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2010-01-28 London

2010, January 28 - London, UK: "Results change minds, not rhetoric." His Highness the Aga Khan's Statement at the London Conference on Afghanistan today. International conference on Afghanistan begins in London Foreign ministers of over 70 countries gathered at a conference in London to discuss the current situation and future of Afghanistan.

2007-07-12 London

2007, July 12: London, UK - Ismaili Center: H.H. Prince Karim Aga Khan, Prince Rahim, Prince Amyn, Princess Zahra, Prince Hussein, Princess Khaliya & Prince Charles were at the Ismaili Center. Hazar Imam stood a long time outside the center. About 40 Ismailis were waiting on 2 sides and Hazar Imam was constently smiling to them. His first Wave of the Jubilee Year was for the Jamat standing there. He waved 6 times before getting into his car plus again from the car.

BBC Radio 4 Interview, Michael Charlton (London, United Kingdom) 1979-09-06

His Highness The Aga Khan IV

Michael Charlton: Your Highness, how did the Ismaili sect acquire its importance in the first place?

MSMS Memorial 21 August 1957

MSMS Memorial  21 August 1957

Earl of Scarborough, the Lord Chamberlain, representing the Queen of the U.K. at the memorial service. On the right is the twenty year old new Aga Khan IV, Prince Karim (b. 1936), grandson of the deceased, who is the present Aga Khan.




Hazar Imam with the Prime Minister of the U.K. Gordon Brown during the Golden Jubilee visit

Hazar Imam attends the Annual Commonwealth Day as The Vice-President of the Royal Commonwealth Society 2020-03-09

Hazar Imam meets with Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth at Westminster Abbey for the Annual Commonwealth Day  2020-03-09

2020, March 9: H.H. The Aga Khan attends the Annual Commonwealth Service at Westminster Abbey on special invitation by the Queen. Hazar Imam holds the office of The Vice-President of the Royal Commonwealth Society

The Procession of Honoured Guests and Participants
An Honorary Steward

The Vice-President of the Royal Commonwealth Society
His Highness the Aga Khan IV

The Chairman of the Victoria League for Commonwealth Fellowship
Brigadier Anthony Faith cbe

The Chairman of the English-Speaking Union
Professor James Raven

The Chairman of the Royal Over-Seas League

Commonwealth London 2020 March

Commonwealth London 2020 March

Hazar Imam with Her Majesty the Queen and other delegates



2020, March 9: H.H. The Aga Khan attends the Annual Commonwealth Service at Westminster Abbey on special invitation by the Queen.


IIS alumni, 2013 (various topics)

Publication Type  Article
Year of Publication  2013
Date Published  2013
Authors  Saleh, Ambreen
Original Publication  Alumni Association of the Institute of Ismaili Studies
Alternate Title  Reflections on Shah Faisal Mosque: A Tribute to God at the Foothills of the Himalayas
Issue  2013
Publisher  Alumni Association of the Institute of Ismaili Studies

Brief Review: A Fatimid Code of Conduct for the Imam’s Administrators, Karim H. Karim, Mc Gill Class of 1984
Cultural Connections, Dr Karim Gillani, GPISH Class of 2003Administrators
Reflections on the Al Sabah Collection, Museum of Fine Arts,Houston, Arif Sunesara, STEP Class of 2012
Reflections on Hagia Sophia,Istanbul, Shahnoz Valijonbekova and Sabira Virani - STEP Class of 2010

Key Words  Fatimid Code of Conduct; Cultural Connections; Al Sabah Collection; Museum of Fine Arts; Hagia Sophia

The Fatimid Caliphate Diversity of Traditions

Publication Type  Article
Year of Publication  2020
Date Published  2020
Authors  Daftary, Farhad; Jiwa, Shainool
Original Publication  I.B.Tauris Publishers LONDON • NEW YORK in association with The Institute oflsmaili Studies LONDON

Ismaili heritage series ; 14.

ISBN/ISSN Number  9781788311335 1788311337
Key Words  Ismaili Imamate; Fatimid Caliphate; Fatimid-Abbasid rivalry; Qāḍī al-Nu'mān; female prayer leadership; Nizārī Ismaili Imamate

Ismaili heritage series ; 14.

A Modern History of the Ismailis Continuity and Change in a Muslim Community

Publication Type  Article
Year of Publication  2011
Date Published  2011
Authors  Daftary, Farhad; Karim, Karim H.
Original Publication  I.B.Tauris Publishers
Alternate Title  At the Interstices of Tradition, Modernity and Postmodernity: Ismaili Engagements with Contemporary Canadian Society
Publisher  The Institute of Ismaili Studies
ISBN/ISSN Number  978 1 84511 717 7
Key Words  Modern History Ismailis

Historical Dictionary of the Ismailis

Publication Type  Article
Year of Publication  2012
Date Published  2012
Authors  Daftary, Farhad.
Original Publication  HISTORICAL DICTIONARIES OF PEOPLES AND CULTURES Jon Woronoff, Series Editor
Pagination  275
Publisher  Published by Scarecrow Press, Inc. A wholly owned subsidiary of The Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group, Inc.
ISBN/ISSN Number  ISBN 978-0-8108-6164-0
Key Words  History Ismailis

Speech by The Aga Khan at the International Colloquium organised by The Institute of Ismaili Studies 2003-10-19


Bismillah al-Rahman al-Rahim

Your Excellencies, Your Worship, Distinguished Scholars and Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Video works inspired by Arab revolts premiere in London's Aga Khan Centre 2019-11-16

A glimmer of hope. “We Love Life” by Bahia Shehab. (Charlene Rodrigues)
The Arab Weekly

LONDON - In her first solo British exhibition, “At the Corner of a Dream,” Egyptian activist Bahia Shehab voiced powerful messages on a variety of themes presented through five short videos reflecting on Arab revolts.

The videos showcased at London’s Aga Khan Centre are digital artworks produced this year. They follow on the poetry murals inspired by Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish that Shehab painted in Cairo, New York, Beirut and Marrakech, as well as the Greek island of Kefalonia.

His Highness The Aga Khan hosts the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at the Aga Khan Centre, London 2019-10-02

Hazar Imam meets with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at the Aga Khan Centre, London  2019-10-02.png

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge stepped out for a special event on Wednesday, ahead of their royal tour of Pakistan.
William and Kate, both 37, attended a reception hosted by His Highness The Aga Khan at the Aga Khan Centre in King's Cross, London. The couple met with a range of people from Pakistan at the event, including community leaders, those involved in British and Pakistani business, and key figures within the Diaspora community, including musicians, chefs and artists.

Kensington Palace Announcement

Kensington Palace Announcement

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will attend a special event at the Aga Khan Centre on 2nd October, hosted by His Highness The Aga Khan.

Shia Imami Ismaili Council in UK gets Asian businessman as president

Naushad Jivraj.

AN ASIAN businessman has been appointed the president of His Highness Prince Aga Khan Shia Imami Ismaili Council for the UK.

Naushad Jivraj took over the role on July 11 and will serve a three-year term.
Jivraj is the CEO of Queensway Group, a family business founded in the 1970s with interests in the real estate and franchise sectors.

The company are franchisees of the Starbucks brand in the UK with 14 stores and the KFC brand in Austria and Slovakia where they operate 10 stores.

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