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Note on the Imam Shahi Ms. at the Deccan College, Poona,, Khakee, Gulshan. , Bombay, p.PAGES: 143-155, (1970)
Science and Civilisation in Islam, Nasr, Seyyed Hossein. , Cambridge/New York, (1970)
Sidelights on Early Imamate Doctrine, Watt, W. Montgomery. , p.SERIES: S.I. ; VOLUME: XXXI ; PAGES: 287-293, (1970)
Some Aspects of the History of Libya During the Fatimid Period., Hamdani, Abbas. , Beirut, p.PAGES: Pp. 321-348, (1970)
The Ismailis of Syria, Ghaleb, Moustafa. , Beirut, p.PAGES: 173 pp., (1970)
The Jews in Egypt and Palestine under the Fatimids, Mann, J. , New York, (1970)
The Fatimid Caliphate: 386-487 A.H./996-1094 A.D., Bashir, B. I. , London, p.SERIES: S.O.A.S., (1970)
A Comparison of the Sunni Caliphate and the Shi'i Imamate, Farsakh, Andrea M. , (1969)    Download:  node-28713-the Caliphate and imamate by Andrea M.Farakh.pdf 
A Historical and Regional Atlas of the Arabic World: Map and Chronological Survey, Reichert, Rolf. , Rio de Janeiro, (1969)
A Petition to the Fatimid Caliph al-Mustansir Concerning a Conflict within the Jewish Community,, Stern, S. M. , (1969)
Administration under the Fatimids, Imamuddin, S. M. , Pakistan, p.VOLUME: XIV ; PAGES: p.253-269, (1969)
Ali b. Muhammad al-Walid da'i mutlaq des Ismailiens du Yémen, Tamir, Arif. , p.SERIES: XXXII ; VOLUME: no. 1 ; PAGES: pp.150-151, (1969)
Fatimid Law, Fyzee, Asaf A. A. , Simla, (1969)
History of the Order of Assassins, Franzius, Enno. , New York, p.SERIES: American Historical Review LXXV ; VOLUME: no. 5, (1969)
Ismailis on Mainland Tanzania 1850-1948., Walji, Shirin R. A. , Madison, p.PAGES: 181 pp., (1969)
Nasir-i Khusraw and His Spiritual Nisbah., Mohaghegh, Mehdi. , Tehran, p.PAGES: Pp. 143-148, (1969)
Notes on a Syrian Ismaili Manuscript, Mirzah, Nasseh A. , p.SERIES: Australian Bulletin of Comparative Religion ; VOLUME: IX ; PAGES: 59-60, (1969)
Some East African Firmans of H.H. Aga Khan III, King, N. Q.,; A. K. Adatia. , p.SERIES: J.R.A. ; VOLUME: II ; PAGES: 179-191, (1969)
The Asian Communities., Amiji, Hatim. , New York, p.PAGES: pp. 141-175, (1969)
The Hidden Imams of the Ismailis, Makarem, Sami Nasib. , p.SERIES: Al-Abhath ; VOLUME: XXI ; PAGES: 23-37, (1969)
The Asian Communities., Amiji, Hatim. , New York, p.PAGES: pp. 141-175, (1969)
The Revolt of Aga Khan Mahallati and the Transference of the Ismaili Imamate to India, Algar, Hamid. , p.SERIES: S.I. ; VOLUME: XXIX ; PAGES: 51-81, (1969)
The Doctrine of the Ismailis, Makarem, Sami Nasib. , Beirut, p.PAGES: 85 pp., (1969)
The Druzes., Hirschberg. , Cambridge, p.SERIES: In Religion in the Middle East ; PAGES: pp. 330-348, (1969)
The Isma'ilis., Fyzee, Asaf A. A. , Cambridge, p.VOLUME: Vol. II: Islam ; PAGES: Pp. 318-319, (1969)
The Ismailites and the Assassins., Lewis, Bernard. , Madison, p.SERIES: I ; VOLUME: 2 vols. ; PAGES: 99-132, (1969)
The Emirate of Aleppo 392-487/1002-1094., Zakkar, S. , p.SERIES: S.O.A.S., (1969)
The Financial System of Egypt 564/1169-741/1341., Rabi', H. M. , p.SERIES: S.O.A.S., (1969)
The Assassins in Quhistan, Willey, Peter. , p.SERIES: RCAJ ; VOLUME: LV ; PAGES: 180-183, (1968)    Download:  node-29113-the assassins in quhistan by P.R.E.Willey.pdf 
An Investigation into the Language Used of a Number of Ismaili Students., Jetha, A. , Nairobi, (1968)
Assassins of Qain, Willey, Peter. , p.SERIES: XL ; PAGES: pp. 1294-1303, (1968)
Collected Papers on the Paranormal, Beshir , New York, p.PAGES: Pp. 1-11, (1968)
Fustat and the Islamic Art of Egypt, Scanlon, G. T. , p.VOLUME: Archeology XXI ; PAGES: 188-195, (1968)
