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  • Education determines people's approach to the widest problems facing civilization.

    Aga Khan IV Speech 7 July 1983
    Salgirah Mubarak to all Ismailis on the occasion of the 82nd Birthday of our Beloved Hazar Imam

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  • Hazrat Imam Abdussalaam ascended to the Masnad of Imamat in 880 A.H.. According to historians, Imam Abdussalaam Shah lived in Shaher-Babak which was in Kerman district of Iran and was also known as "Mahmood Shah". The Khoja Ismailis of Hindustan sent gifts, Nazranas and Dasond to the Imam through Vazirs and Rais who were appointed by the Imam. Khakhi Khorasani also mentions in his writings the name of Imam as "Shah-e-Salaamullah"

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