Aashaajee Nar naari-ne par˝nee laavyaa
te Jampudeep meenjaar-jee,
Utam naaree te nar ne laavyaa
te karvaa reekheesar nee sambhaall......Haree anant....1

Oh Lord The Husband has brought the bride after having married
and He has brought her in the Indian Sub-continent
The best wife has called the Husband
so that He can look after the devotees
Hari You are eternal...

Aashaajee Naaree nee saar tame narjee-e keedhee
vachane aavyaa ghar meenjaar-jee,
Vachane baliyaa tame naath chho
utam naaree nee keedhee sambhaar........Haree anant....2

Oh Lord It is only You the Husband who has perfected the wife
and You have come in (our)home according to the promise
According to the promise you are the Master
and You have taken full care of the best wife
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Kal-jug maanhe hun tamne ddhoonddh-tee
feertee desh-videsh jee,
Paakee naaree je koi seelsun
je nar kun laave potaane saath..........Haree anant....3

Oh Lord I have been seeking You in the present age
and have been wandering from country to country
The ripened(matured) wife is the one who maintains
and who brings her Husband with her(after seeking Him)
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Paakee naaree to nar ne laavyaa
reekheesar kaara˝n kaam-jee,
Neechun namee namee naaree veenve
Swaamee aape deeyo deedaar..............Haree anant....4

Oh Lord The ripened(matured) wife has brought the Husband
for the sake of the work of the devotees
Bowing into a low position, the wife pleads continuosly
Oh Lord grant us Your spiritual vision
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Nar naaree doye ekttha besashe
taare karshe te jeevun naa kaam-jee,
Sohaaga˝n naaree tene kaheeyen
jenee Nar kare sambhaar.................Haree anant....5

Oh Lord The Husband and the wife will both be seated together
at that time they will work for the souls
The married woman is the one
who is well looked after by her Husband
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Naaree heerakhe ardaas kare chhe
su˝no kanth bharthaar-jee,
Utam naaree je˝ne Nar-j laavyaa
te karvaa jeevu naa kaam................Haree anant....6

Oh Lord The wife supplicates happily
listen to what I have to say Oh Husband
The best wife is the one who brought her husband only
to perform the work of the souls
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Utam naaree je thai-ne avtaree
te kare chhe sahu naa kaam-jee,
Kuttumbh pareevaar te taare
je thai treebhovar nee naar.............Haree anant....7
Oh Lord The best wife has manifested
and is performing everybody's work
She saves her family and relatives
and she has become the wife of the three worlds
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee E to ghat pareevaar sahu ne taare
ugaare te jeevu apaar-jee,
Je treebhovar Swaamee nee naar thai rahee
te gat anant ne utaare paar.............Haree anant....8

Oh Lord She is the one who saves all her fellow companions of
the congregation
and she saves them in a limitless manner
The one who remains the wife of the Lord of the three
saves the congregation of countless souls
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Paakee naaree tamaaree pragattee
te karvaa anant nee saar-jee,
Te to naar anant ne odhaar-se
utaare sahu jeevu ne paar...............Haree anant....9

Oh Lord Your ripened(matured) wife has manifested
to perform the good of the eternal(souls)
This wife will save the countless (souls)
and will enable all souls to cross the limits of
material existence to eternity
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee E purakh to mane bhettyo
hun jaavun tenee balhaaree-jee,
Peer Hassan Kabeerdeen saachu-j bolyaa
Swaamee naaree nee kar-jo sambhaar......Haree anant...10

Oh Lord Such a perfect entity embraced me
and I went to him as His slave
Peer Hassan Kabeerdeen has spoken the truth only
Oh Lord look after the (devoted)wife
Haree You are eternal...