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Aga Khan III Event - 1946-03-10

Sunday, 1946, March 10

March 10, 1946 - Sir Sultan Mohamed Shah, Aga Khan III was weighed against Diamonds in Bombay at Brabourne Stadium. Also in attendance were Om Habibah Begum and Prince Sadrudin.

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Diamond Jubilee, Bombay-1946-03-10


At a quarter past five on the afternoon of Sunday, March 10, 1946, a deep hush fell upon the Brabourne Stadium in Bombay. Here over 100,000 people, from various parts of the world., had come to witness one of those magnificent ceremonies which arouse wonder and amazement in the minds of men. It was on this day, and at this hour, that His Highness the Aga Khan was to be weighed in diamonds to celebrate the sixtieth year of his Imamate. Seldom before can Bombay, even in its pageantry and glory, have looked upon such pompous ceremonies, such splendour and colour.

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