Aashaajee Takhat-e bettha koi koi jaanne
jenne jeeve yaan chetyaa jee
meezaan tolyaa-nu jyaare tthaam-j hoyshe
hoyshe te enne tthaam...................Haree anant..101

Oh Lord Very few recognise the Person seated on the throne
only those who have taken advice have known Him
When the event of the weighing of scales (the day of
judgement)will take place
It will be at His abode
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Gur avtaare bahu Gur aavyaa
te maanhe Saarang-dhar jaanno jee
Gur Hassan Shaah ne var-j aapyaa
aapyaa te anant nu jaanno...............Haree anant..102

Oh Lord Many guides(teachers) have come and assumed the
manifestation of a the Guide
Amongst them is Shri Islam Shah
He gave the promise to Gur Hassan Shah
and it was an eternal promise(of the salvation of the
unlimited souls)
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Sarve jeev naa lekhaa thaashe
thaashe te janpudeep maanhe jee
Je jeev khotta tees deen hoyshe
hoyshe te narag dwaar...................Haree anant..103

Oh Lord There will be an accountability for all souls
It will take place in the Sub-continent of India
Those souls that will be false on that day
will be in hell
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Pett kaarann paap kamaave
te bhatth paddyaa avtaar jee
aagal jaataa khottaa paddshe
te jaashe narag dwaar...................Haree anant..104

Oh Lord For the sake of satisfying the needs of the stomach if
one engages in sinful activities
such a person will fall in the bakery(will be roasted-
After wards he(she) will prove to be false
and will go to hell
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Maankhaa avtaar utam-j keedhaa
ane keeyaa so utam-j kaam jee
dasond vinaa neechaa kahevaa-she
tenee saankh na potee aae...............Haree anant..105

Oh Lord We have made the human beings for a very exalted purpose
and destiny only
and have assigned only the exalted work for them to do
But without the tithe they will be regarded as lower
and their link will not reach the Lord
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Thudd dasond ne mull-j dharam
fal te muneevar jaanno jee
haal vaayke gat maanhe gujaaro
to pohonche Gur Nar ne haath............Haree anant..106

Oh Lord The tithe is the trunk and the roots are the religion
and the fruits are the momins
Offer prayers in the prayer house
so that they will reach the hands of Gur Nar
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Karo dayaa ne maher-j aanno
mahadan amne chhoddavo-jee
farmaan karee Nar-jee bolyaa
chaalo te Gur geenaan...................Haree anant..107

Oh Lord Have pity and shower Your mercy upon us
and spare us the torment of the Day of Judgment
The Imam made the farman and spoke
conduct yourselves according to the ginaans
composed by the Guru
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Kartaa jug maanhe dharam-j kartaa
jeevdda chhuttaa apaar jee
tretaa jug maanhe tap-j huaa
to jeevdda chhuttaa apaar...............Haree anant..108

Oh Lord In the karta jug only religion was practised
and the souls got liberated in large numbers
In treta jug there was only repentance
as a result a large number of souls got free
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Dwaapur jug maanhe utput keedhaa
ne utam jeev upnaa jee
Dwaapur jug maanhe jeev taaree ne melyaa
te potaa Dev dwaar......................Haree anant..109
Oh Lord In the Dwaapur jug there were many mysteries
and great souls prevailed
In the Dwaapur jug souls got liberated and left
and they reached the abode of the Lord(attained eternal
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Kal-jug paapee madham-j upanu
te maanhe jeevdda chhuttaa jee
Peer Sadardeen bandagi keedhee
tyaare baar karodd jeev chhuttaa........Haree anant..110

Oh Lord In the present age very mean sinners prevail
and souls have been liberated in it
Peer Sadardin performed meditation(and supplications)
which resulted in twelve crore souls getting liberated
and the final pardon
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Baakee kal maanhe chhaash-j rahee
te aavee amaare haath jee
dahaaddo chaddte veennasee jaashe
te maanhe thi konn jeev aave............Haree anant..111

Oh Lord In the present age only the whey is left over
which has come to my(our) hands
As the day gains strength it will get spoilt
Out of these which souls will come for salvation?
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Kal-jug puro baraa-bar vaesee
tap-e te koi nahee jaage jee
paap karee jyaare ham paase aave
to tap-e sohi jeev chhoddaave...........Haree anant..112

Oh Lord The present age will completely and properly pass away
and nobody will awaken to meditation and prayers
When the souls come to me having sinned
they will be freed through worship
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Kal-jug maanhe evee chhaash-j upanee
te maanhe maakhann konn naakhe jee
ame seechantaa seechantaa thaakee-j rahyaa
pann moman naa man katthann.............Haree anant..113

