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Diamond Jubilees

Encyclopaedia of Ismailism by Mumtaz Ali Tajddin

Sixty years of his benevolent rule gave his followers a chance to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee by weighing him in diamonds. The weighing ceremony was performed in Bombay at the Brabourne Stadium on the after-noon of Sunday, 10th March, 1946. Over 100,000 Ismailis from various parts of the world had come to see this magnificent spectacle unusual event. The huge multitude present in the ceremony included fourteen ruling princes, among them the Maharajas of Kashmir and Baroda and the Jam Saheb of Nawanagar. The value of the diamonds was 640,000 British pounds. The second jubilee was celebrated in the sports ground of the Aga Khan Club in at Dar-es-Salaam on 10th August, 1946. It was attended by 70,000 Ismailis, including the Governors of Kenya, Tanganyika and Uganda. This time the value of the diamonds was 684,000 British pounds. The sum value of the diamonds at each place was presented as an absolute gift to the Imam from his jubilant followers. The vast sum was again invested by him in a trust meant to enrich the life of the community in the educational and commercial spheres.

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