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Vincent Scully Award

Symposium transcript after the Vincent Scully Prize awarded to H.H. The Aga Khan 2005-01-26

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Chase W. Rynd - Executive Director, National Building Museum
Vincent Scully - Sterling Professor Emeritus, Yale University
Robert Ivy - Editor-in-Chief, Architectural Record
His Highness The Aga Khan
Charles Correa - Architect, Bombay, India
Martin Filler - Architecture Critic

CHASE RYND: Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, good evening. My name is
Chase Rynd and I’m the director of the National Building Museum. It is my distinct pleasure
to welcome all of you to the Museum and to this very special program this evening. I am also

Award Ceremony and Transcripts of the 2005 Vincent Scully Prize 2005-01-25

Hazar Imam receiving the 2005 Vincent Scully Award from Caroly Brody  2005-01-25

Award Ceremony
January 25, 2005

David M. Schwarz - Founding Chairman, The Vincent Scully Prize
Carolyn Schwenker Brody - Chair, National Building Museum
Charles Correa - Architect, Bombay, India
James D. Wolfensohn - President, The World Bank
His Highness The Aga Khan
DAVID SCHWARZ: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. My name is David Schwarz. I am
the Chairman of the Vincent Scully Prize Jury and it is my pleasure and my honor to welcome
you here this evening and to thank you for coming to support both the National Building

Award giver gets his due - AWARD GIVER GETS HIS DUE - 2005-01-22

Carolyn Schwenker Brody, Chair of the National Building Museum's Board of Trustees, presents the Vincent Scully Prize, a crystal
washingtontimes.com/entertainment Washington times

Royalty has a knack for putting architecture in the spotlight. Denmark's Queen Margrethe II is known for bestowing a triennial prize, underwritten by the Carlsberg brewery, on leading architects from Europe and Japan. In Britain, Prince Charles is famous for criticizing modern buildings and starting an architecture school dedicated to neo-traditional design.

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