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Sab Ghatt Saamee Maaro Bharpur Betthaa - Translation B


Pir Sadardeen
In every body my Lord is perfectly present. O ignorant men!
Look not for Him away from you. ...1

Refrain: He is the only Glorious, O brother.

To a veracious, My Lord is ever present as is, in the eye,
the iris. ...2

In the moon-bedecked sky there is but one moon, but its reflexion
can be seen in numerous bowls, be they in millions.
(i.e. in the heart of every individual the same Lord exists) ...3

The Pir has shown you to the Shah who lives in Sehetar peninsula
(Arabian peninsula). But in Batin He is everywhere. ...4

He is not shown to be existing at a distance (from you, but)
he that taketh Him to be away, no work of his shall be successful....5

O slaves of God! Earn for yourselves meritorious deeds.
Your Lord, who is the first is ever with you. ...6

Amongst the Trilok (three regions, viz: swarg-heaven; patar-subterranean; dharti-earth)
just like the fragrance in the flower. ...7

As is the fragrance in the flowers, so is my Lord present in your
hearts. O you ignorant people! Do not conceive Him to be away
from you. ...8

My Lord is present in every being in such a manner as is the
ghee contained in the milk. ...9

In every individual my Lord is nearer than the hand and in every
individual He is fully present. ...10

O God, the First Cause! Thy limits are unknown. Momins have Thy
recognition through the Pirs. ...11

The moon and the sun, the wind and the water, cannot compare with
my Lord. ...12

The True Preceptor is like the philosopher's stone and the
followers are like copper. When the copper comes in contact with
the philosopher's stone it becomes gold. The followers gain
spiritual enlightenement from the contact of the Imam. ...13

In this Kaljoog there are false Pirs through whose guidance the
final goal can never be reached. ...14

Take that posterity of Imam to be your Pirs. It is with their help
that you will get across the mortal world to your final abode. ...15

The imperceptible (Alakh) great Lord (Shah) whom the Pir hath
shown, is Ali, who hath come in the West. ...16

The Lord who has taken birth in the West is now manifestly known to
you. O momins! Recognize Him to be your True Lord. ...17

When there was neither earth nor sky, only thy Lord existed....18

That day the Pir was near the Lord, O my momins. ...19

Nabi Muhammad existed from the beginning and he has now come to
India in the person of Pir Sadardeen. ...20

I know not the bound of the Gurnar (Pir Shah) whom the momins have
recognized through the Pirs. ...21

Pir Sadardeen says in this Ginan full of divine knowledge:
"O momins! You have been told everything in advance." ...22

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