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Speech by H.H. Aga Khan at Institutional Dinner, Lisbon - 2008-07-13

Sunday, 2008, July 13

Institutional Dinner with Leadership

AKDN Golden Jubilee DVD - Visit to Portugal
His Highness the Aga Khan receives a guard of honour upon his arrival in Lisbon. To receive him was Alberto Costa, Portugal’s Mi

Speech By His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan
Lisbon, Portugal
Institutional Dinner

July 13, 2008

Darbar with the Jamat was held earlier the same day.

After a variety show presented by the youth of the Portugal Jamat and presentation of gifts by the leaders – a silver filigree piece depicting a16th century caravel (sailing ship), Hazar Imam made the following remarks.

I would like to tell you how immensely happy I am to have been here tonight and to have celebrated with you this Jubilee visit to Portugal.

Since some time, Portugal has been a country in which the Jamat and its institutions and the Imamat have been experimenting with new initiatives to see whether it would be possible, in the western world, in a strongly Catholic country, to establish new initiatives which would bring together people of Christian backgrounds and Muslim backgrounds to work together to try to solve some of the issues that are ahead of us. And we are trying something which has never been tried before. And for an institution of faith to enter into formal diplomatic relationship is extremely important in the sense that that agreement has to function within the faiths of both communities.

Therefore the objectives need to be compatible with the objectives of this society and of the Imamat, of the Jamat. And I want to take this occasion this evening to compliment you for the magnificent preparation for the Jubilee visit, for the wonderful way in which the Centre presents itself after some 10 years of life.

It has been a most happy visit and I hope that the Jamat, and the leaders realize that for Me it’s very important to see happiness in the Jamat, to see young people who feel at ease because one of the things that has most often been said to Me here in Portugal, is the quality of our leadership. And I wanted you to know that because the leaders are assembled here, and the image that you have given of the Jamat is noted outside the Jamat. And that creates a sense of trust and confidence. People come together around competence, around ability, around knowledge. They don’t like mediocrity.

I hope that it will be a wonderful evening, happy evening and congratulations. Mubarak. Thank you.

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