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Ainsi Parla Boudh Awatar de Pir Sadardin

Bouddh Avatar - Francais
Ainsi parla BOUDH AWATAR
DE PIR SADARDIN (A.D. 1300-1416)
Introduction et traduction Par: U. M. Edwards

All About Ginans & Granths

Collection of Online Literature on Ginans & Granths

Much of the content comes from the two SOS Khojki Conferences organized by the Heritage Society in 1990 and 1991.

Amir Pir Mela in Sind & its Origin

The Ismailis in the province of Sind, Pakistan celebrate Amir Pir Mela (fair of Amir Pir) once a year in November.
By : Mumtaz Ali Tajddin S. Ali [ Karachi, 2007 ] email : alymumtaz@yahoo.com

Anant Akhado - Translation

ANANT AKHAADO literally means a gathering of unlimited souls in an eternal context.

ANANT AKHAADO AND ANANT NAA NAV CHHUGAA contain all the essential ideas about the ginaanic literature which encompass our theology, philosophy, history and ethics from the esoteric point of view.

The Aga Khan III and His Ancestors by N. Dumasia - Book in PDF format

Written by Dumasia in 1939 when Aga Khan III was still alive, this book covers a number of years of the Imam's life and shows his long lasting influence on the world scene from a very early age.

Download attachments links below.

Click on the pdf to read the full text. The 375 pages of the book are divided in 2 parts (10 MB each.)

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