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Jire Raajaa Sant Tanne Mukh Maar Na Hove - Translation


Historical Background:

This geenaan was composed by Peer Kutubdeen, who lived in Gujraat in the times of King Kamal.

King Kamal was a very learned personality, well versed in theosophy, science and various fields
of art. One of his main hobbies was to invite learned gurus, philosophers to his court and hold
discussions on various subjects. People from far and wise used to attend this court where such
discussions were held at a very high academic level.

The story goes on that once a guru came to his court and fell in love with the Queen's maid, who
incidently was as pretty as the Queen herself. Taking advantage of his position, he ran away with
his maid, thinking that she was the Queen herself. When the King came to know about this, he
became very furious, and from thereon lost all his trust insuch gurus. Such was his anger and rage
that he ordered all the gurus should be killed.

Such a mass execution was the talk of the country, especially when it came from King Kamal.
In this confusion and disarray, many of them were killed, some fled the land and others changed
their attire to mask their identity.

When Peer Kutubdeen came to know of this, he in the guise of a peasant singer came into the
King's palace one evening, and recited this geenaan which is a response to this drastic measure of the King.

The story goes on that the King was really touched by this geenaan, apologised for his inadvertant
behaviour and withdrew his order of mass executions of the gurus.

jeere raajaa sa (n)t tanne mukh maar nahove
maar hove to sa (n)t kaisaa
gur vinaa gnaan kaisaa kahi-e
saheje khaatt ke jay saa
dhoree udd ma ka (n)dho bhaar vai ne chhutto
aagall maarag vasmaddo dise jeere raajaa dise
baare megh varase jo jal bhareaa,
so ann-gaareo nir na peeje re.....................................1

O king! a saintlty person ('sant') should not permit any curse from his mouth, and if he curses others,
how can he be regarded as a saint?
How can one speak of real 'gnaan' (knowledge and wisdom) without the Guide? It is as if a proper
bed were like a humble cot.
O bullock, do not turn your head, but bear the burden, so that you may find release. The way
ahead looks rough, O king, looks rough. The rain may fall outside and bring a full supply of water,
but do not drink unfiltered water. [Do not accept all knowledge but be discriminative about the kind
that you accept.]

jeere raajaa ek ratan tamane amulakh laadho,
tene jatan kareene raakhee je
vast joine vepaar-j keeje
pann jann jann haath na deeje ..............dhoree................2

O king! you have found one precious gem, a gem which you are to preserve carefully. Examine
your goods and then do business, but do not give them to all and sundry to handle.

jeere raajaa kaache ku (m)bhe neer na raheve
supaatr dekhee daan deeje
kheer khaa (n)dd geerath amrat bhojan
sa (n)t tanne mukhe deeje...................dhoree.................3

O king! water will not stay in the unbaked earthen pot, so give arms to those who are worthy of
holding them. Milk, sugar, ghee, nectar and flour are the food which is served to the real saints.

jeere raajaa kaayaa chhe ku (m)po ane man chhe kasturee
tene satpa (n)th nu ddhaa (n)kann deeje
kabahee kabahee aisaa vaae-j vaai-se
to naam saaheb jeeko leeje.................dhoree.................4

O king! the body is the jar and self (mind,heart) is the musk, so seal them with the lid of the
True Path (so that they may not be corrupted from the world). At times strong winds (of passion
and rage) will blow, at that time invoke the name of the Lord.

jeere raajaa duniyaa hai do deen kaa pekhannaa
so duniyaa dekhee mat bhulo
duniyaa nee sa (n)g je jeev bhulyaa
te fari fari duniyaa maa (n)he julyaa.........dhoree...............5

O king! the world is a two day spectacle, so do not be led astray by gazing at it. For the souls
are led astray by the company of the world, and revolve again and again within it (in constant rebirths).

jeere raajaa paai re amraapuree kaa (n)i ye gamaavo
kamall chi (n)t tthor-j raakho
geenaan ke bhi (n)tar jo ras paayaa
so hete kareene chaakho......................dhoree...............6

O king! once you find the everlasting abode, why lose it. O Kamal, keep your attention fixed,
and taste with love the delight you have found in the teaching.

jeere raajaa kahet sayyed kutbudeen
saa (n)bhallo kamal rajaa
gur jee kaa kahevaa keeje
sone rupe kaa mi (n)dar chunnaayaa
upar chhaajaleeyaa kem dee je...............dhoree................7

O king! Peer qutbuddin says: listen King Kamal and do what the Guide has commanded. His abode
is fashioned with gold and silver, why have a thatched roof (worldly goods, pleasure, lust) over it.

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