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Encyclopaedia of Ismailism by Mumtaz Ali Tajddin

The terms used in the Koran and hadith for what is meant by the word "salvation" are najat (redemption), fawz (success), falah (prosperity), and sa'ada (happiness). The first term, together with its different derivatives, is frequently used for both kinds of salvation (28:25, 17:67, 11:58, 21:76, 19:72, 61:10, 40:41). Fawz and its derivatives, however, often refer to salvation in the hereafter only (3:185, 4:73, 23:111, 59:20, 78:31, 3:188). The use of falah and its many derivatives is similar to that of najat (2:64, 6:135,18:20, 23:1, 7:8, 87:14, 91:9). Sa'ada does not occur even once in the Koran; its derivatives, su'idu and sa'id have occurred in eschatological sense (11:105, 108). In hadith, the word sa'ada occurs in this sense very frequently as do its different derivatives. Where a word connotes salvation in this world, it is to be found to have some relationship with salvation in the world to come, for the Koran and hadith consider this world as only a preparatory ground for the future world.


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