Muslims: an Early Fatimid Ceramist, Jenkins, M. , p.SERIES: Bull. Met. Mus. Art. n.s. ; VOLUME: XXVI ; PAGES: 359-369, (1968)
Proposed Introduction to the History of Ismailism in East Africa., King, N. Q.,; A. K. Adatia. , Kampala, (1968)
Role of the Late Aga Khan as a Leader of the Muslims of the Subcontinent in the Political Field, Alidina, Sherali. , p.PAGES: pp. 125 ff., (1968) Abstract
Role of the Late Aga Khan as a Leader of the Muslims of the Subcontinent in the Political Field, Alidina, Sherali. , p.PAGES: pp. 125 ff., (1968) Abstract
Some Aspects of Islamic Eschatology, Taylor, J. , p.SERIES: Religious Studies IV ; PAGES: 57-76, (1968)
The Assassins: a Radical Sect in Islam, Lewis, Bernard. , New York; London, p.PAGES: 168 pp., (1968)
The Indians in Uganda, Morris, H. S. , London, p.PAGES: Pp. 77-90, (1968)
The Ismaili State., Hodgson, Marshall G. S. , Cambridge, p.SERIES: he Cambridge History of Iran V ; PAGES: Pp. 422-482, (1968)
Abu Sulayman as-Sijistani: a Muslim Philosopher of the Tenth Century., Kraemer, J. , (1967)
Further Expeditions to the Valleys of the Assassins, Willey, Peter. , p.SERIES: RCAJ ; VOLUME: LIV ; PAGES: 156-162, (1967)    Download:  node-28916Further ExpeditionsTo The Valleys Of The Assassins by PREWilley.pdf 
A Shi'a Collection of Divine Traditions, Rob, E. D. , (1967)
Concept of Imamat with Special Reference to Nizari Ismailis., Peervani, Parveen. , Beirut, p.PAGES: 80 pp., (1967)
Ideals and Realities of Islam, Nasr, Seyyed Hossein. , New York, p.SERIES: Books that Matter ; PAGES: Pp. 170-171, (1967)
Islamic Law and Ismaili Communities, Lokhandwalla, S. T. , p.SERIES: nd. Econ. Soc. Hist. Rev. IV ; PAGES: 155-176, (1967)
Pir and Murshid: An Aspect of Religious Leadership in West Pakistan, Mayer, A. , p.SERIES: MES III ; PAGES: 160-169, (1967)
Some Considerations on the Fatimid Caliphate as a Mediterranean Power., Hamdani, Abbas. , Naples, p.PAGES: Pp. 385-396, (1967)
The Philosophical Significance of the Imam in Ismailism, Makarem, Sami Nasib. , p.SERIES: Studia Islamica ; VOLUME: XXVII ; PAGES: 41-53, (1967)
The Alid Ruler of Tabaristan, Daylaman, Gilan., Madelung, Wilferd. , Ravello, p.PAGES: Pp. 483-492, (1967)
The Fatimid-Abbasid Conflict in India, Hamdani, Abbas. , p.SERIES: I.C. ; VOLUME: XLI ; PAGES: 185-191, (1967)
The Fatimids., Clifford, E. , Edinburgh, p.SERIES: he Islamic Dynasties ; PAGES: Pp. 46 ff., (1967)
The History of India as Told by its Own Historians, El-Sioufi , London, p.VOLUME: 2 vols., (1967)
The Ismailis in Tanzania., Kjellberg, E. , Dar-es-Salaam, p.SERIES: Institute of Public Administration, (1967)
Abu Ya'qub as-Sijistani. The Opening of the Persian Mission and the Beginning of Isma`ili Dogma., Walker, Paul. , (1966)
Abu Firas: `Ash-Shafiya' -- An Isma'ili Treatise, Makarem, Sami Nasib. , Beirut, p.PAGES: 260 pp., (1966)
Additions to the above, Goitein, Solomon D. , p.SERIES: J.E.S.H.O. ; VOLUME: IX ; PAGES: 67-68, (1966)
An Approach to the Emergence of Heterodoxy in Medieval Islam, Taylor, J. , p.SERIES: II ; VOLUME: no. 2 ; PAGES: 197-210, (1966)
Government, Society and Economic Life under the Abbasids and Fatimids., Lewis, Bernard. , p.VOLUME: no. 1 ; PAGES: 638 ff., (1966)
Kamal al-Din's Biography of Rashid al-Din Sinan, Lewis, Bernard. , p.SERIES: Arabica XIII ; PAGES: 225-267, (1966)
Qazi Noaman's Code of Conduct of the Followers of Imam, Muscati, Jawad. , Mombasa, (1966)
The Origins of the Druze People and Religion, with Extracts from their Sacred Writings, Hitti, Philip. , New York, p.SERIES: Columbia University Oriental Studies ; VOLUME: XXVII ; PAGES: 81 pp., (1966)
Ummu'l Kitab, Filippani-Ronconi, Pio. , Naples, p.PAGES: 301 pp., (1966)