Oh Lord In the present age there is such whey left out
Who will put butter into it
We have got tired watering and watering
(teaching continuosly)
but the hearts of the momins are hard
(to allow any teaching to penetrate)
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Amar maanee annat utthaayaa
tenu bhaar-j ttaalo jee
thodde dharame ugaaree ne lejo
maher karo mora saamee..................Haree anant..114

Oh Lord I obeyed the command and lifted the eternal(burden)
Release the burden thereof
With little religious practice please grant us salvation
Have mercy upon us my Lord
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Teel dharam ne hastee paap
sohee gat utaare jee
Gat naa vachan te Nar jee maane
te maahaadan maanhe nahee puchhaaye.....Haree anant..115

Oh Lord Our religious performances are compared to a grain of
simsim and the sins committed are compared to an
These are indeed pardonable by the gat(congregation)
The Lord listens to the promise of the gat
and consequently there will not be any questions asked
on the great day(day of judgement)
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Sat sethi je gat maanhe aave
gat nu melo sohee jee
paap utraavee paachhaa nahee kare
sohee jeev ham tam kun pyaaraa..........Haree anant..116

Oh Lord A person who comes to the gat with true intentions
gets the benefits of the gathering
Having asked for pardon of his(her) sins, he(she) does
not commit them again
is indeed the soul which is dear to me and you
(the Peer and the Imam)
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Dharam rachaave dharmee sohee
dharmee dharme raheve jee
sat sukreet seedhke aapo
to pohoncho sarag dwaar.................Haree anant..117

Oh Lord A person who establishes religion is a religious person
and a religious person remains on the path of religion
Submit true good deeds in a correct manner
then only you will reach the heavenly abode
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Kharee rachnaa kharaa kharee raakho
Saache maarge chaalo jee
Gur Nar be-i ek karee jaanno
to karannee Gur-jee kamaaee.............Haree anant..118

Oh Lord Keep the real creation in a true and real manner
and walk on the true path
Know the Gur and Nar (the Peer and the Imam) as one
and do good deeds to earn the favour of the Guide
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Tam kaarann me avtaar-j leedhaa
chhelee sandh maanhe jaanno jee
chhelee vela maanhe cheti ne chaalo
to pohoncho sarag dwaar.................Haree anant..119

Oh Lord For your sake I have assumed this form
and it is in the last ending(cycle)
In the final period conduct yourselves very vigilantly
in order to reach the heavenly abode
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Ame unneeyaa-chaaree bahu dhar paamyaa
dhar ditthe dhar aavyaa jee
tap vinaa koi maarag na potaa
kahe Peer Hassan Kabeerdeen saacha......Haree anant..120

Oh Lord We people of very less religion have attained the door
(to heaven)
Having seen the door, we have come to the door
Without prayer(worship) nobody can attain the Right Path
Whatever says Pir Hassan Kabirdin is true
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Teel ahunkaar ghannu-j keedhaa
keedhaa te loddhaa nee bheet jee
tyaare aagal ettlun nahee chaale
je keedhee loddhaa nee bheet............Haree anant..121

Oh Lord When(Peer Sadardeen) expressed a very small degree of
ego it was considered to be very great(in His eyes)
Because of that, a wall of iron was erected for him
as a result he would not proceed ahead(for deedar)
due to the wall of iron
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Ham kaarann Gur jee eeyaan-j bettha
te chh maas chh deen jee
araj bandagee Gure evee-j keedhee
tab hui Shaah nee maherbaanee...........Haree anant..122

Oh Lord Because of me the Guide(Peer Sadardeen) was seated here
and it was for a period of six months and six days
During this period the Guide performed his requests and
supplications of the appropriate degree
as a result the mercy of the Lord descended
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Kenee maai ne keno baap
kuttumb kenu nahee chaale jee
utam karannee jeev nee deetthee
tab so deedhaa Shaah jee deedaar........Haree anant..123

Oh Lord Whose mother and whose father
No family ties will be there(on the Day)
Only the souls that have performed best deeds
will be granted the Deedar(spiritual vision) from the
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Ame unneeaa-chaaree bahu jeev kaheeyen
ane kaheeyen tamaaraa daas jee
maher karee jab more Shaah jee deedhaa
deedhaa tab deedaar.....................Haree anant..124

Oh Lord We call ourselves as people of very little religion
and call ourselves your slaves
My Lord after bestowing His mercy
gave the spiritual enlightenment(Deedar)
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Aal Ali paigambar chaali aavyaa
aavyaa te Nabee jee nee jodd jee
Nabee thakee sarve aal-j chaalee
rahem raay sultaan......................Haree anant..125

