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In Press
Abu Ya'qub al-Sijistani: Intellectual Missionary, Walker, Paul. , p.SERIES: Encycl. Iranica I, fasc. 4 ; PAGES: pp. 396-398, (In Press)
Aga Khan - Ismaili - Imam - Shi'a, Walker, Paul. , New York, (In Press)
Bohoras, Arnold, Thomas Walker, Sir. , p.SERIES: s.v. ; VOLUME: E.I. (old)., (In Press)
Tamim b. al-Mu'izz, Walker, J. , p.SERIES: s.v. ; VOLUME: E.B., (In Press)
Tamim b. al-Mu'izz, Walker, J. , p.SERIES: s.v. ; VOLUME: E.I. (new), (In Press)
The Universal Soul and the Particular Soul in Ismaili Neoplatonism., Walker, Paul. , (In Press)
Abu Ya'cub al Sijistani and the Development of Isma'ili Neoplatonism., Walker, Paul. , p.219p, (1993) Abstract
Eternal Cosmos and Womb of History: Time in Early Ismaili Thought, Walker, Paul. , p.SERIES: I.J.M.E.S. ; VOLUME: IX ; PAGES: 355-366, (1978)
The `Crusade' of John Tzimisces in the Light of New Arabic Evidence, Walker, Paul. , p.SERIES: Byzantion ; VOLUME: XLII ; PAGES: 301-327, (1977)
Cosmic Hierarchies in Early Ismaili Thought: the View on Abu Yaqub al-Sijistani, Walker, Paul. , p.SERIES: M.W. LXVI ; PAGES: 14-28, (1976)
An Early Ismaili Interpretation of Man History and Salvation, Walker, Paul. , p.SERIES: III ; VOLUME: no. 2 ; PAGES: 29-35, (1975)
The Ismaili Answer to the Problems of Worshipping the Unknowable Neoplatonic God, Walker, Paul. , p.SERIES: A.J.A.S. ; VOLUME: II ; PAGES: pp.7-21, (1974)
The Ismaili Vocabulary of Creation, Walker, Paul. , p.SERIES: S.I. ; VOLUME: XL, (1974)
A Byzantine Victory over the Fatimids at Alexandretta (971), Walker, Paul. , (1972)
Abu Ya'qub as-Sijistani. The Opening of the Persian Mission and the Beginning of Isma`ili Dogma., Walker, Paul. , (1966)
A Fatimid Kufic Tablet from Upper Egypt, Walker, J. , (1938)
The Preaching of Islam, Arnold, Thomas Walker, Sir. , p.PAGES: P. 274, (1913)

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