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Japan meeting place


Mukhi Saheb Amin Kazani
Mobile phone:
(81) (090) 26220191
use the country code '81' for all
numbers if dialing from outside Japan. (2) Office (Tokyo): (03) 54755917


jkh in osaka

Ya ali madad

I'm mehran originally from Iran but studying in University of Malaya, Malaysia. I will be coming to Osaka for a 6 month intership at IMS. Please advise me if there is jkh there.


Plans for future studies

Ya ali madad.

I am from India & I have completed my engineering in the field of computers and am intending o pursue a masters degree in Tokyo, Japan. I have certain questions that would be best answered by you. Could you please share your email address with me o this platform. If not here's my email ID: faisaldayani [at] ymail.com . I would love to be able to receive any help or guidance over the forthcoming career decision that I make. Looking forward to having a word with you.

Faisal Dayani

Ismaili visiting Tokyo, looking for Jamatkhana

I am an Ismaili from India and intend to visit Tokyo from 6th to 11th May 2014. Can anyone let me know if the Jamatkhana there functions and how to reach there from Shinjuku. I would also prefer if I could get the email address of Mukhisaheb/Kamadiasaheb or any Ismaili in Tokyo.


Hi shiraz I came accross your message here and thought to tell you that there is a jamatkhana which operates in tokyo

Hi Minha. Many thanks for

Hi Minha. Many thanks for your response. I really appreciate your help. Is it possible for you to let me know how to get there from Shinjuku, Dua timing on Saturday (I wish to attend JK on10th May) and any local contact numbers or emails?

canadian ismaili visiting japan

Ya Ali Madad
i am an ismaili from toronto canada who will be visiting tokyo from dec 11 to dec 23
please contact me so that i can get the details on jamat khana location and times
irfaan.manji [at] gmail.com



Visiting Japan


I am Nilam from France, studying in seoul. I am going to Japan for 4 days from 5th of April and i want to attend JK once there maybe on Sunday. And if there is other ismailis students also who can take me for visit ... it would be nice!

Thank you,



Hi,Today, I attended the


Today, I attended the Jamat Khana, Life and Navroz Majlis was held today.

JamatKhana open on weekends timing, Dua timings 6:00pm.

Please visit this website http://www.hyperdia.com/ in order to get route from your place to Shin-makuro station. Jamat Khana is very near from Shin-Makuro Station.

Shin-Makuro Station -> East Exit ->(small market) Walk straight for 4-5 mins. you will find signal cross the signal and walk straight (you will find syukur shop on right once you find that turn left on upcoming turn) and walk straight for 2 mins. You will find the JamatKhana.

I found all the leader of Japan Jamat very co-operative, so in-case you need help call the following.

Call Mukhi Shaheb
Mukhi Saheb Amin Kazani
Mobile phone:
(81) (090) 26220191

or Panjwani Nooruddin
alnima [at] gol.com
Tel:090 3209 4128.


Links in Nigata

This is a very good place to find ismailis in various places. Can u give me any links in nigata

Jamatkhana in Japan

There is only one Jamatkhana in Japan opens twice a week Saturday & Sunday all Khusyali majalis is on Sunday.
Jamatkhana is located in Kawasaki. If you need any other information contact me .
Panjwani Nooruddin
alnima [at] gol.com
Tel:090 3209 4128.

Jamat Khana is tokyo ?


I am in Tokyo Japan for official trip. I stayed in Ikebukuro and my office is in shinjuku (DeNA).I am from Karachi Pakistan. I want to attend the Jamat Khana, Can anyone guide me the route from my office or home. It will be good if I get the contact number of current Mukhi and Kamedia.


Looking for Mukhi Jalal's phone number in Tokyo

raziyajessa @ sympatico.ca

JK address and timing


I am in Shingawa and looking for attending JK. I am here for four weeks.

JK direction - JR Train line

Jamat Khana Is In Kawasaki city which is close to Tokyo.
Station Name Is " SHINMARUKO " or "Musashi-Kosug"

From Shinmaruko:

Upon exit the station make left turn. You will enter in Bazaar. Make left turn on Signal and keep walking for 3 to 5 minutes. You will pass auto show room. (cross the road and be on the same line as auto show room side). Make a right turn on the signal. You will enter an alley. You will see green building on left side (one name is hotel). Make a immediate right turn. Second door on right is the JK.

From "Musashi-Kosug":
Exit on right. You should see Richmond hotel. Make right turn and follow as above. you will have to walk extra 5 minutes to above.

JK meets twice a week,
Saturday DU'A Time 7:15 P:M.
Sunday DU'A Time 6:00 P:M.

All prayers are conducted in Pakistan's way.

Most of the people are Pakistan origin and few of them have married with Japanese, so their children are mix.

Friendly Jamat.

YAM, how many ismailis are


how many ismailis are in Japan and china?
is it small JK or bigger?

Thank you


i am zain from Pakistan studying here at China city:Guangzhou.
my contacts numbers and emails are
zainifti @ hotmail.com

If u need any help please ask me.

request to remove above information


The above address that I had reported was incorrect, turnout was to going to my friends address. Due to my personal error, I would appreciate to delete the above mentioned entry.

Hope you will take into account of my request.


Please send address to
zeleenvirani16 @ hotmail.com


Ya Ali Madat Mukhi Saheb,
tonight after khane we are having a children's navroz party and they will be making navroz card for their brothers and sisters around the world, we would like to send our brothers and sisters in japan a card, to let you all know you are in our thoughts and prayers, can you give me an address where I can send the card to?
Thank you
Greenland Chandraat Kamrani Ma Zeleen Mitha

Well being of Tokyo Jamat

Hope all the jamat in Tokyo is safe. May mowla keep them in his amaan.... Ameen. If anybody know how the jamat is please let us know and that if they need any help.

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