Oh Lord The progeny of Ali and the Prophet has come
and He(Ali) has come as a companion of the Prophet
It is because of the Prophet that all the descendants
have come
who are the all merciful honourable kings
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Duneeya kaarann Shaah deen-j keedhaa
te koi koi jeev chetyaa jee
abkaa bhulaa koi tthaam na pohonche
jaashe te narag dwaar...................Haree anant..126

Oh Lord For the sake of the world the Lord has established
Of this very few souls have taken vigilance
Whoever has forgotten this will not reach the abode
and will go to the abode of hell
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Sansaar sarve shrestti tamaaree
ane sarve maankhaa jeev jee
dayaa karee tame amne taaro
sami sarve jiv tamaara..................Haree anant..127

Oh Lord The world and the entire creation are yours
and all the human beings too
Have mercy upon us and save us
Oh Lord all the souls are yours
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Te maanhe thee Sat Panth deedhaa
deedhaa te deedaar jee
Sat Panth maanhe je jeev nahee chetyaa
te jaashe narag dwaar...................Haree anant..128

Oh Lord From it(the creation) we gave the True Path
and gave(the destiny of) Deedar(spiritual enlightenment)
The soul that does not follow the True Path
will go to the abode of hell
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Naanaa motta sarve jeev tamaara
ane sarve jeev tamaaraa kaheeyen jee
sahu naa var to tamne jaannu
sohee jaannu Dev moraar.................Haree anant..129

Oh Lord The small and the big all of them are your souls
and all are known to be your souls
You are the Provider and Protector for all
Indeed I know you as the Lord the exalted
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Sarag marat paiyaar-j kaheeyen
te sarve-i jeev tamaaraa jee
sahu naa var to tamne jaannu
sohee jaannu Dev moraar.................Haree anant..130

Oh Lord In the realms of the heavens, earth and the undersurface
all souls are yours
You are the Provider and the Protector to all
It is only you that I know as the exalted Lord
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Sarve maanhe saacho Sat Panth keedho
keedho te sadaa utam jee
Sat Panth maanhe thee je jeev bhulaa
tenu nahee koi tthaam...................Haree anant..131

Oh Lord Out of all(creation) you established the real True Path
and you made it the most exalted
Those who deviate from the True Path
will not have any abode
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Nav khand maanhe tame-j racheeyaa
ane racheeyaa te sarve sansaar jee
kaddhi paaval Gur mukhe laavyaa
tenee beejaa-ne nahee koi sudh..........Haree anant..132

Oh Lord You are the only one who established the nine continents
and You created the entire world
I took the Abe-safa blessed by the Guide and brought it
of this no one else is aware
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Paaval dai Gur-sun bol-j deedhaa
ane keedhaa tyaare jaann jee
Gure lai karee rakheesar-ne deedhaa
rakheesare lai ne peedhaa...............Haree anant..133

Oh Lord While giving the Abe-safa the Guide gave a word
It was only then that the Abe-safa was established
After making it the Guru took and gave it to the momins
The momins took it and drank it
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Paaval peene gat maanhe aavo
ane karo Gur-nu ginaan jee
Gur-nu ginaan je ochhun karee jaanne
te jaashe narag dwaar...................Haree anant..134

Oh Lord After drinking the Abe-safa come to the gat
and think about the Guru's(the Teacher's) ginaans
Whoever regards the Guru's ginaans as insignificant
will go to hell
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Nur-naa paglaa jaaher deetthaa
betthaa te Kahek-ne dwaar jee
te Nar dekhee je jeev bhulaa
te paddshe dozakh maanhe................Haree anant..135

Oh Lord I saw the footsteps of light in manifest form
He was seated at His physical abode in Kahek
The soul that seing this Lord(Imam), deviates
will fall in hell
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Chaud bhamann maanhe ramee-zamee betthaa
bettha te Janpudeep maanhe jee
tenee surat rasul-thee thaashe
te Peer Hassan Kabeerdeen jaann.........Haree anant..136
Oh Lord After performing divine play in the fourteen universes
He is seated
and is seated in the Indian Subcontinent(our home)
He's image will be from the Messenger
(he will be like the messenger)
and know Him as Peer Hassan Kabeerdeen
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Annat melaa inyaa-j malshe
ane anant-te anant malshe jee
te maanhe mottaa Peer paygambar aave
Peer Shamshdeen nirvaann................Haree anant..137

