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Jeere Vaalaa Paat Mandaavine - Translation B

Paat mandaavine


Pir Sadardeen

My dear momins, Prepare for the coming of our Lord

by laying the table (Pat)

decorating the floor with different colours

joyfully filling the vessels with water

and calling upon the four satis to help

with the preparation. ...1

Today the day seems auspicious for my beloved Lord

Has blessed me by coming to my house. ...Refrain

My dear momins, Everything seems glorious

And everyone's speech seems sweet

For my house (body) seems holy today

As I have seen my Lord today ...2

My dear momins, I am not concerned about others' opinions

of my Lord

For He has enlightened me

And I am immersed in His love ...3

My dear momins, I have heard Him with my ears and seen Him

with my eyes.

And have now enslaved myself to Him for eternity

So, O my Lord, forgive my sins

I beseech you and fall at your feet ...4

My dear momins, Associate yourself with the Imam

And understand (take it to your heart)

Follow His Farmans and serve Him

So that you may achieve salvation ...5

My dear momins, Pir Sadardeen is requesting you to come

and drink

The drink that is sweetest of them all

(abe safa)

And reminds you to humble yourself to Imam

(fall at His feet)

And acknowledge Him ...6

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