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  • In my experience, enabling environments interact with each other. By co-operation they build on each other's success.

    Aga Khan IV Speech 15 Jan. 1983

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  • Our 41st Imam Sayyid Ali reigned on the Msnad of Imamat from 1038 to 1071 A.H. At this time the building of relations with the governing bodies of the Iranian nation and the Imamat were getting stronger. Imam's murids at the time were known as Ata-illahis and they joined in the service of the army and police. The Safavi rulers declared Imam Sayyid Ali as Governor (Hakim) in the Kerman district of Iran. As the Hakim of Kerman, Imam Sayyid Ali supported the Iranian rulers through the services offered by Ismaili Ata-Illahis. Imam Sayyid Ali was buried in Kerman upon his wafat in 1071 A.H.

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