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Event - Opening of Rufayda, Hadi, Juma Buildings 1996-11-22

Friday, 1996, November 22

Friday. Hazar Imam, Chancellor of the Aga Khan University, launched four major projects aimed at strengthening and expanding nursing education, specialised diagnostic services, advanced research and community health-care. He made a speech at the following opening and foundation ceremonies: Rufayda al-Aslamya Center, The Hadi Building and the Juma building.

"When this University was conceived, Nursing was one of the founding concerns that we had. It was a profession that needed support, recognition, enhancement. But it was part of a more significant issue which was the education of women in Pakistan."

H.H. Prince Karim Aga Khan IV


Speech at the opening of the Rufaiday-al-Islamia

Hazar Imam inaugrauting the Rufaiday Building

Chairman of the Board of the Trustees, members of the Board of Trustees, members of the Firashta Family and the Soneri Bank and welcome guests.

This is a singularly important occasion in the history of the Aga Khan University and I would like to share with you right at the beginning of these few comments, a very deep sense of happiness and elation at the way in which the School of Nursing at the Aga Khan University has progressed.

Speech at the opening of the Hadi Building, Karachi, Pakistan

Hazar Imam inaugrauting the Hadi Building

Mr. Chairman, Board of The Trustees, Trustees, members of the Hadi Family, and honoured guests.

This is an occasion of real happiness for Me, because over the years, I have observed in the developing world, some really severe problems in the quality of diagnosis and the risk to which sick people are exposed through poor diagnosis or worse.

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