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Travennee Sansaar Maa(n)he Jeela(n)taa - Translation A



ejee travennee sosaar maa(n)he jeela(n)taa, ka(m)pe kaay re shareer
dharam vrat laine aadaro, theer raakhore jeev
joine vichaaree ne bol-jo, veera hak ke chaal jo
narsu(n) rahejo neerdhaar, dharam sa(n)cho dhan kyaa karo
kem karee utarso paele paar, joine vichaareene...............1

O momins: Swimming across the three fold (heavens, earth and
(undersurface) currents of the sea of the world, why does your
body shake? Maintain the religious discipline by adhering to the
religious vows, hence keeping the mind balanced. Speak only
after thorough reflection and careful observation; O brothers,
act upon the path of righteousness. Serve and worship the Master
(Haazar Imaam) with conviction, gather religious benefits, why run
after worldly riches? If you do not do so, how will you get across
to the opposite bank?

ejee kaa(n)i re kaayar thaine osaro, sahin shag shore bhaar
saamee raajo lekhaa(n) maagshe, ajakal dasme avataar.........2

O momins: Why do you become cowards and lag behind?
In this manner you will not be able to fulfil your promises
(given in your mother's womb) OR not be able to bear the
burden of the world piling upon you and drowning you eventually,
losing the human birth as an the only opportunity to get across.
The Lord will demand an account, in the present age as the tenth manifestation.

ejee traa(m)bo seeso laine bheddee-e, tenee mahor je thaay
chovatte chaddee ne nahee chaalse, khottee koi haathe na saay3

O momins: By mixing copper and lead an artificial guinea is created.
It will not be valid in the market place and indeed no one will touch
it with his/her hands.

ejee kharee mahor tta(n)kashaalle neepaje, saachee mahor-j soy
chovatte chaddee tene vaaparo, khottee kaheve na koy.........4

O momins: A real and genuine guinea is only minted at the government
mint and that is the only genuine mint. If you use it to purchase goods
at the market place, no one will say it is false.

ejee gurnar paarkhu(n) aavee-aa, ved pure chhe saa(n)kh
taavee tolleene tapaas she, sudhaa dese sulaakh..............5

O momins: The Guide and the Master (Haazar Imaam) has come
as the Evaluator (to test people). The scriptures bear testimony
to this fact. By testing in fire (trials and tribulations) and weighing
on scales, he will purify and perfect the ones who are successful.

ejee je koi khottaa thai ne neesaryaa, te jaashe dojakh ne darbaar
kharaa ne khajaanaa saaheb so(m)pashe, deshe bahest didaar...6

O momins: Those who will prove to be false, will go to the gathering of hell.
To those who will prove to be real, the Lord will handover heavenly
treasures and grant them the Divine glimpse.

ejee trann trann jugnaa udhraamannaa, aaj kaal khari re neeshaan
savaraathe so(n)saar vannasase, jaashe parpurkhsu naar re....7

O momins: Through the tests of three eras, those who have fallen
out as duds, have now an opportunity to redeem themselves.
But selfishness will make people of the world to forget their final aim,
and the women will become adulterous.

ejee peer sadardeen boleeyaa, maaraa moman bhaai rejo hoshiyaar
sudho karee shaah ne seerevajo, saaheb dese bahest didaar....8

O momins: Peer Sadardeen says, "O my brothers and believers,
be alert and intelligent. By regarding the Imaam as the perfect entity,
worship him (completely). Then the Imaam will grant the heavenly
Vision (which is the ultimate aim of life).

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