A History of Medieval Islam - The Turkish Irruption, Saunders, J. J. , London, p.PAGES: ch. 9, (1965)
A Descriptive Catalogue of the Fyzee Collection of Ismaili Manuscripts, Gorianwala, Mu'izz. , Bombay, p.PAGES: 172 pp., (1965)
A Fatimid Textile of Coptic Tradition with Arabic Inscription, Thompson, D. , (1965)
A History of Medieval Islam, Saunders, J. J. , London, p.SERIES: The Isma'ilian Schism ; PAGES: p. 125, (1965)
Cases in the Muhammadan Law of India and Pakistan, Fyzee, Asaf A. A. , Oxford, p.PAGES: pp. 504-549., (1965)
Hassan-e Sabbah, Keshavarz, Karim. , Tehran, (1965)
Introduction to the History of the Muslim East: A Bibliographical Guide., Cahen, Claude. , Berkeley, (1965) Abstract
Jalaludin Rumi and Shams-i-Tabrizi, Avery, Peter W. , p.SERIES: M.W. ; VOLUME: XLVI, no. 3, (1965)
Jalaludin Rumi and Shams-i-Tabrizi, Avery, Peter W. , p.SERIES: M.W. ; VOLUME: XLVI, no. 3, (1965)
Mahdiya, Lezine, A. , (1965)
Notes on Islam in East Africa, Schaft, J. , p.SERIES: S.I. ; VOLUME: XXIII ; PAGES: pp. 124 ff., (1965)
The Exchange Rate of Gold and Silver Money in Fatimid and Ayyubid Times, Goitein, Solomon D. , p.PAGES: pp.1-46, (1965)
The Ismaili Khojahs of East Africa: a New Constitution and Personal Law for the Community, Anderson, J. N. D. , p.SERIES: Middle Eastern Studies I ; VOLUME: no. 1 ; PAGES: 21-39, (1964)
The First Aga Khan and the British, 1838-1868, A Study in British Indian Diplomacy and Legal History., Nooraly, Z. , p.PAGES: 205 pp., (1964)    Download:  NODE 29180.pdf 
A Marriage Contract on Parchment from Fatimite Egypt, Levi della Vida, G. , (1964)
A Study of the Fatimid and Ayyubid Document in the Monastery of Mt. Sinai, Youssef, J. N. , (1964)
A Treatise on the Number Theory from a Tenth-Century Arabic Source., Goldstein, Bernard R. , (1964)
History of the Fatimid's States, Hassan, H. I. , (1964)
Muslim Communities in Gujrat, Misra, S. C. , London, Bombay, p.PAGES: Pp. 54-65, (1964)
New Information about the Authors of the Epistles of the Sincere Brethren, Stern, S. M. , p.SERIES: I.S. ; VOLUME: III ; PAGES: 405-428, (1964)
Outlines of Muhammadan Law, Fyzee, Asaf A. A. , London, (1964)
The `adab al-Qadi', Fyzee, Asaf A. A. , p.SERIES: Islamic Law R ; VOLUME: VI ; PAGES: 406-416, (1964)
The Fatimid State, Ibrahim, Dr. H. , Cairo, (1964)
The Syrian Ismailis and the Doctrine of Metempsychosis, Mirzah, Nasseh A. , p.SERIES: Milla Wa Milla ; VOLUME: IV ; PAGES: 48-51, (1964)
A Creed of the Fatimids, Ivanow, Wladimir. , (1963)
Family Safari: H.H. The Aga Khan and Family on Kenya Tour, Stern, S. M. , Oxford, (1963)
Immigrant Indian Communities in Uganda, Morris, H. S. , (1963)
Khitabat-i Aliyya': Sermons of Shihabud din Shah al-Husseini, Ujaqi, U. , Tehran, p.SERIES: Ism. Soc. Series A ; VOLUME: 14, (1963)
The Castles of the Assassins, Willey, Peter. , London, (1963)
The Ghaznawids, Bosworth, Clifford E. , Edinburgh, p.PAGES: p. 52, (1963)
The Ismailis and their Belief in Universal Divine Order, Mirzah, Nasseh A. , p.SERIES: Or. Soc. Trans ; VOLUME: XX ; PAGES: pp.10-22, (1963)
Allocution, Golvin, Lucien. , p.SERIES: A.I.E.O. ; VOLUME: XX, (1962)    Download:  NODE 28806.pdf 
Leadership and Social Change in the Khoja Ismaili Community., Papanek, Dr Hanna , p.PAGES: ix, 329, 34 pp., (1962)
The Fatimids, Hamdani, Abbas. , Karachi, p.PAGES: 84 pp., (1962)    Download:  full text hamdani 29173-small.pdf 
Al-Darazi and Hamza in the Origin of the Druze Religion, Hodgson, Marshall G. S. , p.SERIES: J.A.O.S. ; VOLUME: LXXII ; PAGES: 39953, (1962)
History of the Ismailis, Picklay, A. G. , Bombay, (1962)

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