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San Diego Jamatkhana, California , United States of America


PHONE: 1-858-271-9868



We have recently moved to San Diego and was trying to find out the days and timings of jamatkhana.

How to get hold of jamaat in San Diego


I am here (San Diego) to visit a friend and would like to know if there is a way to communicate with any member of jamaat.
i live in Salt Lake City and there is no Jamaat Khana there. i went to the above address and called the number few times but nobody responded.

please call me at 801-5542031 if you know any member in San Diego or if there is any Jamaat Khana there.


Ya Ali Madad.

San Diego Jamat Khana

I am visiting San Diego from Toronto Canada and need details of location and prog for lail-tul-qadr prayers on the 19th.
I have tried calling the JK number (858 271 9868) and Council (281 578 2058) but nobody answers the phones.
Would someone please email me at with some information.
Thank you

Jk in Palm Springs

So, is there a jk in Palm Springs ? We live in BC, Canada and visiting PS next week. Would like the address and a contact number if possible.



JK in San Diego.

YAM. I am considering a job posting in San Diego and wanted to know about size of the jamat in San Diego. From the posts I understand that there is a jamat khana (JK) in San Diego... Does this JK host religious education classes? If yes, at what frequency and for what age groups? Appreciate clarification.

visiting san diego

just confirming if the jk is still open and what time is dua on monday

Orange County

We are a new family that's moved to Newport Beach and would like info on the closest JK to us. Also, we have 2 children and would like to know if there is Bait Ul Ilm classes here that they could attend (they are 8 and 11 years old). We can be reached by email at snurani08@gmail.com. I really look forward to hearing from someone as we've had a really hard time finding out any info via the web.
Thank you,
Salima and Farouk Nurani

hours of jk

We will be visiting soon. Can we find out the hours of the jk so we dont miss it.


Mon To Thurs dua at 7pm
Fri dua at 8
Sat and Sun dua at 7pm

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