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Jem Jem Jugatsu Preet Karevaa - Translation B


Pir Sadardeen

O brother, if you love our Lord with devotion,

the darkness will be away from your heart.

If you do not remember the Lord,

You have lost this life on earth. ...1

Those without service to the Lord

Are on the wrong path and will not meet our Lord. ...2

Those lured by this dreamland and enjoying this deceipt

have lost their real senses. ...3

O brothers, do good deeds and remember our Lord,

For that you will have ample reward. ...4

O brothers, if you will remember our Lord's name

then our Lord Shah Islamshah will help you

and give you exalted position. ...5

Says Pir Sadardeen, O my Lord, our services are very few,

and we are full of sins, so please help us. ...6

Heritage Society Collection

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