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  • All the treasures of this life, all that fame, wealth and health can bring are nothing beside the happiness which is created and sustained by the love of one human being for another

    Aga Khan III Memoirs Aga Khan III

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  • Imam Muhammad bin Islam Shah ascended to the Masnad of Imamat in A.H. 827. At that time his residency was in Shaher-e-Babak in Iran. Jamats in Hindustan were informed of the Imamat of Muhammad bin Islam Shah by way of Talikas delivered through our Holy Pirs. The Imam was also presented Maal-e-Wajbaat (dasond etc) from His Murids from everywhere by way of the Pirs. At that time Pir Tajdin was appointed as our 28th Pir by the Holy Imam.

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