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The `Das Avatara' of Satpanthi Ismailis and Imam Shahis of Indo-Pakistan.

The full text of Gulshan Khakhee's thesis is attached to the bibliography link.

The Aga Khan III and His Ancestors by N. Dumasia - Book in PDF format


Written by Dumasia in 1939 when Aga Khan III was still alive, this book covers a number of years of the Imam's life and shows his long lasting influence on the world scene from a very early age.

Download attachments links below.

Click on the pdf to read the full text. The 375 pages of the book are divided in 2 parts (10 MB each.)

Pyara Imam Ni Pyari vato (Wato)

This book is available in Gujarati language audiobook format in 9 mp3 files.

Unfortunately, part 4 is missing - please write to heritage@ismaili.net if you have it.

2012-05-14 Refusals Hearing in Copyright Lawsuit

As reported to us by an observer who attended the hearing (Hearings are open to the public)

2011-07-18 Reply to the Requisition

On July 18th, 2011, the defendants replied to the Requisition and statement of issues served by the Plaintiff's Counsel in March.

Although the Plaintiff party has implied that they want the proceedings to end, the Plaintiff's counsel is continually showering the defendants with proceedings. They continue to insist for a private discovery apart from the reference that was ordered.

2011-06-16 Appeal Factum Against Summary Jugment - Filed by Defendants.

On June 16th 2011, The Defendants filed, in the Federal Court of Appeal of Canada, the Memorandum of Fact and Law for the Appeal against the Summary Judgment.

Inexplicably, on June 14th, immediately after the defendants served him with the document, the Plaintiff's Lawyer, Mr Gray, leaked the information to a newspaper dedicated to demeaning the defendants, two days before it was filed in court.

Part four: A NEW ERA - XV. People I Have Known

People I Have Known

THE PEOPLE whom I have met and known throughout my life stand out in my recollection more vividly and sharply than the dogmas that I have heard preached, the theories that I have heard argued, the policies that I have known to be propounded and abandoned. I have enjoyed the friendship of beautiful and accomplished women, of brilliant and famous men, who throng the corridors of my memory.

Part four: A NEW ERA - XIV. Postwar Years with Friends and Family

Postwar Years with Friends and Family

Part four: A NEW ERA - XIII: The Second World War

The Second World War

THE OUTBREAK of the Second World War meant for me the shattering of the hopes of a lifetime. The great Palace of the League of Nations at Geneva, which I had opened, was deserted and shuttered. Its emptiness and its silence were sharply symbolic. However, it was in Switzerland that I found myself in those late summer and early autumn days of 1939 when Hitler's armies swept over Poland, and Britain and France, for the second time in a generation, went to war against an aggressive and conquest-hungry Germany.

Part Three: THE MIDDLE YEARS - XII. Policies and Personalities at the League of Nations

Policies and Personalities at the League of Nations

WITH the Joint Memorandum, and with the termination of the work of the Joint Select Committee in 1934, my own connection with Indian politics ended. However, I found myself striking out along a new line in public affairs and taking up new activities which were to be my main concern and interest in life from the early 1930's until the outbreak of the Second World War.

Part Two: YOUNG MANHOOD - VI. The Edwardian Era Begins

The Edwardian Era Begins

THE MURDER of my kinsman at Poona in the summer of 1898 had emphasized, in the most sensational and unpleasant fashion, the disruptive qualities latent in the huge, ramshackle, feudally extravagant household and entourage which I had inherited, and which I have in previous chapters described at some length.

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