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Saahebe Farmaan Lakhee - Translation D



Pir Hasan Kabirdeen

O my Lord Ali, listen to me

Sent Farman written duly

Remembered his servant, O Ali

In his heart with utmost mercy ...1

O Lord Ali, listen to me

Bestow happiness heartily

A kingdom, merciful Master Ali

Thou'lt confer happiness, lot more tree ...2

O my Lord Ali, listen to me

O my Master submitted unto Thee

O Elysian Master, O Ali

Have mercy on me ...3

O my Lord Ali, listen to me

Accept me in feet, Thee

O Lord, O Ali

Bestow sight of mercy ...4

O my Lord Ali, listen to me

Mitigate sorrows and pains free

O Infinite Lord, O Ali

Fulfil our desires in the??? ...5

O my Lord Ali, listen to me

Sinner I come in presence of Thee

O Heavenly Lord, O Ali

Upon us have mercy ...6

Supplicationly offers Pir Hasan Kabirdeen

Subterranean, Omnipresent Lord of Heaven

Manifest the mortal world

Spreading glory the world who virgin ...7

Heritage Society Collection

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