ginan - naw chugga # 1 - Pir Hassan Kabirdin



Aashaji Paachham disethi Nar-ji aave,
aave te Jampudip maahe-ji
Evo Nar maaro Kaayam aavshe,
thaayshe te poorakh avtaar
Hari anant anant, hari anantejo Swami
Shah anantejo ant tunhi jaane-ji....................1

Oh Lord The respectful Husband(the Lord) comes from the horizons of the west (always spiritually) and He comes to the Indian Subcontinent(our home) Such an eternal Husband of mine will come(materially) and He will become a complete(and perfect) manifestation Hari You are eternal and unlimited, Hari you are the Lord of eternity You are the only knower of the limits of eternity
Aashaji Evo poorakh vira tame srevo,
je saachi naari no bharthaar-ji
Seva karanta sarve maano,
maano te Jampudip minjaar .............Hari anant....2

Oh Lord Brothers worship such a complete entity who is the Husband of the truthful and devoted woman Everyone who undertakes to serve Him will enjoy every fruit and they will enjoy it in the Indian Subcontinent Hari You are eternal...
Aashaji Ame poorakh Shri Islam Shah laadho
ane laadho te din-no daataar,
Eni naari je thai raheshe
te¤ne kaantyo sootar apaar..............Hari anant....3

Oh Lord We(I) have found the complete and perfect Shri Islam Shah and have found the protector(saviour) of religion Whoever will remain His (devoted) wife will get the benefits of spinning the cotton-like substance(upon which these verses have been written) in an abundant manner Hari You are eternal...
Aashaji Sirbandh saaro ame-j kaantya
ane laavya te haathoi haath,
Te daatar-ni ame naari thai rahi
te saache Shah-ni jaa¤n.................Hari anant....4

Oh Lord It is only we(I) who have spun the cotton-like substance from which the entire turban was made and brought it personally(at His presence) We(I) have remained the wife of that saviour and indeed, truthfully as the wife of the Lord(Himself) Hari You are eternal...
Aashaji Evo Nar naariye goti-ne laavya
te karva jivu-na kaamji,
Eni naari je thai-ne chaalshe
te paamshe amrapuri-maa thaam ..........Hari anant....5

Oh Lord The woman has found and brought such a Husband who will perform the (liberating)works for the souls Whoever remains a (devoted)wife to Him will attain the abode of paradise Hari You are eternal...
Aashaji Nauv chhoogaa-ni paagh-j vani
te kidhi ghar-ni naar-ji,
Have paagh-ri baandho e var-raaja
je laavi tamari naar....................Hari anant....6

Oh Lord A turban of nine tussles only has been folded and it has been done by the (devoted)housewife Now put on the turban, Oh the protector King the one that has been brought by your wife Hari You are eternal...
Aashaji Kaant-ta kaant-ta Nar-ji jaanya
e baal kunvaari taari naari-ji,
Te naari fervi Shah najar kidha
didhaa te a¤nant ugaar..................Hari anant....7

Oh Lord By continuously spinning the cotton-like substance, I have come to know the husband(the Lord) I am Your young unmarried woman The woman whom the Lord transformed through His (merciful) vision(sight) and gave eternal salvation Hari You are eternal...
Aashaji E-to Nar odhaarvaa vaaro jaano
tame rakhe te thaavo gemaar-ji,
E Nar bahoo roope ramat-j ramya
teni ramat-e na bhulo-re gemaar.........Hari anant....8

Oh Lord He is indeed the Husband who will be the saviour lest you become the misled ones That Husband has played (mysteriously) in many different forms Oh ignorant, never get confused about his essence by His plays and mysteries Hari You are eternal...
Aashaji Naari-e jyaare Nar paamya
tyaare kidha te Pir avtaar,
Jo tame e Nar-ne araadho
to utaro pahele paar....................Hari anant....9

Oh Lord When the (devoted) woman got her Husband(the Lord) she became the manifestation of the Pir(Nur-e- Nabuwwah) If you adore that Husband you will indeed cross over the limits of material existence and achieve the eternal salvation Hari You are eternal...
Aashaji Pir Hassan Kabirdin ginaan-j boliya
tenu nauv chhooga nu vistaar-ji,
Ginan vichaari vira tame chaal-jo
to paamo vaikunth thaam ................Hari anant...10

Oh Lord Pir Hassan Kabirdin has spoken only about the ginaan(Divine knowledge and wisdom) It is a composition of nine tussles Conduct yourselves by reflecting upon the ginaans then you will achieve the abode of paradise Hari You are eternal...