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Aash Punee Ham Shah Dar Paayaa


ejee aash punee ham shaah dar paayaa
rayann beenee more shaah jagaayaa
shaah jagaayaa shaah kaa naam-j leennaa

(varaannee) bee saaheeyaa(n) het paaye ra(n)g laago
bee saaheeyaa(n) peer paaye ra(n)g laago
bee saaheb to sethee man baa(n)dho
moro deel baa(n)dho jee...............................1

My hopes and wishes were accomplished when I attained the gate
(or recognition) of the Imaam. The Imaam awakened me from the night
(darkness of ignorance) which is over. Since the time when the Imaam
awakened me, I have been taking His name only (wholeheartedly).

Oh Lord, through love, I have attained the colours(good values).
Oh Lord, through the (guidance of the) Peer, I have the colours.
Oh Imaam, with you, my mind is bound and my heart is stedfast.

ejee lagaddee re preet, ham neh na chhoddu
dhar seer karavat a(n)g na moddu(n)
jo jeev jaave, shaah kaa naam na chhoddu(n)..bee saaheeyaa(n)2

I have experienced the (Divine) love, I will not leave it. Even if a sword
hangs over my head, I will not shake (surrender,expose?) my body. Even if I die,
I will not abondon the name of the Imaam.

ejee marannaa(n) bee marannaa(n), yaaraa sab koi jaanne
chee(n)t na chete ne aap vakhaanne
vannre chete jeenat, huraa(n) keeyaa thakee paave
.....bee saaheeyaa..................3

Everyone has to die, o friend, every one knows about it.
Yet they do not reflect over this in their minds and are engaged in self praise (boasting).
Without being cautious and vigilant how can one attain the paradise and the angels.

ejee shaah jee hamaaro aleevar daataa
aan meelo shaah tu(n) aap vaseelo
shaahjee dekhe shaahku(n) koi koi dekhe...bee saaheeyaa......4

My Master is Aly who is the Provider and Protector. Come and meet the
Imaam who is your only channel (for salvation). The Imaam sees everybody
but very few see the Imaam (in His essential nature).

ejee saaheb hamaaro keeseeye nav jehee
var deenu shaah deh padehee
aas punee ham ne laadhaa chhe tehee....bee saaheeyaa.........5

My Imaam does not discriminate between anyone. In every birth the Imaam
has given provision and protection. My hopes and wishes have been fulfilled
after finding such an entity.

ejee peer sadardeen yaaraa paddere kuraanaa
bahaar jaave taaku(n) a(n)dar laanaa
shaahne sujaanno, aapnnaa peer ne peechhaanno..bee saaheeyaa.6

Peer Sadardeen recites the Qur'aan. He brings back into the fold those who leave it.
Know the Imaam (in His essence) and recognise your Peer (Guide).

ejee aal peer shamsh, faraja(n)d sadardeen
e faal bolyaa gur peer hasan kabeerdeen...bee saaheeyaa......7

I am the progeny of Peer Shamsh, and am the son of Peer Sadardeen.
These good tidings have been uttered by the Guide Peer Hassan Kabeerdeen.

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