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Welcome to Count Fatehali Dhalla's collection of 850+ Photographs of the Noorani family. You may view these albums as slide shows in normal or full screen mode, and you may also download or order high resolution prints.

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001_dhalla_history_letters  |  Total images: 64
Count Fatehali Dhalla Devoted his life in service to the jamat. This section contains a summary of his life's milestones, as well as letters, telegrams and other correspondence to him and his family by the Noorani family. Can you spot Count Dhalla's House? How many autographed photos can you spot in this gallery?
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1930-1950  |  Total images: 93
As children, Shah Karim, Prince Amynm Mohamed and Prince Sadruddin Aga Khan spent many vacations in Mombasa at count Dhalla's home and on the south coast. Mowlana Sultan Mohamed Shah and Mata Salamat also vacationed there. Can you spot Shah Karim on a canoe? at the pool? In a uniform? With a dog? On a swing? On a Bicycle?
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1950-1960  |  Total images: 202
This section contains photos of Prince Alykhan, Rita hayworth and Princess Yasmin's visit to Mombasa. Can you spot Princess Yasmin as a happy toddler? This section also contains photos of Mowlana sultan mohamed Shah's burial. One touching picture shows Shah Karim being lovingly consoled by his father, Prince Alykhan.
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1960-1980  |  Total images: 305
As adults, Shah Karim and Prince Sadruddin often returned to Mombasa with their spouses. These and other souvenir pictures are included in this section. Can you spot Shah Karim playng tennis? Skiing?
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1980-1999  |  Total images: 207
This section contains beautiful informal photos of Shah Karim, Princess Salimah, Mata Salamat, Prince Sadruddin and Princess Aliya interacting informally with Count Dhalla and his family. How many different cakes can you spot Prince Sadruddin cutting?

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