Oh Lord The eternal gathering will take place there only
and unlimited (souls) will meet
Out of these, the greater peer paygambar will come
He is Peer Shamshdeen for certain
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee A-saahebaa ensee laakh-j malshe
malshe te karoddaa karodd jee
tambal dhdhaama bhereeyun vaaj-she
vaaj-she te vajeentr ghanneraa..........Haree anant..138

Oh Lord Eighty lakh great souls will meet
and they will meet crores upon crores(of other souls)
Big drums, small drums and another musical instruments
will be playing(creating music)
and they will play lots of musical sounds
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Maannek motee laal padaarath
baandh-she untt saath jee
Eesmaail firrasto vachch-e farshe
Shaah bes-se janpudeep maanhe...........Haree anant..139

Oh Lord Beads, pearls and rubies in substance
will be tied with the camels
The angel Ismail will move in the middle
The Lord will be seated in the Indian subcontinent
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Saaheb jeenu sen chadshe
ane hoyshe te hal-hal-kaar jee
veejllee varaake feer feer feraa
bes-se Shaah sardaar....................Haree anant..140
Oh Lord The army of the Lord will rise
and it will be a noisy affair
Like the curve of lightening, it will continuously make
and the Lord, the leader will be seated
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Ali Shaah kero sen vakhaanno
anant karodd jeev saathe jee
maaree daannav Shaah dur karshe
vaaje tambal nishaan....................Haree anant..141

Oh Lord The army of Ali Shah is praise worthy
and unlimited crore souls are together
The Lord will destroy the demon and keep him away
and will play the drums as a sign
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Savaa laakh peer paygambar aave
te maanhe ek sardaar ji
tees shir ek chhatr-j hoyshe
hoyshe te Shaah jee ke paas.............Haree anant..142

Oh Lord 125,000 pirs and paygambars will come
out of which one will be the leader
All the heads will be under one cover
and will be with the Lord
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Farmaani jeev bahu malshe
huraau tenee hajur jee
amee-naa pyaalaa haathe deshe
rakheesar-ne gher vadhaaiyun............Haree anant..143

Oh Lord The Farmani(obedient) souls will meet in large numbers
and angels and spirits will be present with them
They (angels) will give them the Holy water by hand
and the homes of the devotees will be joyous and happy
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Huraau kero sen vakhaanno
purab dees peeaannaa jee
farmaanee var tene deshe
hoyshe te tenaa ghar nee naar...........Haree anant..144

Oh Lord The army of angels is praiseworthy
and it is full of mercy
It will grant bounties(protection) to the obedient souls
and will be their housewives(companions)
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Chodhaar ek chhatr ddhar-she
ddharshe te Paanddavaa-ne haath jee
Khuraasaanee tyaan chokee kaheenyen
chokee tenee jaanno.....................Haree anant..145

Oh Lord A cover will be pulled encompassing everything
it will be raised by the hands of the Paandwas
Khuraasa will watch over them
and know him as their watchman
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Maar-she daannav Paandav more thaashe
Sateeyun sohee jaanno jee
janam tapeeaa eh jeev kaheeyen
tene utam-j jaanno......................Haree anant..146

Oh Lord The demon will be slain with the help of the Paandwas
they(slayers) are indeed truthful
Those who have worshipped all their lives
know them as the most exalted(like the Paandwas)
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Evaa dal jyaare ektthaa-j malshe
hoyshe te ramzum-kaar jee
Ansuyaa Kunta Maataa Dropadee aave
aave te Hareesh-Chanddhra nee naar......Haree anant..147

Oh Lord When such armies will meet together
there will be melodious music
Ansuya Kunta and Maataa Dropadi will come
and will come the wife of Harish-Chandra(Sati)
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Daint-ne maaree Nir-vansh karshe
te rum raahe rahemaan jee
muneevar kaarann sen rachaave
paranne Shaah Vishva kuvaaree naar......Haree anant..148

Oh Lord After striking the demon the Lord will completely
annhilate it without a descendant
and the place will remain full of mercy
For the sake of the momins He will create armies
and the Lord will wed the unwed universe
(He will make himself known to the universe or will
enter and unite with the hearts of momins at a personal level
and offer permanent protection and provision)...
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Vishva kunvaaree nar-nee naar
te ramzam kartee aave jee
sen saghllu paaye-j paddshe
paddshe saghllo sansaar.................Haree anant..149

Oh Lord The unwed universe(virgin soul) is the bride of the Lord
and she comes with a great deal of noise
The entire army will fall at the feet
and the entire universe will fall as well
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Utam rakheesar-ne gher te naaree aav-she
ane deshe amee-naa kancholaa jee
paachhaa valli tene aashish deshe
je dhan dhan rakheesar avtaar...........Haree anant..150

