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Ritual and Daily Life: Transmission and interpretation of the Ismaili tradition in Vancouver, Thesis

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p. 30

(ii) Ismaili Doctrine

One of the keys to the understanding of the Ismaili (Shia) doctrine lies
in the way Ismailis view man. Man is made up of body and soul participating
in two worlds: the higher world of the First (Aql, an expression of the Divine Volition,
and the lower world of Nafs, which has emanated from Aql and is the
principle of animation from which matter has originated. As man is far
removed from his origins in the higher world, he needs to acquire knowledge of

The Relation Between the Druze Faith and Other Religions

Since long, it was commonly believed that theDruze community possessed an independent religious doctrine which differedtotally from other religions. This belief was the basic reason for thepublic opinion which justified the fact of keeping this religion in totalsecrecy by its members. However, such a belief lacks accuracy, and a deeplook at the Druzes culture may reveal many points in common between thisreligion and other religions. In fact the Druze sheikhs prefer to considertheir Dogma a sect or a Sufi conduct rather than a religion.

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