

Guard your utterances well by careful thoughts. ...1

Why be cowards and fall back?

If you do not dare encounter the forces of the world and get through, you will not be able to bear the weight of the world piling on you and will drown, thus losing human birth, the only opportunity to get across.

(Remember, salvation is only possible during this human birth).

As the Lord will demand final account in the present age.

In the tenth incarnation of God. ...2

The guinea which which is made up by mixing copper and lead.

(Is not the real one).

It will not be acceptable in public.

No one will even touch it with his hand. ...3

The guinea which is only minted at the government mint.

And that is the only real guinea;

If you use it for payments in the public,

No one would refuse its acceptance or no one will say

it is false. ...4

The Lord has come to take the test.

The scriptures of Ved bear testimony to the fact that such tests are certainly taken.

By testing in fire and weighing on scales

He will perfect those who stand constant in His test. ...5

Those who will prove to be false,

Shall be shown the gates of hell.

And to those who will prove to be of real worth,

The Lord will hand over (to them) heavenly treasures and grant (them) divine glimpse. ...6

Long through the tests of three eras those who have fallen out as duds, now in this (final) era have to take the correct aim,

But selfishness will make people of the world forget their final aim; O the women will become adulterous. ...7

Thus has said Pir Sadardeen (this Ginan is warning us)

O my brothers, the believers, be alert,

Keep full faith on the Lord and do not lose Him

Only then the Lord will grant heavenly divine glimpse. ...8

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