Oh Lord To the homes of exalted devotees, that wife(companion)
will come(the Lord or angel)
who will give vessels of Holy water
And while returning will bless the homes
making the devotees happy and joyful beings
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Rakheesar-ne gher te huraa aave
te neet neet dwaar-maanhe karshe raaj jee
varat lai buraakh-j aale
dhan dhan rakheesar avtaar..............Haree anant..151

Oh Lord In the homes of devotees there will descend such angels
who will rule the (eternal) abode everyday
The angelic horse(buraakh) will be set into action
and the devotees will be very happy beings
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Dev sabhaa te rakheesar gher aave
te aave annat akhaaddo jee
kal-jug naa rakheesar utam-j kaheeyen
je aaj paap maanhe-thee chhuttaa........Haree anant..152

Oh Lord The gathering of spirits(angels) will come to the homes
of devotees
and it will be an eternal gathering
The devotees of the present age are indeed exalted
they are the ones who have been freed from sins
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Sahu jug thee kal-jug utam
te maanhe Nar-jee bettha jee
Nabee Nur aa jug maanhe aavyaa
aavyaa Aad avtaar.......................Haree anant..153

Oh Lord Out of all eras(ages) the present age is the most
In it the Husband(the Lord) is seated (is physically
The Light of prophethood also descended(in time) in this
Which is the first Manifest Light
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Dharam jug keertaar rach-she
paap-ne dur chukaave jee
sat jug keree vaat-j kahevee
sateeye sat chalaayaa...................Haree anant..154

Oh Lord The Creator will establish the religious era based upon
ethical principles and virtue
and He will remove the sins
Only talk of the good eras(have an optimistic outlook)
in which the truthful sustained(perpetuated) the truth
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Kharaa khotta- naa paarkhaa thaashe
tame muneevar chetee ne chaalo jee
dasond veenaa mull ukhddi jaashe
jaashe te ghor andhaar..................Haree anant..155

Oh Lord There will be an accountability of the true and the
You momins please be on guard
Without the tithe a momin will be uprooted
and will go to utter darkness
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Thudd meli jo ddaall kun dheeyaave
te ddaall-e fal shun khaave jee?
thudd sukaa to ddaall sukee jaashe
jaashe te ghor andhaar..................Haree anant..156

Oh Lord If a person ignores the stem and pays attention to the
of what benefit will it be to eat the fruit of the
If the stem is dry the branches will also dry up
and (the person ) will go to utter darkness
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Deen duneeyaa maanhe Gur-jee kaheeyen
kaheeyen te Peer Hassan Kabeerdeen tenu naam jee
vaare kero purakh srevo
kareeyo man aanand......................Haree anant..157

Oh Lord In the world and in religion the Guide is known
We know him by the name of Peer Hassan Kabeerdeen
Serve(worship) the person in authority completely
thereby make your minds joyful
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Nar avtaare Nar-jee aavyaa
Gur avtaare Gur sohee hove jee
maannas feree Shaah dev karshe
Shaah ne kartaa-na laage vaar...........Haree anant..158

Oh Lord In the manifestation of Imam, the Imam has come
The manifestation of Peer is the Guide(Pir Hassan)
The Lord will convert man into an angel
It does not take a great deal of time(and effort)
for the Lord(the Imaam) to achieve that
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Utam chand nee vaat-j kaheeyen
utam konn jeev kahaave jee
kaayaa kaachee pakaavee-ne chaalo
to pohoncho sarag dwaar.................Haree anant..159

Oh Lord Only have the best conversations
about the souls which are regarded as the exalted ones
Ripen the raw body and conduct yourselves(imbue it with
devotion and divine love)
then you will reach the abode of heaven
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Puree keereeyaa dharam-j geereeyaa
srevo sohee Nar jee
ahunkaare vaade koi nahee tareeyaa
peer paygambar sohee....................Haree anant..160

Oh Lord The ritual ceremonies can be regarded as complete only
after the performance of religious supplications
serve(worship) the Lord in accordance with that spirit
Nobody who had haughtiness and ego attained salvation
not even the Peers and Paygambars
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Teel ek ahunkaar kaaje
aavee loddhaa-nee bheet jee
chh maas lagann jab gure tohoka-j paheryaa
taare huaa deen rahemaan................Haree anant..161

Oh Lord For only once and for an expression of very minute ego
there came an iron wall (in front of Pir Sadardin)
For a period of six months the Guru(Pir Sadardin) had
to wear only an ornament on the neck
(could be praying in repentance continuously)
then mercy descended upon him
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Ahunkaar kaarann Raavann maaryo
Das mastak-no raay jee
Lankaa jeso kott gamaayaa
huwo sohee halaak.......................Haree anant..162

