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Ismaili Imamate; Fatimid Caliphate; Fatimid-Abbasid rivalry; Qāḍī al-Nu'mān; female prayer leadership; Nizārī Ismaili Imamate

The Fatimid Caliphate Diversity of Traditions

The Fatimid era is ubiquitous today in the discourse of the Nizari Ismaili imamate.1 Yet this was not always the case. As with other societies and religious communities the world over, the arrangement and presentation of history in the Ismaili tradition has evolved in the course of time, with new historiographical agendas and subjects of emphasis emerging or receding in response to changes in the political and social contexts. In this chapter the place of the Fatimids in the cultural memory of the Nizari Ismailis in the post-Mongol era will be explored.

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