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Hojire Maaraa Hansaa - Translation B


Pir Sadardeen

O my soul! (hansa) If you earn good deeds you shall be dear to the Lord. In meditation fix your Isme Azam at the meeting poit of the three veins on the forehead. ...1

O my soul! Of (divine) knowledge make the gun and of surati (deep communion) make the gunpowder. Thus fill in the gun the bullet of Ginan. ...2

O my soul! Pull the trigger of love with all your heart and thus fight with the flash of Isme Azam (shabda). ...3

O my soul! Take (tie) the shield of the Lord with patience (i.e. use the Lord as your shield) and with the sword of truth combat (the evil instincts). ...4

O my soul! In the citadel of nine gates (a body with nine openings, viz. two eyes, two ears, two nostrils, a mouth, an anus, and one opening for outletting urine) are fifty-two bazaars (fifty-two main nerves in the body) out of which some are asleep and some are quite awake (and are in communion with God). ...5

O my soul! In this citadel there is a damsel who is a virgin (mun). In spite of her being virgin she enjoys every charm (flirting with all types of desires). ...6

O my soul! In this creeper there are indrafal (a fruit). The bigger they grow the more bitter they become. ...7


O my soul! Call for an expert (gunwant) gardener who will pull it (creeper) out of its very root. (The gardener here is Murshid Kamil, Imam-e-zaman). ...9

O my soul! On the edge of the flower (which is the soul itself here) are standing the five thieves (the five evil instincts) who abide not by the Farman of the Lord. ...10

O my soul! Pir Sadardeen teaches this Ginan. O my momin brothers rest alert. ...11

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