Oh Lord Because of arrogance and pride, Raavann was killed
he was the ten-headed(very intelligent) king
He lost the strong fort of Lanka
and was completely destroyed
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Maankhaa avtaar lai-ne aavyaa
te bahu jeev vagoyaa jee
maayaa kaarann jeev lobhaanno
te faree faree aavyo avtaar.............Haree anant..163

Oh Lord Having taken the birth as human beings
you have deteriorated your souls
Because of this illusory existence you have been
overcome with greed and possesiveness
and therefore have repeatedly taken numerous
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Ek jeev kaarann bahu avtaryo
te bhatt paddyo avtaar jee
maannek sarikhee kaayaa gumaavee
paddyo te neech avtaar..................Haree anant..164

Oh Lord For the sake of (the regress of) one soul many
incarnations have taken place
Disgrace to such a birth
You have wasted your body which is precious like pearls
and made it fall into a lower incarnation(below human beings)
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Jeev-nnaa thoddaa paap na kareeyen
karo daan kamaaee jee
lok kuttumb koi saath na aave
je desho te lesho.......................Haree anant..165

Oh Lord Life(physical) is very short so do not comit sins
and perform charitable and rewarding acts
Your family and relatives will not accompany you
Whatever you give so shall you receive
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Jeev avtaare bahu jeev jaanno
ane sarve-ee jeev ek-j jee
jeev ne dukh je jeev deshe
te sohee jeev aap-hee leve..............Haree anant..166

Oh Lord Many souls have taken numerous incarnations
and all souls are on the same path
If any person harms another person
he/she will get the reward(punishment) of it
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Shaah ne dwaare sarve jeev sarkhaa
koi heenna nahee kheenna jee
jeev jeev-ne parkhee-ne lejo
nahee to lesho avtaar...................Haree anant..167

Oh Lord In the abode of the Lord all the souls are equal
nobody is of inferior or superior
Each soul should recognise the other's dignity
otherwise it will be compelled to take another
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Sansaar seerjyaa maayaa vallgee
jeev lobhaanno bhulo jaay jee
tees-maanhe Gur ginaan-j deedhaa
keedhaa tamne jaann.....................Haree anant..168

Oh Lord He created the world and formed the illusory
The soul engrossed in greed and avarice will be lost
In this(creation) the Guide has given the ginaans(divine
knowledge and wisdom)
and He has made you aware of it
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Paannee pathar laakadda loho
sarve nar-jeeye seerajyaa jee
jeenukee jaysee sukreet hoyshe
teenkun teysaa avtaar...................Haree anant..169

Oh Lord Water, stone, wood and iron
all are created by Ali
Depending upon one's good actions
the person will take appropriate incarnation(birth -
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Maarag chokkho malee karee chaalo
andhero nathee lagaar jee
ajvaara maanhe je andheraa karshe
te jaashe narag dwaar...................Haree anant..170

Oh Lord Attain the perfect path and walk on it
and do not regard it as dark at all
In the path of light whoever will bring darkness
will go to the abode of hell
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Amne sohee Gur Bhramaa-jee thaapeeyaa
tyaare te ek jeev karee deetthaa jee
naanaa mottaa sarve ek-j deetthaa
nahee koi heennaa na kheennaa...........Haree anant..171

Oh Lord It is the light of prophethood(Nur-e-Nabuwwah) that
has established us(mankind)
At that time He saw us as one universal soul
He saw the small ones and the big ones as one
nobody was regarded as lower or higher
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Sat Panth ehee sadaa utam
sohee amne paayaa jee
amaara jeev ame orkheene paayaa
deedhaa tene Gur ginaan.................Haree anant..172

Oh Lord The True Path(Satpanth) is perfect and exalted
and we have been fortunate to embrace it
To those beings who after knowing us, have accepted us
we have given them perfect knowledge of recognising the
Guide(True Teacher)
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Dharam maarag aapnno raakho
Kene nahee tame khando jee
Aagall jaataa sahu mallshe
Mallshe te Shah-ne dwaar................Haree anant..173

Oh Lord Keep (preserve) your path of religion
do not ridicule anybody
Later on in future all will meet together
and You will be together at the abode of the Lord
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Saadh-no maarag chhaano dharam
ane chhaanu het-j raakho jee
aagal jaataa jaaher thaashe
tyaare murakh haath ghasaaye............Haree anant..174

