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Hak Tn(n) Paak Tu Baadshah - Translation A

Haq tun paak tun


hak tu(n) paak tu(n) baadshaah maher baan bee Ya Ali tu(n)hi tu...1

You are the Just, You are the Sinless,
Oh Ali the Gracious Heavenly King, You are indeed all.

rab tu(n) rahemaan tu(n) ya ali aval akhar kazi tu(n)hi tu........2

You are the Sustainer, You are the Merciful,
Oh Ali, You are the First and the Last Judge, You are indeed all.

te upaayaa te nipaayaa sirjann haar ya ali tu(n)hi tu.............3

You are the one who originated and You are the one who created,
Oh Ali you the Creator, You are indeed all.

jal thal mull mandal haar naa ya ali hukam teraa bi tu(n)hi tu....4

In the water and on the land, You have laid the roots (foundations, of creation),
Oh Ali everything therein and on is at Your command, You are indeed all.

teri dostee me boliyaa peer shamsh me bandaa teraa bi tu(n)hi tu..5

In Your frienship says Peer Shamsh: "I am also Your created being",
You are indeed all.

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