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Garden Jamatkhana, Karachi, Pakistan



Ismaili Council please do something

Loyal People of Pakistan is Ismaili Community but some people are in big trouble of that community but still council sleep for that people.

That people are of Rehmani Garden,Noor-e-Karim,Gulistan-e-Karim & Al-Basit these all colonies are facing very hard time because of Illegal "Hydrant Mfia".

That Mafia give threats daily to that residents,and now the new "Hydrant Mafia" open soon near by the wall of "Rehmani Garden & Jamat Khana but "Council For Ismaili"still "SLEEPING"in deep.

So Sad for all Ismailies.

Sorry to all for that type of Word.

Thanking you,

"Helping Hand Pakistan"

My Jamatkhana

I lived in Garden east since 1983 . there are lots of memories attached to it. I love my Maula and whatever I asked, My Maula has given me .

Garden Jamatkhana is blessed and located in the heart of the city. It has history , the fountain is amazing however its non opertional due to the wastage of water.

It is like a Imam's Fort..

Hussain Hanif

Darkhana Jamat Khana

It stands in its Glory, I miss it.

As received You should write

As received
You should write on this page of Garden JK that this is the Darkhana Jamat
Khana of Pakistan, and is the biggest JK in terms of capacity in the world.
The entire East African Jamat can be accommodated in this one JK, which has
a seating capacity of over 20,000 people. It has three floors, and on
Chandrat or Fridays, all the three floors are occupied. One has to attend
this JK to see how one feels in a holy place like this JK.

Darkhana Jamatkhan Garden East

Its the main Darkhana for all pakistan

we are lucky to get pray in darkhana jamatkhana

by the grace of almighty we are lucky to get pray at darkhana since 1950 came from india as magreted and rahemat of karim we setteled in garden jamatkhana since last 30 years very close to jamatkhana and tariqa board thanks lakhani keep rahemat everybudy isamaily like us aamin lakhani


Garden East, Nusserwanji Road, Karachi

Address Jk

Garden East, Britto Rd.,Karachi

confirm the address of Garden JK

I was there recently and i confirm that it is on correct

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