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Virtual Jamatkhana

1997-97MAIN - Prince Karim Aga Khan

This online Virtual Jamatkhana inaugurated in 2007 is a place for ismailis to connect with their faith when a physical Jamatkhana is not accessible.

Although whimsically named "Virtual Jamatkhana", this page is merely a random multimedia generator of readily available content. The Virtual Jamatkhana is not meant to replace regular physical attendance in JK because it cannot replace the significance and benefits of physical attendance and of congregational prayer.

The recitations and other featured media change every few minutes when you refresh your page. Includes Dua, Tasbih, Ginan, Qasida, Speech, Waez, Images, Announcements and social hall.

If you would like a waro in virtual Jamatkhana, send us your audio at heritage@ismaili.net Preference is given to ginans that do not currently have any audio. Click on a ginan in this list to see if it has audio: http://ismaili.net/heritage/ginan_view

Faryad Ras


14:54Anant Akhado (Ashaji) -

First Dua

7:26Dua - 2009

Tasbih Giryazari

3:19Tasbih Giryazari - 2020



Words of the Imam

Second Dua

3 Times Dua

Three times Dua was compulsory even before Pir Sadardin wrote his Asal Dua. Pir Shams mentions the 3 times Dua in his work named Chaoud Ratan written long before Pir Sadardin's time.

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