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H.H. The Aga Khan on a 6-Day visit to Syria - 2008-08-24

2008-08-24 - Syria02
Sunday, 2008, August 24 - Friday, 2008, August 29

Prince Karim Aga Khan is on a 6-day Golden Jubilee visit to Syria during which He will meet officials, meet his followers, and take part in celebrations marking the end of AKDN-sponsored restoration works at three historical castles: Aleppo, Saladdin and Missiaf.

H.H. Prince Karim Aga Khan IV


Speech by His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan at Aleppo Citadel - 2008-08-28

H,H, The Aga Khan speaking at the Alreppo Citadel in Damascus 2008-08-28

Speech by His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan at Aleppo Citadel, Throne Hall


In the presence of His Excellency Mohamed Naji Otri, Prime Minister of the Syrian Arab Republic

7:30 PM

Thursday August 28, 2008

Your Excellency The Prime Minister
Your Excellency The Minister for Culture
Your Excellency The Minister for Tourism
Your Excellency The Chief of The Baath Party in Aleppo
Your Excellency The Governor and the Mayor of Aleppo

Your Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen,


Interview of H.H. The Aga Khan by AlWatan, Syria - 2008-08-27

His Highness the Aga Khan greeting leaders of the Ismaili Community and the AKDN in Syria, upon his arrival at Damascus Airport.
AlWatan Newspaper, Syria

Emphasizing that Investment in Culture is Principle in Development,
Prince Karim Aga Khan, in an Exclusive Interview with ‘Al Watan’: My Visit to Syria is Very Special to Me

By Waddah Abed Rabo

Prince Karim Aga Khan, the Imam of the Ismaili Muslim, has accentuated the

Recent Articles

Aleppo souq and Umayyad mosque reconstruction begins

UNESCO World Heritage sites of the souq, minaret and Umayyad mosque.

PALERMO - While the war continues in Syria, with regime bombing on besieged Eastern Ghouta and clashes between the Turkish army and the Kurdish YPG in the north, reconstruction has begun in Aleppo. A group of Italian engineers and experts have been transferred to the Syrian city to work with locals and teach them the necessary skills to restore the UNESCO World Heritage sites of the souq, minaret and Umayyad mosque.

Salamiyah, Syria is playing host to a unique kind of contemporary art exhibition. 2017-11-28

Sperflex Equipment at Salamiyeh Hospital

Superflex’s Conceptual Hospital Exhibition Gets Put to Life-Saving Use—in a Syrian Operating Room
Victims of the raging civil war in Syria are undergoing surgery assisted by a work of conceptual art.

Aga Khan pours his wealth into Islamic sites in Syria - 2008-09-14

2008-09-14 Syria

People walk inside the Citadel of Salah ad-Din near Latakia, in northern Syria, where much of the conservation work was funded by the Aga Khan Trust for Culture . The Aga Khan, a high-ranking Imam of the Nizr Muslims, who has been head of his community for 50 years, has said that the goals of the wealthy philanthropic organisation he runs is to educate the world on the wealth of Muslim culture.

Comments by H.H. The`Aga Khan at the Press Conference 2008-08-25

DVD Golden Jubilee visit to Syria

Comments by His Highness The Aga Khan at the Press Conference held at the Office of the Prime Minister of Syria, His Excellency Mr.Mohammed Naji Otri after the signing of various Agreements and Memorandums of Understanding between the Institutions of the Imamat and Agencies of Syria

Damascus, Syria

August 25th, 2008

Mr. Prime Minister,

I would like to begin these comments this morning by thanking you and your Government for the very warm welcome that you have accorded to me on this Golden Jubilee visit to Syria.

Aga Khan in Syria - 2008-08-25


الأمير آغا خان يعبر عن حرصه على إطلاق مشاريع تنموية واجتماعية جديدة في سورية

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