Oh Lord The straight forward path is that of secret religion
and keep the love(for the Lord) secret(in your hearts)
Later on in the future it(the truth) will be manifest
At that time the foolish will rub their hands(in regret)
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Haath ghasantaa haadd nisar-she
jenne Panth-kee sudh nav paay jee
velaa hatee te vahee karee chaalee
have rahiyaa haath-j khaali.............Haree anant..175

Oh Lord They will rub their hands until the bone will potrude
from the skin
This will happen to those who have not attained the
understanding of the true path
Whatever time they had at their disposal had passed away
and now their hands remain empty(without any good deeds)
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Jug pramaanne panth rachaayaa
bhed kenne kenne paayaa jee
bhed chhoddi je jeev a-bhed-e chaale
te jeev paddshe janjaall................Haree anant..176

Oh Lord (The Lord) has established the path according to the
very few have achieved the inner purpose(of life)
Those who leave the purposeful path and wander
` will fall into oblivion and confusion
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Heendu musalmaan Shaah-jee naa jeevdda
kenee bhraant na kaaddho jee
sahu jeev malshe Shaah jeene paase
lekhaa leshe Naaraayann.................Haree anant..177

Oh Lord The Hindus and the Muslims are all the souls of the Lord
do not bring out the doubts(errors) of others
All the souls will meet in the presence of the Lord
and the Lord will take account of all actions done by
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Maseet maanhe jai baang-j deshe
unke deel maanhe esaa jee
rasul vinaa jo neemaaz gujaare
te velaa hoyshe andheraa................Haree anant..178

Oh Lord Those who go to the mosque and invoke the name of God
that's how they feel in their hearts
If one performs the nimaaz without the
he/she will have wasted his time in darkness
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Kalmaa padde ne deen pukaare
deel maanhe nahee hay saamee jee
deel paake jo kalmaa paddshe
hoyshe te sarag dwaar...................Haree anant..179
Oh Lord If a person recites the kalmaa and prays loudly
the Lord is not present in the heart of this person
The heart will ripen if one recites the kalmaa(silently)
and he will be at the abode of Heaven
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Heendu musalmaan sarve ekttha
te rup karyaa Naaraayann jee
sahu koi yaan eysaa jaanne
pann orkhyaa vinaa andhaaraa............Haree anant..180

Oh Lord The Hindus and the Muslims all together are one being
the Lord has given them different forms and shapes
Everybody here knows it as such
but without real recognition of this fact it is all
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Hindu hoy-ne pathar puje
tees maanhe nahee hay saamee jee
Imaan sareekhu koi nahee jaanno
raakho durast imaan.....................Haree anant..181

Oh Lord Being a Hindu, one worships stones
the Lord is not present therein
There is nothing in comparison to the true faith(in one
so keep real and true faith
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Pathar upar Heendu puje
tees maanhe nahee hay saami jee
Sat Panth maanhe jo Imaan laavo
to pohoncho sarag dwaar.................Haree anant..182

Oh Lord A Hindu worships stones
the Lord is not present therein
If you bring faith to the Right Path(Sat panth)
you will reach the heavenly abode
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Jaaher utam e panth upanaa
Nar-ne je nahee jaanne jee
sohee jeev janjaare paddshe
sohee jeev pathar tol...................Haree anant..183

Oh Lord Such an exalted and lofty path has been established
The ones who will not recognise the Imam-the Lord
will indeed fall into chaos
and are equivalent to stones
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Maarag vasmo vaatt-j doyelee
tees maanhe muneevar chaalo jee
kharaa maarag maanhe kharaa-j chaalo
to pohoncho dev dwaar...................Haree anant..184

Oh Lord The station is arduous(to reach) and the way is
You believers walk on this difficult path
On the true path, follow it faithfully
then you will reach the abode of the Lord..
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Het karee eh panth-j keedhaa
to panthe panth samaannaa jee
chaud bhamann-kee rachanaa keedhee
tene to koi nav jaanne..................Haree anant..185

Oh Lord Out of love (He) created this path
in it are encompassed all paths
He has created fourteen universes(simultaneuosly)
nobody is aware of this
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Najar neermal Nar-jee eh keedhee
te Nar-jee eh najar keeyaa jee
khel tamaaraa koi nav jaanne
jo kareeye so hoi.......................Haree anant..186

Oh Lord The Lord had a pure and clean vision
and He had a particular vision
Nobody can fathom Your play and secret
whatever You wish to do, happens
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Upat khapat-kee najar-j karnaa
eh-bhee khel tamaaraa jee
sarve rachanaa tere najar-e hui
ham bhi tera daas.......................Haree anant..187

Oh Lord (You) envisioned the mysterious existences
these are also Your plays and secrets
All the creation came out of Your vision
we are also Your servants
Haree You are eternal...

