2011-01-10 Court Gives Summary Judgement in Copyright Case - PDF

On January 7, 2011, The Judge filed an injunction and reasons for Judgment.

View the pdf below to read the Judgment and the Reasons for Judgment.
The Final Order was to be drafted separately.

See subsequent pages in this online book to read how:

- On January 21, 2011, There was a suspect "Talika" in select JK's that sounded more like a pressure tactic to get defendants to sign a very broad order drafted by the "Plaintiff"'s Lawyer. It referred to this judgment as the basis for the future policies of the Imamat.

- On February 7, 2011, The Defendants filed an appeal on the last possible date because noone was willing to discuss anything with them.

- On February 8, 2011, The "Plaintiff" motioned to get a Final Judgment according to their broad draft.

- On February 14, 2011, The "Plaintiff" motioned to get the Appeal dismissed for being premature because no final order was signed. (Funny that the "Talika", sent out by Sachedina's office, and referring to this judgment, was not considered premature? At that time, there was no final order yet and discussions on the contents of the order remained to be undertaken?)

- On March 4, 2011, A final order was issued that was still very broad

- On March 14, 2011, The "Plaintiff's" motion to dismiss the appeal was itself dismissed.


- The Counsel for Plaintiff started procedures and sending letters to expedite the fulfilling of the order before the appeal, namely, he demanded the $30,000 and he demanded a discovery with Names of the recipients of books.

- The defendants motioned to amend the Notice of appeal and to consolidate both the appeals of Tajdin and Jiwa, in order to save time and resources.


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