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Mukhi Hashoo Museum - Karachi

Mukhi Hashoo Museum - Karachi

Opposite Lassi Jamatkhana, Karachi.

Mumtaz Ali Tajddin S. Ali, Curator Mukhi Hashoo Museum Cell 0321-257-8452

We are glad to inform that Mukhi Hashoo Museum inaugurated on May 11, 2008 by H.M. Iqbal Walji, the President of the Shia Imami Ismailia National Council for Pakistan in presence of distinguished leaders of the community and eminent guests.

Mukhi Hashoo Museum contains the old photographs of the jamati leaders and institutions of the South Asian and East African countries with the Imams, old medals of the Golden, Diamond and Platinum Jubilees of Imam Sultan Muhammad Shah, the crockery used by Imam Sultan Muhammad Shah in 1938 and 1945, the wooden furniture and the chairs of Hazar Imam. The photographs of historical monuments in Syria, world Ismaili Jamatkhanas, other old and rare images, etc. have been also decorated.

Mukhi Hashoo Museum - Karachi

Mukhi Hashoo Museum - Karachi

In the exhibition, the photographs of the relics of Mecca, the house of Bibi Khatija and Bibi Fatima, the seal of Holy Prophet along with his footprint and turban, the modal of Zulfikar sword, the oldest wooden gate of Kaba, the hilt of one sword of Hazrat Ali, the shirt of Imam Hussain and Bibi Fatima, the turban of Prophet Yusuf, the sword of Prophet Dawood, the box of Prophet Abraham, the Assa of Prophet Moses, the geographical location of Khum’e Ghadir, etc. are the decorative pieces. The museum has also a collection of manuscripts of Holy Koran and Holy Ginans.

The building of Mukhi Hashoo Museum is a historical place. Late Mukhi Hashoo Tharuani (1820-1915) had purchased it in 1894 in Rs. 6000/- from Seth Trikamdas in Lyari quarters, opp. Lea Market, near Lassi Jamatkhana, Karachi. He resided there along with his family members. Imam Sultan Muhammad Shah visited the house in 1905.

Vazir Sadruddin Hashwani, the great grandson of Mukhi Hashoo flashed an idea to make the premises an attraction of the visitors and converted it into a museum.

The interested visitors are cordially invited to visit the site, lying opp. Lassi Jamatkhana, Karachi.

Contact :

Mumtaz Ali Tajddin S. Ali
Mukhi Hashoo Museum
Cell 0321-257-8452

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