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  • I think the message of Islam, is the dignity with which we must treat women in society. Now, the notion of how that happens in practice, is very much a question of interpretation. But the basic premise, is the dignity and equality of women in society. And that goes right through the revelation of Islam, it goes to the tradition and the life of the Prophet, and the Prophet's wife, Khatija, was a woman who participated actively in daily life.

    Aga Khan IV Innterview BBC 1997
    Imamat Day Jamatkhana Recitations

    On this auspicious occasion, partake in these Imamat Day Jamatkhana Recitations for your personal use.
    Here, you will find Dua, Ginan, Tasbih, Enthronement speeches and many other recitations.

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  • Musa b.Aizar was the private doctor of Mowlana al-Muizz. He not only received, from the Imam financial help for himself, but so did his two sons, who also became doctors.

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