Aashajee Ham kuchh naahee tame chho sarve
srevaa tamaaree ham leeyannaa jee
tamaaraa bandaa te tame-hee taaro
to naam rahe Illaahee...................Haree anant..188

Oh Lord I(We) are nothing, You are everything
I(We) have accepted to serve You
Your servants, You are to save them
then indeed your name will be regarded as Divine
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Kaayam rupe Shaah maher-j raakho
arabee rupe Ali taaro jee
mayyaa kareene bhettaaddo deedaar
tame Shaah daataar......................Haree anant..189

Oh Lord In the everliving form, Lord have only mercy upon us
In the Arabic form, Ali save us
Mercifully bless us with your Spiritual Vision
You are the Lord Saviour and the Provider
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Karee dayaa ne maher-j aanno
ane karo maher moraar jee
arabi rupe Ali deedaar dejo
taaro tame taarann-haar.................Haree anant..190

Oh Lord Have pity and shower Your mercy only
and perform the most exalted merciful act
In the form of an Arab give us Deedar(Spiritual Vision)
Save us You the Saviour
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Kaayam kaajee rupe dhar-she
tees deen kenu nahee chaale jee
aape raajaa aape vazeer hoyshe
hoyshe te aapo hi aap...................Haree anant..191

Oh Lord The eternal entity will assume the form of a judge
on that day nobody's influence will work
You will be the king and You will be the minister
and it will all happen spontaneously....
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Jug kalap naa jeevdda mallshe
mallshe Jampudeep maanhe jee
adal firohi firastaa aave
te to karshe adal nyaay.................Haree anant..192

Oh Lord The souls of all eras will meet
and they will meet in the Indian Subcontinent
The just angels will come
and will perform justice
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Maaree paapee daaldhr dur karshe
karshe Nar-jee sohee jee
paapee seer tyaan gunaah paddshe
roshe te ati apaar......................Haree anant..193

Oh Lord (He) will slay the sinners and will remove extreme
The Lord himself will do it
There the sins of a sinner will fall on his head
(he will realise the burden of his sins)
and will then cry a great deal
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Haath pag paapee-naa vaaddhee leshe
te paddshe undhe maathe jee
tees deen tevee velaa thaashe
je maher-j na thaashe lagaar............Haree anant..194

Oh Lord The hands and feet of the sinners will be cut off
and they will fall upside down
On that day there will be such a time
when there will not be any mercy
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Paapee jeevdda parle paddshe
paddshe te ghor andhaare jee
maankhaa janam te jeev haaryo
jem adhure inddo jaann..................Haree anant..195

Oh Lord The sinful souls will fall afar
and will fall into utter darkness
Many souls have wasted the human birth (incarnation)
like a partial (unripe) egg
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Jugaa-jug je jeev khotta paddshe
te paddshe ghor andhaar jee
Sat Panth maanhe je saachaa nahee chaale
te paddshe ghor andhaar.................Haree anant..196

Oh Lord Since many eras those souls that have fallen astray
will fall in utter darkness
Those who will not be sincere on the Right Path
will fall in utter darkness
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Dharam leedho to san-mukh chaalo
paachhee khott ma raakho jee
sarag marat paiyaar-j mallshe
te maanhe saankh-j jaashe...............Haree anant..197

Oh Lord If you have taken up religion be alert and calm
and then don't keep any falsehood
You will obtain the heavens, the earth and the
underground(you will have control over them)
and your link with them will severe
(you will be unbounded by it's laws)
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Kal jug-naa satee jeevdda chaalshe
tene sir chhatr Shaah moro deshe jee
chhatr-thee je dur-j raheshe
teno janam gayo randdaai................Haree anant..198

Oh Lord Saints will be conducting themselves in the present age
and the Lord will give cover(protection) over their
Who ever stays away from the cover
he's/her human birth will go wasted
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Vetarnnee nadee je jeev utree jaayshe
pann utre te veerlaa koi jee
aagal jaataa rokaai raheshe
utre te veerlaa koi.....................Haree anant..199

Oh Lord Whoever manages to flow down the river of big obstacles
inspite of the fact that those who are successful in
that are very few courageous souls
Others(the weak ones) will be prevented by the obstacles
those who manage to complete the flow are indeed
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Sarag doylo koi koi pohonche
ane narag dwaare jeev bohot jee
narag maanhe jeev bahu dukh bhogave
paddshe ghor andhaar....................Haree anant..200

Oh Lord Very few souls reach the difficult destiny of Heaven
and there are many souls in the abode of hell
In hell the souls experience great unhappiness
and they will fall in uto has established the throne
Haree You are eternal...

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